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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - THEY DONT PAY THEIR BILLS

Im a third party vendor for lowes, we performed services for them last winter in 2 states and Lowes despite written authorization refuses to pay the overage on their snow. Its almost 70k. Despite months of trying to work amicably with the company and my client Lowes has taken an approach which is unacceptable. While they prey on the small contractors for their bread and butter in the store they refuse to pay for the services rendered in order to keep their business open. It is unfortunate that this has become what it is. I would urge everyone to rethink where they shop and the type of people they do business with.
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yes we were sub contracter for them .they will you get so watch out sub are nothy to them.

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Problems with payment
Lowes denied Veteran wirh 8 Years service with valid discharge certificate , but no photo ID even with presenting photo drivers lic. I server during the Korean war There is other companies thar will honor your discharge without a photo ID. and they carry the same thing...
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I retired in 1989 with pension and medical care. I was issued a DD Form 2 (Retired) . Blue, Laminated as they were in those days. Mine was issued on post at out-processing. Under expiration date it says INDEFINITE.

I have called JAG at Ft. Hood and Ft. Knox to confirm in 2 different places that my card is still good and does not have to be replaced or anything. My card is accepted at Ft. Campbell at the commissary / px/ shopette, etc.

Every time I go into the Gallatin Tennessee store they give me HECK. They even have a black and white copy of the i.d. cards they accept at each register. Albeit from a black and white fax machine or copier. They look at their page of card copies then look at my i.d.. They call person after person up front to look at it. The last time I was in the Lowes Gallatin there was a huge hassle like I was some criminal. They eventually gave the 10%.

On one past occasion the store manager told me the reason they really check the i.d. cards is that they have more money discounts at this store than at the Lowes nesr Ft. Campbell. I told him the soldiers at Ft. Campbell don't buy roofing, tractors, paint, etc. but retiree's do.

Made no sense whatso ever,

The Gallatin TN store is the ONLY Lowes store that causes this hassle.

Recently I went to Home Depot to buy a zero turn mower, instead of the local Lowes. Home Depot was glad to have my business and had absolutely no problem with my retired i.d.

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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Customer service

WOW ENTERPRISE ALABAMA LOWE DOE'S NOT LIKE TO HELP THE CUSTOMER. What are they going to do if Home Depot comes to town. I was just in the Enterprise, Alabama store,picking up some items, standing in line for 5-6 the minutes as the other cashier (Ashley) watched us stand in line and said nothing about helping us. Then someone walked up and had to ask her are you open as she was doing nothing. She then started helping us. Wow this is unreal that customer service is this bad with such a large company.LOWES TIME TO GET SOME ONE THAT LOVES THEIR JOB.
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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Receipt problems and poor service

the lowe's home improvement store in whiteville nc has very poor customer service and a very unprofessional,unorganized, rude staff of employees.they refuse to validate items bought at their store even with the purchase receipt.they say that the receipt didn't exist.I even contacted the corporate office and lowes customer care.everyone please be very weary when purchasing from lowes,most definately the one in whiteville nc.they also have bogus contractors working for them that they send out to install and they lie and cheat which results in lowes paying them for installation and them charging me for installation too.THEY GET DOUBLE PAID!!!!!!!!!This is a rip off and they will never do work for me again and i will never purchase anything from them again,not even if they were the only store around.i would rather drive 500 miles to a store that had some employees with some respect for their customers and employees that had some sense.I am disgusted with this store.Home depot will definately be getting my business from now on.for those of you that shop lowes please be careful and good luck with being treated with any kind of respect and lets hope that you fair better with your purchases and receipts than i did!
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It makes a lot of difference whether you are a woman or a man. Lowes is a very discriminating corporation (against women).., I did a little test to see if it was just me or if this was true.

Its true.

I had a male friend of mine make a return the same time I did. I was behind him in line...he had no problems.. I had the exact transaction and circumstances..... they did not accept my return.

There was a woman in line when we first got there...her's was also not accepted. they're ***


You are a *** ***


You are mistaken...I have had several installs from that store and they never or their installers never got paid twice. Shopping 500 miles from there sounds good for you and them given the current attitude and climate. Good luck going forwat :upset


total bs

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We found a maytag washer we liked at Lowe's. When we researched the consumer reviews, we found Home Depot had a lower price by nearly $50. When we took our home depot price printed from their website, Lowes would not honor their guarantee to match the price and...
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Had the same experience with a ladder at Lowe's. Found the exact same item at Home Depot for $39 cheaper.

At first they refused to price match at all. But, when I complained they gave in and then refused to give me the 10%.

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Lowes is good for America

I'm so proud that Lowes carries more made in America products than their competitors and that they are not supporting the dishonest propaganda of "All Ammerican Muslim" That show is a whitewash over the growing muslim population in the US, that will soon be a dangerous rioting, separatist movement in our country, the way they are in many countries in Europe. Lowes was only one of dozens of companies that pulled their advertizing after the show debuted and they had a chance to see it for the transparent vehichle for propaganda that it is. Most of the people who jump on the bigotry bandwagon would not want their children going to school in the town where the show is filmed.
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Lilmaude...I read your *** post in another discussion on here. Your an *** How the *** can things shake from your hands into your pockets??

Your a thief and deserved to be fired. Get over it!


I love seperatist movements. My own little movement in Jerusalem really got the Romans pissed off. It got the jews pissed off too. You would have liked it.

But, then, you ignorant Lowes supporters don't read, and missed that part of the bible, so I'll spare you the details. Just listen to your local bible thumper, whatever flavor, give up your money every Sunday, and go play with your guns and crystal *** in your trailer parks, one day you'll get promoted to that assistant managers job at Lowes, just keep trying.

You'll deserve it.


Thanks to Lowes for making our jobs harder in Afghanistan. And thanks to Lowes for jeopardizing the safety of US Troops and the mission. And I thought giving aid (propaganda) to the enemy during wartime was treason.

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Make sure that you confirm the availability of items at, online information is not accurate. When it comes to emergency appliance purchases, one doesn't typically want to wait 2 wks to receive their item. If an item is listed as in stock at, it may not really be readily avaialble, but once you realize that, you have already incurred charges on your credit card. My recent purchase cost me an additional $400 and the 3-ring circus I went through to get everything cleared, was maddening. Read my full review here:
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Making major purchases online is just an artard move anyways, unless you're getting a ridiculous discount. If you shop at a store, you'll have someone you can talk to in person that can be held accountable.

Buy online, and you'll spend your time chatting on the phone with people between either jobs or languages. Either way, your odds of getting what you want are slim.

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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Used an unfair practice to accept a return

I purchase 56 Trim & Save Pine packages on a buy one, get one free special. My carpenter used 35 packages. I returned 21 packages with receipt. I expected to receive credit for 10 packages. Instead I was told that the 21 I returned were the free ones. Are you kidding me. I have consistantly been a loyal customer. Lowes & Home Depot are across the street. You have lost a customer for the sake of $90 I followed all the requirements requested by Menards, yet they choose to set their own rules as convenient to them. Shame. Please cancel my account.
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What's really funny is for buy one get one, all they do is lower the price to half the amount. So if it was originally $10 bucks, each one costs $5 are you can get 3 for $15 if you wanted.

This is how the Lowe's system works.


"Sorry but I side with Lowes on this one. You used over half of what you purchased it would be the same as geting buy 1 get one free and returning 1."

No it's not, he's keeping 35 and expecting to have paid for 18. Your example only makes sense if he's expecting to get paid for all 21 he returned.


The customer stated that he only expected to receive credit for 10 not 21 I agree with him. I would have sold them on craigs list or one of the same. That is ridiculous!


You followed all the rules listed by Menards? But I thought you were shopping at Lowe's.


Well, it seems like you over-estimated how many you would need.

If they did return them to you, then they would basically be giving you the other ones for free. How is it fair to Lowe's that you are basically stealing?

Go ahead and go to Home Depot. Good luck finding anyone to help you!


Sorry but I side with Lowes on this one. You used over half of what you purchased it would be the same as geting buy 1 get one free and returning 1.


How could they tell that what you brought back was the free ones? Thats funny.

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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Pound Sand Return

I attempted to return an electric pressure washer to Lowes in Coeur d' Alene Idaho. I used the washer once (summer of 10'), tried to use it this week - non-op. Lowes customer service rep asked if I called the manufacturer - I said no. She then told me I should have purchased the service plan. No offer, no help - Just POUND SAND! I left the washer at Her counter. If She has offered even a token of a settlement I would have been OK with the treatment. I went to Costco and bought a replacement. Last applicance or power tool I buy from Lowes!
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This is a prime example of a ***. He expects a token of credit?

Then has a tantrum and leaves his property on the desk. Real good.

You could have called the manf. This isnt 1970 anymore nor is it Mels hardware.


I agree with the other comments. Sounds like you went in hot headed and would not even discuss the problem or ask for a supervisor.

My wife worked there as a supervisor and you would not believe how many times they went far beyond what they needed to simply to make the customer happy.

Moral of your story.. keep your cool and then ask for a supervisor. If you would have done this I am betting you would have walked out with a new power washer.


its under manufacturer warranty for a year, not lowes so dont blame lowes for not being able to help you. if you wanted them to help you should have purchased an extended protection plan through them, duh


what do you expect you bought it a year ago. It is not warrantied by Lowe's it is warrantied by the manufacturer.

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Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Customer discounts

I work for Lowe's Home Improvement Stores. I don't like customers that come to my store and ask for extra discounts just because they don't want to pay the price. We only match the same product ( brand ). The famous words is I'll just go to Home Depot. or Walmart if it was the same way didn't you buy it from them. Seems that Lowe's product is better quality. If customer don't like what they hear they call home office and lie about what happened causing problems for the employee. Customer needs to learn that Lowe's isn't flea market.
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lowe's blow's every body knows


Lowe's and Home Depot will not, I repeat, WILL NOT carry the same model numbers for that very reason! Especially with appliances!

You customers who think you have done your "research" are ignorant. Lowe's is a company to make money! They price match on things with a 45% margin. They can afford to knock 15% off for a price match.

Go ahead and go to Home Depot and when they "screw" you, come on back. Musical stores!


The item may have been a maytag product but if the model number is not the same then the item is different in some way. Hence the price change.

Whaaaaaaa mean ol lowes wouldnt give me the a cheaper price for their better maytag model. Grow up and actually understand the policies.

If I want a car that has air and a super charger and take a price for a basic model and try to get you to match the price and beat it...would you. I dont think so.


I just left Lowe's tonight with the same exact item, a Maytag range. I took with me the Home Depot lower price ad. Lowe's wouldn't honor their low price guarantee.

You are right. Consumers do their homework and try to get their best price. Unfortunately when companies such as Lowe's Home Improvement Stores do not honor the guarantees, I will go to the other companies.

Yes, I have filed a complaint with corporate.

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