Warrenton, Missouri
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We had Lowe's install a new roof on our house and this is the results we got (see pictures). We have been trying for over 18 months to get this resolved. The last comment the store installation manager told me was "we are finished with this project and you received a quality product with a quality installation". If you want to see what Lowe's calls quality please review the attached file of a few pictures. The insurance company said they would not get involved because it is a bad install and requires the homeowner to resolve the issue. If it was a faulty product they would resolve the issue. Lowe's legal department did send us a settlement offer which covers 38% of what we have spent and what we will have to spend to correct the problems and make our house whole again. This offer was rejected so they increased their offer by $82 which now covers 38%. I have sent their legal department another letter rejecting this latest offer.

During my last telephone conversation with Rich Nystrom of Lowe’s, the gentleman handling our claim, he said that Lowe’s is committed to quality and this will be resolved. I asked him if it would be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction or Lowe’s and he never responded. I also asked if he considered new shingles with rips and tears in them that have been patched with caulking as a quality product. Again he never responded. Since he would not respond I assume the answer to the former is Lowe’s and the latter is yes. The Wentzville Missouri store installation manager also stated that Lowe’s is not responsible for any issues because Lowe’s didn’t actually do the work as it was subcontracted out even though the contract was signed with Lowe’s.

I submitted a complaint with pictures on Lowe’s Facebook page only to have them deleted after about 3 hours (may have been sooner as that was when I checked) so I resubmitted them the next day and watched them get deleted after less than 2 minutes. Appears they are very thin-skinned.

If you need a new roof you should think really hard about having this company touch what is probably your most valued investment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $8100.

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Post pics to the Pissed Consumer FB page. Legal action, be done negotiating with Lowes.


We got a broken window from Lowes causing water damage. Your lucky Rich calls you back.

I have left 2 messages, no return calls. Similar result as you on FB. NEVER walking into a Lowes again.

Ready to file BBB complaint and post on Angies list.


I tried the BBB, but as soon as Lowe's responded to the BBB that any further communications should be addressed to their legal department the BBB closed the complaint as resolved with no further action to be taken. I guess the BBB got scared off.

I also canceled my Lowe's credit card and when I asked the lady if she wanted to know the reason why she said "No, I am sure you have a good reason". I said I would think you would be concerned when an account gets closed and she said "for every account we close we have 6 applications for new accounts".

Really concerned about customer satisfaction right. Wish you the best with your issues.


What you get when you don't hire a good local independent company to do it, Lowe's is comprised of "don't know hows"


Find an attorney who will give you a free consult. Then, if he thinks you can win, sue them.

That they will not ignore.

Pleading with Lowe's will not work. Legal action will.