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We ordered a wine fridge and it came damaged. Another delivery was sent to picked up the damaged wine fridge. They did come but did not come with a replacement. We were told for weeks we would get a refund. We never got it. I had to go to Lowe's in Union and speak to...
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Lowes review in Union, New Jersey: Paralytic delivery system


Update by user Jul 22, 2017

I consider this situation half resolved. I went in the store to get my money back.

I got one of the two purchases refunded and I am still waiting for the other one to show up on my card.

This clownish operation would never happen at Home Depot I know since they have a dedicated team to resolve these things way before they get this far. Will update.

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2017

I have never been treated this way by any business. I cannot believe how poorly your operation functions. Contrary to the email I received telling me my chairs have been delivered, they have not. One Monday I went to the store in Union NJ to find out why? What it the problem? Why can none of your staff figure this out? I took Sean by the hand, led him over to the two boxes of chairs he had in stock ( I only need one of the boxes ). He made some kind of note, talked to Sly, came back to me and told me they would pick up the incorrect order on Monday and leave the correct order. But I would have to pay for the chairs AGAIN! since something was delivered to my house lol. OK, I did it figuring I will get a refund in a few days. Now though you have over $700.00 of mine and I have nothing since you picked up the incorrect delivery but left no replacement. I have been trying to call the store, all day yesterday but could not speak with anybody. I kept getting hung up on or ignored. The people you hire should not be allowed near your telephone. They represent your company very poorly. I called the store today around noon and spoke to Jonathan in delivery. Sean was not in. He said he cannot get it to me today. I told him that is unacceptable. I asked to speak to the store manager. Not in. I spoke to, I think she said Vanessa. I am not sure. Her language and speaking skills could not coherently convey her name in an understandable way even after asking her to speak clearly. She seems to say the same thing as Jonathan, it cannot be done today. That is unacceptable. Tomorrow will mark the 30th day since I placed the order for an in stock item on June 30th. I have been lied to by store staff numerous times. I do not have it yet and you are holding twice the original purchase price. If you think just writing this little diatribe is somehow therapeutic and I am done venting, you do not know me. I am taking your clown show on the road. You know what happens when you do right by a customer? Nothing. They go about their business because things went as they should. When you burn a customer, what does he do? He goes out of his way to inform at least 10 people of what happened. I suggest you get your store in line. Have someone load the box into a truck and send it to my house. Today. Within hours. NOT tomorrow! ENOUGH!!
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My latest email. I keep getting different people.

12:43 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Hello Ruth,

I sincerly apologize for the inconvience and frustrations that this has caused.

I have reached out to the store and spoke with Tahiv the service manager. He advised that you will be receiving the chairs on Saturday 7/22/2017. I aslo inquired about your refund he advised it takes 3-5 business days from the date the chairs were picked up for the credit to show to your account. Once againg I sincerly apologize for all the frustration that this has caused.

Please feel free to reach back out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you, Anna rich f 1:27 PM (1 hour ago) to Lowesdeliverys. Dear ronda/alex/matthew/terry/anna lol What don't you get? Cancel the order and return ALL of my $700.00 plus NOW!!

I DO NOT WANT THE CHAIRS!!! Your store has no respect for you personally, or the position you hold. Otherwise I would have had my chairs weeks ago. Your office is impotent.

They have been laughing for weeks now. Even after I caught them lying to my face about being out of stock, and showed them 2 boxes, the same ones I saw when I placed the order, they do not take a customer seriously. The store has severe personnel issues. I am 65 and in all my years I have never encountered a more poorly run operation.

Today I stand in disbelief that you would think giving me another delay/date 2 days ahead would be appeasing to me after all that has occurred. Amazing indeed. You clowns have run out of time. Know where you will be in 5 years?

Research Sears and Kmart. Since more than 30 days have passed since placing this order, and the fact that you extorted the purchase price from me AGAIN and STILL failed to deliver, you can be sure I will begin actions against your company which will be quite punitive in nature.

Consider is your notice to escalate the matter into qualified hands. Failure to escalate this matter would indicate the level of detachment from reality all of you suffer from and will be quite costly to you in the end.

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Lowes review in Union, New Jersey: Worst customer service

This store is the worst! I will never spend another dollar in this store. I was kept waiting for more than 15 minutes to get help with 11 40lb bags of top soil (lifting onto cart and loaded into car). Had to ask for a manager before someone finally shows up. He puts the bags on the cart and leaves!!! I again ask for a manager and after another 15 minutes and no one showing up I left with my money in my pocket and will never return! This DIY girl will go out of her way to go to the Home Depot from now on!!!
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I spend two minutes looking for someone to assist me, and after I found him, another two minutes waiting until he fifinished socializing with his friend. It was about 9:20 am. Not too many people in this store at this time but they are just terrible with people


Can't be too much of a "DIY girl" if you need people to carry a small your bags of soil !!

Do you think perhaps people may have been helping others ?

Must everything stop just to help you?

I've noticed that a lot of people like this DIY lady here think that everyone should drop everything they are doing to help them .....I feel bad for her husband.

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Lowes Manager
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