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Lowes in Elizabeth, New Jersey - Kitchen Installer Replacement

I received the Kitchen Cabinets on Thursday, May 30, 2013. I called the installer (Mr. Collins) to set a date to install my kitchen cabinets. The installer told me that he will call me back with an installation date. He never returned my call and the only reason he finally called me was only because Lowe's customer service called him. Finally the installer calls me to give me an appointment for Monday, June 3, 2013. I told the installer that I already have personal appointments scheduled for June 3, 2013. I asked him if he can come on Tuesday, June 4 or Wednesday June 5. He stated that he cannot because he will be on vacation. I called Lowe's customer service to have another installer come to install my Kitchen Cabinets. Customer service informed me that they don't have anyone else in my area which is UNACCEPTABLE! The installer called me again after customer service called him and he stated that he can come to install the Cabinets on Wednesday, June 12 which is two weeks after receiving the cabinets which is UNACCEPTABLE. I told the installer that I will accept this date but that I’m calling customer service because I’m frustrated with this service. I want a replacement installer to come over to install my kitchen cabinets. I have the kitchen cabinets in boxes taking up the space in my entire kitchen and another box in my living room. This is very upsetting that Lowe's such a big department store don't have a replacement installer in my area. The installer goes on vacation and the customers have to wait until he returns because Lowe's doesn't have a replacement installer. This is UNACCEPTABLE and I'm NOT happy with this service and It's frustrated that Lowe's cannot have someone to install my cabinets.
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After paying Lowes $289.00 to install the free sink

that came with the quartz countertop, we are informed

by the installers that they do not hook up the faucet

or garbage disposal. Then, we had to pay another $229.00 for

them to do the backsplash. We won't be doing business

with Lowe's again.

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Lowes Replacement

Lowes in Livingston, New Jersey - Overcharged for door installation!

I went to Lowes to purchase and have a cliding glass patio door installed. The door was priced about right and the estimate including install was about $435. but somehow I ended up with a bill for over $1000. I called the store manager and have not heard back. It appears that I was charged almost $700 for an install that was standard and took the two men who came under two hours to complete the replacement. I saw their invoice and it gave them $125 for their work installing the door. Beware of using lowes. I found this prohibitively expensively and would not use them again.
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French door takes half a day for one man. $250 basic labor. Lowe's charges around $400 for just the labor, so there was some confusion on your quote...

Why are you aluminum wrapping if you installed a high quality door correctly to start with? Aluminum wrap is a sham sold by companies to make extra money and cover up their poor craftsmanship. It's not the 1960's, there are plenty of composite materials that are better and less expensive tham aluminum wrap.

I install doors all day, every day. That is how I can do most french doors by myself in half a day.

If you guys charge $800, that is $50/hr for each guy. At $50/hr those guys are overpaid if it takes them that long. I can always use a good helper, so when your business gets slow, $8/hr is better than nothing.


man, we charge 800 bucks to replace a door

it takes all day to take a door out, flash the sill, install new door, insulate with foam, and get it to swing correctly, install new lock, re-trim inside and cap outside trim with vinyl coated aluminum, then caulk.

if these two people did all this stuff in two hours. first i don't believe it, second they probably did a really bad job. I've been doing this stuff for over 25 years.


Have you returned to the store where you made the purchase? Or contacted your install sales team?

Lowes stands behind all of their installs from start to finish and guarantees customer satisfaction.

I've never heard of an issue that a store is unwilling to fix for a customer.

Very commonly, leaving a message for a manager never really makes it to the manager, they dont work in an office environment afterall. I doubt you're being ignored and I bet theyd be willing to take care of you properly.

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Lowes Replacement

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