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I bought paint at Lowes when I could get a friend to drive me there, prepped the area I want to paint, set aside time on a day off to do the painting and then ran headlong into a brick wall with the cheap quality of the paint itself. Instead of the deep red paint...
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Your problem is using a red paint over white. The tint base on the red paint is translucent rather than a heavily pigmented base.

You need to start with priming the are to be painted with a dark primer. Even with the dark primer expect to use 2 coats. Their mistake was not telling you to use the dark primer. This will be true of any deep red paint.

I had the same problem with Bher paint at Home Depot. Once Bher told me what to do and I used the dark primer it worked great.

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Lowes in Brooklyn, New York - Zodiaq counter top

I am completely pissed at Lowes and Zodiaq which is the name of the counter top i purchased and the installer whoever they are. I purchased this counter top 5 or 6 yrs ago they brought it to my house in two pieces which i didn't agree with and it had to be welded together which came apart once and they came out and repaired it at no cost. But now it has come apart for the second time and i was told it's going to cost me $85 for them to repair i will not pay a dime!!
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I purchased an expensive Bosch dishwasher from Lowes and an Extended Warranty to go with it. A few month ago i call Lowes because the dishwasher was not cleaning the dishes and was making unusual noises. They sent a guy from a company they subcontract, whose name I do...
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AGAIN! Lowes warranty do not do what they are suppose to do!

We called almost 4 weeks ago to use our warranty to get our ice machine fixed on our whirlpool refrigerator fixed. It took the warranty company 8 days to find some one to come out and fix it. This guy was 120 miles away and has every excuse in the book why he can't make it. First he had to order part and then it was back ordered.

He told us a total of 5 times he was coming to the house and never showed up. This last time we called the warranty number and they told us he was in the area and would be there shortly....... @ 9:00 pm... They said they would have someone call us in 3 working days, I refused to do this another 3 days and had them call on Monday.

They called...... This is the real kicker.... She told us that it had been going on to long and we would have to get our own repair man and pay him and they would reimburse us for the work only!!!!! The mileage would be on us!!!!!

This is not the first time we have been screwed by Lowes warranties. And by the way the warranty still has a year left on it.

I am sick and tired of being ripped off by warranties from Lowes!

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Lowes in Brooklyn, New York - Previuosly opened or used tools sold as new.

I recently bought a router and router table because my shaper died and I was fighting a deadline. When I got the items home both boxes had been re-glued shut. Screw heads on the router had sawdust in them and components of the router table had markings on it showing previous assembly. I don't have the time to waste with a store manager. I had to use the tools to finish my project on time. Lucky for LOWES the tools worked. Unfortunately you can't control what customers do, but you should be in control of your own merchandise. S.Sakasitz Bridgewater NJ
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Being an ex-employee of home depot, i know you never assume returned tools are as represented. It just shows laziness on the part of lowes employees to competently due the jobs they're being paid for. But thats the quality of work you get for a bunch of underpaid slackers.


If a box comes back sealed you would expect it to be new. You can't expect a store to unpack every sealed item that gets returned. Unfortunately you got a product some *** used, repacked and returned.

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