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Lowes in Manchester Township, New Jersey - It can't possibly get any worse

In 69 years of life, I've never ever experienced customer service (if I dare to call it that) as poor as Lowe's. This branch was in Manchester, N. J. They sold me a refrigerator they didn't have in stock and weren't able to get for two weeks. I decided to deal with the inconvenience, but that was only the beginning. Long, long, long, long story short, I ended up screaming like a little boy at the general manager, assistant manager, appliance department manager and the delivery manager. No doubt I've lost a year of my life. Every one of them dropped the ball and would never return a call. Complete and total apathy. Nothing but lies and false promises from all of them. After suffering without a refrigerator for almost three weeks, they had me by more short hairs. I had to settle for a unit I didn't want and didn't initially purchase and never got so much as an apology from anyone. This is only the gist of a nightmare. I ended up with a (dented fridge), scratched door jams, scratched door casings and a chipped wall inside my house. At that point, I turned to the delivery (boys) and told them to leave the fridge and I would install it and hook up the ice maker. Just get the *** out of my house! Stay away from Lowe's. Talk around and you'll find a lot of pissed off people. I am now a Home Depot customer and find them far more helpful, responsible and pleasant. Do as you please! It's your journey.
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Home depot is no better. Read all about it at


Disagree. While there's no doubt that Home Depot fails at times, Home Depot has the business structure to actively deal with and address their failures.

From phone systems to call center infrastructure to training to a well crafted desire to create a positive customer experience, Home Depot has Lowe's beat hands down. Everyone (and every firm) makes mistakes and bad decisions. Everyone (and every firm) has a bad day or two. Nobody is perfect.

It is how those failures are addressed that makes the difference. Lowe's hasn't gotten there (yet?).


Pissed off customer, then and now!

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Lowes in Union, New Jersey - Worst customer service

This store is the worst! I will never spend another dollar in this store. I was kept waiting for more than 15 minutes to get help with 11 40lb bags of top soil (lifting onto cart and loaded into car). Had to ask for a manager before someone finally shows up. He puts the bags on the cart and leaves!!! I again ask for a manager and after another 15 minutes and no one showing up I left with my money in my pocket and will never return! This DIY girl will go out of her way to go to the Home Depot from now on!!!
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I spend two minutes looking for someone to assist me, and after I found him, another two minutes waiting until he fifinished socializing with his friend. It was about 9:20 am. Not too many people in this store at this time but they are just terrible with people


Can't be too much of a "DIY girl" if you need people to carry a small your bags of soil !!

Do you think perhaps people may have been helping others ?

Must everything stop just to help you?

I've noticed that a lot of people like this DIY lady here think that everyone should drop everything they are doing to help them .....I feel bad for her husband.

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Lowes in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Carol Stream IL Lowe's

A friend and I went there to do a simple exchange for an air compressor that started leaking. It was a Saturday night and there were a bunch of young people working there all being very unprofessional. During the return process the clerk even asked us to go get the unit we were looking to exchange for even though there were employees walking all over the place. We went to go look and only found one floor model. When we told him we didn't want a floor model he looked at us like we were being ridiculous and didn't seem to believe us that there weren't other units because he sent an associate over there to look. So after a few jokes with his fellow employees and a phone call he told us that they had 3 in back but if we didn't want the floor model it would be awhile because the person in back was unloading a truck and that was more important than getting our item. The floor manager (I assume) was there as well and after we sat waiting for awhile she rudely asked "What are you two here for again?" we told her we had been waiting awhile for a compressor and she said "Oh" and walked away. There was a differently dressed gentleman walking back and forth while we waited who I assume was an upper level manager and even after 45 minutes of us waiting he didn't even acknowledge that we were there. At the back end of an entire hour the new customer service person got off a personal cell phone call and called the back for a minute- when she got off the phone she said there were none in back and that if we wanted an exchange we had to take their floor model. I asked what about the 3 in the system and she shrugged and said "must be wrong." ... Needing the unit we had no choice to take the floor model which motor case had a crack in it and looked like it was darkened in with permanent marker which leads me to believe that this unit might have been a return. When we left there was no "sorry for waiting for an hour" or anything they just stood around joking and acting like this was nothing out of the ordinary. I've never had a problem at Lowe's before and this was simply unbelievable
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Lowes products

Chinese junk, My wife complained that that kitchen facet was leaking, I tried several washers and that fixed it for a while. Then I decided to purchase a new one from Lowes and after 4hours of replacing the faucet it turns out the new one is just a bad if not worse than the old one. I will never set foot in that store again. When I spoke to the manager he told me he would give me a discount on a new faucet if I brought the othere one back. I can`t tell you how angry this makes nme.
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Let me guess, you bought the $39 special, right? Did the package say, 'Made In China'? Next.


I hope you realize that no matter where you go everything is made in China or some other overseas place. All you did was annoy the manager when you complained, he's probably glad you aren't coming back


I guess they will be closing the store without your business

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Lowes in Newark, New Jersey - Ridiculous service

Lowes Manager: Both I and my wife are upset with your Toms River NJ store customer service desk people. Their attitudes are awful and insulting. We are both never walking into your stores ever again. A year ago, my wife was told she was *** and called 'a ***' by one of your customer service desk workers while my wife was making a return. She's not forgotten the experience, and she remembers it unpleasantly every time she makes a purchase at your store, even today. She dreads having to walk into Lowes, and dreads having to deal with the customer service desk on a propane bottle return or anything similar. Just today, I went shopping for a few minor things, a dog 'pet' door, pet supplies, some fasteners, and was thinking of checking on kitchen appliance prices; I wanted to surprise my wife with new stainless Freezer / Refrigerator, one with water and ice making options on the door. I entered your store from the contractor entrance, and I have to admit, the people at the contractor entrance are hardly ever a problem. I asked about small 'pet' doors, (I know where the appliances are), and the contractor desk people were friendly, helpful, and had a pretty good attitude; they directed me to the pet aisle, aisle 23. The contrast between the contractor desk was and is in complete contrast to the people working at the other entrance, where my wife was insulted and where I ran into trouble just today. Today I was thrown out of your store. I had a thousand dollars in cash in my pocket. I was going to look at appliances. Dumb. As I walked through the store, toward the pet aisle at the opposite end of the store, two young Lowes women employees approached me, and advised me I had to have my 22 pound Boston Terrier in a cart, or I had to carry her, and that the rules were 'pretty strict.' They oohed and aaahed and remarked how cute my little dog was, and said she was pretty, and I was not surprised at this, she is a cute little dog, but I was surprised at the instructions, so I put my small dog in a cart and continued shopping. As I approached the main customer entrance, a old woman with more hair spray and bottle brunette coloring on her head than common sense stepped out from behind the customer service desk and nastily told me I had to leave the store immediately. I asked why, and she said, "health reasons, the board of health has a law and dogs are not allowed in all stores, it's posted at the entrances." She chaperoned me to the exit and made sure I left. Hmmm. Health reasons? Lowes does sell pet supplies, don't they? My dog was in a cart, as the young lady employees instructed me. Maybe your hair sprayed and brunette in a bottle employee with the foghorn voice doesn't want my dog getting sick from all the leaking pesticide containers in your store, the ones across the aisle from the pet supplies? Is this possible? That must be the health issues she's referring to. Hmmm. I was puzzled. I know Lowes has a pet aisle, I know they do, I've seen it, I've bought pet supplies from it. And, in the space of 30 seconds I was told two different things by employees of Lowes. I left the store with my 22 pound dog under my arm. My little dog was cuddled up, right next to the $1000.00 in cash in my chest pocket. Outside the store I looked for the board of health sign, and couldn't find one, so I walked back in to question the hair spray bottle brunette woman, and before I even got two steps in the door she started shouting in her foghorn voice that I had to leave. No problem. I'll leave, and I'll be *** if I'll ever step back into your store with your nasty people with lousy mixed up insulting attitudes ever again with a thousand dollars in my wallet and high limit credit card. How about that? I left, and made three trips just today to your competitors store where I made my purchases for my projects. They love my little dog there at your competitors store. My wife is never going into your store ever again, and neither am I. Your customer service people are rude, poorly trained, often confused, clueless about the products on the shelves, and frequently nasty. Good luck with your business venture. Go be nasty to someone else. I'm amazed your in business. I've walked past broken leaking pesticide containers broken and spilling and leaking into the aisle in your Toms River store, I've seen pesticides marked down to next to nothing prices and in failing containers leaking into the bins they were thrown into, I've seen pallets of fertilizer with broken bags leaking and tracking up and down aisles, I've seen shelves poorly stocked with the same item at two different prices, damaged goods displayed for sale, incorrect pricing, 'SUPER SALE' items ringing up at 20% and 50% over the marked SALE price, incorrect labeling, no knowledgeable salespeople in sight for hundreds of feet, far too few manned checkout registers, and far too many customer service people who don't know how to operate the registers and handle ordinary transactions. God forbid you actually ask for the SALE PRICE marked on the item on a shelf, at your Toms River store, you'll lose 15 minutes out of your life while the staff slowly drag themselves around in circles seeking whatever special super authority necessary to sell you the item at the price marked on the shelf. I've seen all this, my wife has been treated nastily, and now today, I was thrown out of your store because of a little 22 pound dog, on our way to the pet aisle. I had a THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH in my pocket. Goodbye.
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Hahahaha, just read this. Whoever wrote this is full of it and clearly an unhappy person in life!

@That Girl

Not so..... I know who the customer is talking about the 2 females no longer are there


What the heck does having a "pet aisle" have to do with allowing pets inside the store? Our local grocery store has a pet aisle, can't bring pets in.

The local retail store sells car parts but you're not allowed to drive your car through the store either. Shocking!


While I love small dogs, I am usually a bit reserved when I am around them in a public setting..some people are afraid of dogs....Lowe's has a policy that the only pet of any kind allowed in the store is a service animal. I'm pretty sure other stores have this same policy, but they don't enforce it because they are afraid they will lose the customer.

I am glad you brought your dog into the's better than leaving it in a car on a hot day with the windows rolled up...


I'm guessing all these previous comments were written by the same person. Sad.


I agree with the other poster on that comment about "runnin over them...I find small dogs to be extremely annoying with that extremely high pitched bark/squeakthat that ALL small dogs seem to have, and what else *** me off is those same dogs barking nonstop when you are trying to talk to a customer and they won't tell that *** dog to shut the *** up! Just once I'd like to turn that same dog into a *** football!!

Then the irresponsible owner keeps saying "What? What? I can't hear you? HUH??

What?" Maybe if they would shut that *** dog the *** up then they could hear what the *** I am trying to say to them. People like you ruin a good shopping trip for everyone else!


Two thumbs up for the comment made by 'Repubbed'!!


Nothing *** me off more than *** such as yourself taking their *** *** little dogs into ANY store and thinking that all the patrons will like him/her...WAKE UP YOU *** ***!!! Not everyone likes little p.o.s.

dogs. AND,who are you to just assume that everyone thinks they are cute!! They are NOT cute in any way shape, or form. I intentionally ran over and squished some p.o.s.

*** Zue or whatever the *** they are called. I made a road pizza outta that dog, and have NO regrets about it! Maybe that will teach you people to leave your *** little dogs at home, cause if I see one in the road, I guarantee you people that I WILL go outta my way to make sure and flatten it! That last dog I squished into the pavement had a real nice blood stain all over the asphalt and I loved hearing it squeak when I hit the mother ***!

I could even hear its bones crunching as I ran over it with my 4x4 truck! How about if the large and giant breed dogs owners take them into a store? See how long people think that is cute!! NOT!

I guess that most people think they have to be polite, well, have you ever thought that there is a reason for health codes...AND lawsuit liability in the event that your so called cute dog bites someone? DUH? You are the reason that dogs are not allowed in stores!! Patron endangerment and liability on the part of the store IF some guest were to get bit or injured by your p.o.s.


Do yourself a favor and leave that dog at home, cause I guarantee you that IF I see it running loose I WILL run over it. Fortunately by me running over that *** dog there is one less small dog in the world now.

@From someone who enjoys runnin

wow!!!!!!! Talk about a serial killer in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to chill out before you do something even more evil where you'll have to serve time.


Nothing infuriates me more than people who bring children into stores, in particular the special kids, they make me friggin' sick. They can't control the kids, the kids break things, and they are always whining at the checkout for candy, wetting their pants, and puking.

The parents are worse, they don't watch the kids, they fight, they argue, and mothers slap their future death row inmates around for the slightest infraction. I've been in retail for 22 years, and there's nothing more that I hate than customers and their kids. If I didn't have to put up with customers at all, I'd have a perfect retail career. I studied hard at the community college to be able to qualify to run this cash register and push that broom around, too, I am a professional, I can face a shelf.

You should know, you readers, you should know. Get mopping, there's a clean up in aisle 5, somebody's kid threw up, obviously he's been licking the handle on the special bus again.


Nothing Irritates me more than people who think it is appropriate to bring dogs into stores. Here is the thing, dog *** and poo indiscriminately.

Lowes sells kitchen wares (This is actually likely the health violation)

Also if you little puppy bit a child or a staff member, the store is liable.

Not to mention, I don't like dogs, I don't have a Dog because I am extremely allergic to dogs. I do my part, and not walk through off leash areas, now you do yours and keep your *** dog out of places they aren't suppose to be.

No Dogs means exactly that.


What part of "No pets allowed" posted on the front door don't you understand??


It is not only unsafe for all customers but unhygenic as well. Have some common sense you *** ***.

If I owned a hardware store and you came in with that ugly mutt I would've shot that mutt like old yeller.

What the *** is wrong with people like you these days. Get some common sense.

@So sad

Why do you feel death to an innocent dog is warranted when the real problem lies with the owner's ignorance? Sounds like a *** reason to pull out your pistol and make yourself feel like a REAL MAN:)


You start out by saying your wife was insulted and called names last year at this Lowe's but then describe how she doesn't like exchanging propane tanks or even going into the store---but you or someone is continually dragging her (no doubt kicking and screaming??)into the store.

Now, you were asked to leave the store because you brought a 22 pound dog into the store. What *** brings a dog into a store??

This is not France. We do NOT bring dogs into a store. Not only is it dangerous because he could *** a small kid, but un-hygenic.

What the *** is the matter with you?? When I owned my hardware store, I would have told you once to get him and you out of the store and if you didn't, I would have shot him.


Why not just shoot the guy? Why do you sickos always want to kill the small dog? This site has some very trigger-happy people on it:/



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Lowes Manager

Lowes sold me a fridge and a icemaker kit ice maker kit took over a month and lots of phone calls

I finaly got a manager that sent it out to me after they told me they would send it out four other times no comp no sorry and I had to pay the plumer to come back and hook it up and they would not deliver it next daay or for even two weeks if they brought it to my house and I am a jimmy johnson fan so I don't buy at home depo or any where else I may to re think that so for all you out there make note that lowes does not all ways do what they say they are going to do
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Does your keyboard have a period key? Also I suggest spellcheck.

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Lowes in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Fired after seven years

I had worked for Lowe's for seven years started: 2 months as CSA (03) 1 1/2 yrs as team lead (04) 3 yrs as dept. mgr. (04-07) 2 1/2 yrs as zone mgr. (07-10) As a zone manager (senior management) you are incharge of handling anywhere from 15-50 employees daily and customers. (1) Of the problems is at my location you are empowered to take care of customer, that is not always the case customer comes in wants food processor (discontinued/non stock) reg. $149 now $99 had checked with Hanford store in CA. they didn't have so customer. came to our location Clovis, CA. we had display and one in box customer asked to by display told him sure absolutely. great I took care of them so it seems, nope they come back about five minutes later and returned it. I had seen product and questioned employee in returns they said customer was unhappy he wanted to buy the one in the box, which I would have sold him if he would have asked but he said quote (can I buy your display, at no point did he ever mention the box unit. So he then leaves and calls our 1-8oo-44-lowes customer care center and tells them I was rude and unfriendly if you get any of those complaints they will find any reason big or small to railroad you out. All a customer has to do is say you were rude and unfriendly you have no recourse to defend your customer is always right. (2) A Customer comes in to buy a ladder for a 30ft ceiling. A sales specialist (expert knowledge) sells her a 17ft ladder. As I walked by the register I hear her say that this ladder is on sale from $150 to $125 ok no problem then she starts telling me about her project (remember 30ft ceiling) I told her she needs a larger ladder min 22ft she tells me the person that helped her said a 17ft would work, I tried to explain it to her but she felt that I was talking down to her because she was a woman. She immediately left the store and called 1-800-44-lowes and said I was rude and unfriendly. (3) A commercial customer comes in and asks since he was purchasing a several special order windows if we would give him 10% off we do this as a courtesy to commercial customers not always it just depends what/how much you buy, no problem he was told he ten goes to millworks dept that's where windows and doors are sold. A sales specialist helps him at the end of order process he whips out an ad for 20% off. Our system at Lowe's does not allow you to double dip use two discounts at same time so after lowering prices of windows at millworks desk to try to accommodate. He goes to register and tries to get his 10% it won't work so after about two hours I finally get it done by lowering all prices. He pays then leaves. Sales specialist tries to order product but screws up order by not order correctly (two tines). So windows come in wrong customer is pissed of at me because specialist ordered wrong. I later found out that Customer and specialist know each other and set me up about the double dipping. Oh yes specialist has cost Lowe's thousands of dollars because of his mistakes. He is still employed and IM not. While I was employed as a ZONE MGR with Lowe's I had the highest rate of customer compliments, and about 90% of the employees liked me (as senior management) because they could count on me to be there when they needed help they could call me for anything and I would actually answer my phone work phone. So what the STORE MANAGER did got statements from 7 employees saying that i was rude and hard to work with. The surprising thing is that of the seven: 2 employees have had problems with every person in management. 1 of the 2 has been moved to 4 different positions in the store so he can be watched better(babysat). the other 4 all directly work with each other and collaborated on their stories to make me out to be the bad. There are approx.15 20 employees that should have been or should still be let go. Don't know why they're still employed. They have documented records that show poor work habits, attendance issues far exceeding the policies. There is no consistency to discipline. Not the same for all.
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this is so true, it is currently happening now . don't question any store manager or above or you will be retaliated on.

I have called regional HR and he just takes up for the store manager. I am keeping a journal of each day that I work and what happens because I have a feeling I am being pushed out.


As a former store employee of 2+ years, I am a junior compared to others posted years. However, it has been quite an eventful 2 years, to say the least.

We all helped put the store together, had our grand opening.. and from there, only a fraction of us stayed. What started out as a great place to work quickly turned into a nightmare. I hated going to work.

Drama, backstabbing, dishonest and spiteful coworkers. As I mentioned, during 2 years I saw a lot. This includes one of my supervisors being very rude and downtalking other employees. It was impossible to keep the doors closed for all the new hires walking out.

I can't say that I blamed them. Everyone saw this going on, and no one did anything about it. Another issue swept under the rug. That was until one final day I saw this same supervisor cuss out a customer.

Enough is enough. I reported this person. In turn, I was told it was my fault for reporting them and also that I needed to keep my mouth shut. Open door policy?

Far from it. I brushed it off and kept it in the back of my mind for later. Since then, my schedule began to change from either an entire weekend spent at this glorious place to no hours at all. This spiteful employee even went as far as to have me written up for being late.

(A record of 2 minutes, 3 minutes late with an occasional 7-10 minutes late due to being sick but still coming in) Well, if that is how low you'd like to stoop.. be my guest. The final push. I was called into store managers office and told they could no longer work with my hours.

After seeing people come in over an hour late with nothing said to them, managers cussing out customers, employees badmouthing customers, and leaving the very last few good, honest employees that store had hung out to dry.. enough was enough. I quit. I am above that.

If such a huge corporation wants to build their reputation on spiteful, rude, unachievers who don't care about the customer.. well, good luck with that.

I think you're right, for those of you who posted previous comments:

The ones who care and honestly try get booted out of the door. Those who are lazy and just want a paycheck get to stay.


Well here is an updated comment. I had to go to appeals board three times over 10 month period because they (Lowe's) could afford to fight it and I couldn't.

I still shop there and help the customers that recognize me when I am there. So what kind of person does that after they have been fired. I believe they were wrong on how they did it with the railroaded stories. There are only two people left of the seven because they were fired for various issues.

It makes me upset when I see how they have hired employee that have no clue on what there doing and don't care about this company. I Have tried several times to get back in but yet nothing.

I have personally contributed to over a million dollars in sales each year. So I just don't get it.


I was also fired after over 5 years of working at Blowes. I received many customer service awards from corporate but when you get to the point you are one of the longer term and better

payed employees they will find a way to terminate you.

The efforts to cut costs is the deceiding factor. They would rather have lower cost employee than someone with experience.


Hey, Man I was setup and fired but rehired. I should have sued them but that's not my style.

A full investigation was done nothing was found that led to me being fired. There were system problem with refund/re bill.


Why don't you contact me i would enjoy discussing this.

No heart

I am calling you out

you can also contact the store #1541 Clovis, Ca and ask the real employees and customers that i still help and shop even after 1-1/2 yrs. why should they suffer for being misguided or wronged.


Well first of all there is no such thing as a 10% off commercial discount. Second of all you should have followed procedure and ran his order through QSP if it qualified. Third of all you should quit trying to think so much of yourself saying your the most liked manager in the store cause truthfully if you did your job right and treated people with respect they wouldnt just fire you right out of the blue unless they had a WE Team replacing you XD


This company is truley evil,i was just fired last weekend but not until after i came in cleaned the floors their bathrooms as i had been the part time fsa slash cashier in store 2551 in epping nh for the last yr and a half,the cashiering LLCS never really dropped to me yet after putting this store on the map twice for the area as no 2 in the district for selling 400 dollors for the MDA first in the spring of last yr and agin in oct,each time i was rewarded with a writeup resulting in two,so basicly they used to and so called complaints that I NEVER saw any evidence of did me in last sat jan 8th.I rue the day I ever got involved with this company,I HAVE NEVER been fired before in my life and I have been in the work force 30 yrs.people avoid this company at all cost if you can,they lie big time.


I have seen the same thing happen. If you are a good worker but not their favorite you are gone.

They keep the workers that are lazy. We have a manager that is late every day and take two hour lunches and nothing is done but other people are late just a few minutes and are written up.


You are full of it man! #1 you don't give a commercial 10% off you QSP!

You should be fired for that alone! Lowe's won't force good employees out the door!

You are just worthless! How did you ever get to Zone?


I wish niblock,wagner,stone could read these maybe they could help. sorry i was dreaming for honesty and the true ethics of how to treat people what was i thinking.


Wow ... sounds so so true.

As a former LOWES employee ..

of 13 years i know what you are talking about.I wished i lived and worked at a location in the south or probably a small town would of lasted 20yrs. I'am now waiting on my 30 days to snatch my retirement from WELLS FARGO!!!

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Lowes Manager

Lowes treatment and products

I recently purchased a bathroom vanity from Lowe's and had to return it twice now for replacements because it was broken. Each time I went to exchange it I was treated like a criminal. I had my receipts, I was pleasant and understand these things get damaged in the process of stocking shelves etc. It's the manufacturer not lowes,,I get that. But the treatment I received was appalling. The poor girl trying to help me had to wait to eat her lunch because no manager was available and they had no more left, two others were also broken from off the shelves. No one ever came to help except one employee who saw me the night before hurried over to tell the girl helping me "oh she already got her money back" as if I was trying to scam them. I showed the receipt and that I was only getting an exchange. Then the gentleman said "just get it in black mamm whats the difference". The black one was also broken when it came to the register. I was in the store for an hour and I'm 8 months pregnant. I asked if they had water or a drink I could purchase and a third employee standing near said "its right in front of you" in a very rude tone. I was almost in tears when I left. I'm so disgusted. I got my money refunded and will not return there again. The day before I waited 10 minutes for someone in the paint department to help me, she was talking and laughing with another employee about 30 ft from me and still I stood just waiting. Never acknowledged. Is it like this everywhere? What kind of treatment to these lowes employees get from people that makes them so angry and rude? To the girl that helped me thank you but to to everyone else should be ashamed. I wish I had a camera crew with me as proof but I didn't, imagine that reality show.
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Well then dont go their during lunch hour. what do you expect.

you not the only one that get to eat. think about other humans :cry


joe, is a retaed


Im usually disgusted with lowes customers but you were treated inhuman. Shame on them.

Especially being pregnant and all. I hope you are feeling better.


Shop at Menards then! You will NOT be treated like this, and it is a known fact that Menards prices are a LOT lower than Lowes!!

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