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Lowes pre-paid gift cards on their time-frame not yours

A over a year ago, I spent over $6000 to install new french doors and storm doors--which you both, now, have passed through many times. As an incentive/inducement for the job, I was given a $400 pre-paid gift card. I was glad to get it and had plans to use it for the purchase of a new high efficiency heat pump water heater that I was going to purchase from Lowe's. I didn't even detach the card from the letter, placed it in a drawer, and looked forward to the purchase of water heater at a significant discount when I was ready for the project. Today, I tried to use the card and found it VALUELESS. . When I checked the website, it gave me a terse message and an 800 number (1-800-731-3248). I called the number, after navigating the typical gauntlet of tele-prompts and speaking with a very apologetic customer service rep, I was told the card was VALUELESS. I had kept it past the expiration date, and there was nothing they could do. I then called Lowe's customer service number, explained the situation, was placed on hold, and then after a dropped call and a repeat explanation to another rep was given another 800 number (800-733-7152). That rep also told me the card was VALUELESS. I have attached two images of the letter and the card. I would like to draw your attention to the message HIDDEN under the card which I did not see until today--explaining that the card would not be replaced beyond the expiration date. I wonder how many other people have waited for a planned project and had the rug pulled out from under them as I have. I strongly support an investigation of practices of businesses using pre-paid cards to lure unsuspecting purchasers and then pulling the rug out from under them. This shady practice by LOWE's marketing screwed up my dream of getting rid of an ancient oil fired water heater and replacing it with a highly efficient heat pump, cheated me out of out of $400 and cheated the government of the sales tax.
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I happen to work for Lowe's. I get so sick of people like you calling in and asking "I sat on this thing and never read it and I burned my receipt and I have my thumb up my $%&*@ also I use 10 different phone numbers and don't understand why I have so many records" and I, as an innocent customer care rep trying to earn a living, must listen to you gripe about how you totally failed to cover your own *** and it is now our fault.


It's not a "trick" to specify that something will not be replaced past the expiration date...

in what world and at what place of business WILL they replace something past the expiration date? How- er- challenged are you that you didn't read the *** thing? It's four hundred dollars- for me that's enough money to pay attention to like a smart person. We're not here to wipe your butts if you won't even TRY to be an informed consumer.

Stop wasting our time and your money and we'll all be happier. I speak for all CSRs everywhere I'm sure, not just from the company I currently work for.

Nobody makes free money easy- that's why you have to be vigilant on your own behalf. No decently run company would do it for you.


Actually, you are wrong. The expiration date is NOT printed on the card at all.

The date is on the letter, BUT the card is intentionally placed OVER the date to obscure it.

Having worked in this kind of marketing before, the reason to obscure the date is so that people don't take the call of action to redeem the card--and when the card expires, it's the victim's fault--not the marketing perpetrator who keeps the redemption numbers low and cuts costs.


I fail to see how it's anyone's fault other then yours? You held on to the card past its expiration date.

Which I might add is very clearly printed on every single pre-paid credit card. Next time you will know better.

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