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Dumb *** lowes people

I bought a lawn mower at Lowes in Niles Michigan. I've used it 3 or 4 *. I replace the rope in it 3 *. and the spark plug once. and the piece of *** still won't start. so I call Lowes. tell them what's going on with the mower. they proceeded to tell me that there's nothing they can do with the mower and that I would have to bring it in and have it checked out then they tell me that they have to send it out to be checked out. this is after the guy on the phone treats me like a *** since when is it that you buy something and you can't get it replaced when you go to return it. from now on I'm going to take my business and my money elsewhere
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Did you read the directions before using the mower? Figures


You *ARE* a *** if you think ANYONE can fix your mower over the phone.

Take it to the store and let someone see your problem with their own eyes, not how you're describing it.

Where did you get a new rope to put on 3X??? You had to leave the house for that, or did you use some inferior rope just laying around?

Also, there is such a thing as customer support, wait for it..... the MANUFACTURER. Did you call them???

Lowe's is a retail store. They sell items - not make them.


Just take the mower and your receipt back to your store. Go to customer service and tell them that you need the mower reparied.

They will send the item out for you to a licensed repair center and any warranty work needing to be done will be done. It is that simple.

It is not Lowes fault if there is a manufacturer's error. Why do people not get this?


Then take it elsewhere!! You will find retailers are getting tired of being bullied by entitled consumers.

It's time to take responsibility and stop acting like children. They offered to send it out for repair. Did you let them? decided to bash them for trying to help. Grow up!


I have heard this so many times. First of all do you think that Lowes builds the lawn mower?

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the lawn mower not the retail store. If you we're to read the warranty and the instructions it would tell you not to contact the store but to contact the manufacturer.


LOL Readin g is optional these days :grin


Who's the Dumb***? Take time to read you warranty. The warranty covers repair on a lawn mower, it doesn't give you a replacement.



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Lowes review in Barnegat Township, New Jersey: Sub par service from Hamilton, NJ Lowe's Store

After reading all the great reviews I went ahead and ordered this dish washer online. I was informed by the local delivery vendor that the dishwasher would be delivered on Tuesday only to be cancelled resulting in my morning being wasted! Despite calling the store multiple times, I am yet to know the status of the order. The hand-off between the web order and the local store in Hamilton, NJ leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately I will have to cancel this order and look elsewhere to take advantage of the holiday sales. In the event the dish washer does miraculously is delivered tomorrow now I am a little hesitant to have Lowes install it.
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I have to agree that Lowes of Hamilton is by far the worst store I have ever set foot in . The staff is rude and tries their best to avoid helping you out with anything .

I was not given any information about the product I wanted to buy and it was a large very expensive outdoor equipment .

Moreover I was asked to haul the stuff out of the store all by myself which was physically impossible .

I now understand why Home Depot id preferred by most people .

I wasted a lot of my time in this store and would never recommend it to anyone .

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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes review in Barnegat Township, New Jersey: Dishwasher delivered broken

The first time I used the dishwasher it would not run through an entire cycle. Called Lowes. They sent a repair man out two weeks after the call. The repair man said it was error 13. Needed a bigger valve not enough water pressure.Got the valve in two days. Repair man was a "no show", for the second appt. I called back Lowes they got them to come back 4 days later to install. Still doesn't work.Lowes made three other repair calls "all no shows". I missed 4 days of work.Lowes will not call me back.I've had a broken dishwasher since October 7th.They say they will call me back and don't. Don't go to lowes and don't buy Whirlpool. I am out 400.00 and 4 days worth of pay.Worst two companies ever!!
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Another Broken Whirlpool Dishwasher from Lowes...

I had a similar experience. Bought new Whirlpool dishwasher from Lowes and within a few days, it started turning itself off mid-cycle.

We had better luck with repair people (A&E) coming on the appointed day, though they were 1.5 hours late two out of three times.

I wrote a review about the specific product on the Lowes site and even though it met their policies, they emailed me that my review was rejected. That tells me that reviews on their site can't be trusted any more than the products they sell.

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Lowes treatment and products

I recently purchased a bathroom vanity from Lowe's and had to return it twice now for replacements because it was broken. Each time I went to exchange it I was treated like a criminal. I had my receipts, I was pleasant and understand these things get damaged in the process of stocking shelves etc. It's the manufacturer not lowes,,I get that. But the treatment I received was appalling. The poor girl trying to help me had to wait to eat her lunch because no manager was available and they had no more left, two others were also broken from off the shelves. No one ever came to help except one employee who saw me the night before hurried over to tell the girl helping me "oh she already got her money back" as if I was trying to scam them. I showed the receipt and that I was only getting an exchange. Then the gentleman said "just get it in black mamm whats the difference". The black one was also broken when it came to the register. I was in the store for an hour and I'm 8 months pregnant. I asked if they had water or a drink I could purchase and a third employee standing near said "its right in front of you" in a very rude tone. I was almost in tears when I left. I'm so disgusted. I got my money refunded and will not return there again. The day before I waited 10 minutes for someone in the paint department to help me, she was talking and laughing with another employee about 30 ft from me and still I stood just waiting. Never acknowledged. Is it like this everywhere? What kind of treatment to these lowes employees get from people that makes them so angry and rude? To the girl that helped me thank you but to to everyone else should be ashamed. I wish I had a camera crew with me as proof but I didn't, imagine that reality show.
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Well then dont go their during lunch hour. what do you expect.

you not the only one that get to eat. think about other humans :cry


joe, is a retaed


Im usually disgusted with lowes customers but you were treated inhuman. Shame on them.

Especially being pregnant and all. I hope you are feeling better.


Shop at Menards then! You will NOT be treated like this, and it is a known fact that Menards prices are a LOT lower than Lowes!!

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