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Lowes in Hicksville, New York - Seriously?

I type 'paving stones' into the search engine on the web site and it shows me five tile saws. Really??? For that reason alone I won't GO to Lowes looking for paving stones. At least Home Depot, which kind of sucks also shows me paving stones when I type that. want 100 words to post the complaint. I'll complain about that than. How's that? lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalA Ok. Lowes sucks. The web site sucks. Enough? No? Your site sucks. How's that? Enough words for you, you picky ***?
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Lowes Website
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crappy search engine
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Lowes - Website Review from New York, New York

Lowes in East Amherst,NY made me feel like a second class citizen when purchasing a clearanced priced washer from them. They didn't like that their website gave me free shipping and so the store it was coming from wanted to add 30 bucks to my order. I said NO! This is not an auction! Then they brought me the wrong hose and kept bringing up the discounted price of the machine which, mind you, had nothing to do with the drain hose it is supposed to come with. It's NOT an extra purchase as is the hot/cold water hose. They need to stop talking about their price and just bring me a working machine!!! I didn't think I was shopping at the salvation army lmao.
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Lowes Website
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Pricing issue

Lowes in Buffalo, New York - Lowe's does not honor its' own return policy

I bought an item at one Lowe's store and tried to return it the next day at a different Lowe's store. The item ( a makeup mirror )was in perfect condition in it's original wrapping and carton accompanied by my credit card receipt. Store # 2 refused the return because that particular store did not stock that item. Lowe's stated return policy as seen on their website specifically states "return to any Lowe's store". That is not true. Their policy statement needs to be modified to read " if it is convenient for Lowe's". Then it would be true. My convenience be damned.
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you sound like a bawl *** whining about everything and why would you return something to a different Lowe's store than it was first purchased?


First of all you cannot control a specific persons actions or judge it off of a few people for a company that is all over the country with thousands of employees u can counteract with a rude employee at any store you walk into the sun will rise again tomorrow don't worry and customers need to not work themselves up so much about materialistic items that can easily be replaced if you didn't like a persons attitude take their name and report that person to their manager it's simple and they will be talked to and maybe they will change If not they will face the circumstances but it's such a general statement to say that associates have attitudes and are rude because the actual good employees Never get acknowledged for their hard work and they start not to care if the managers don't care then the employees will follow their lead bad managers cause for bad employees and no recognition cause for resentful employees which hurts customer service if you have a happy environment with helping people and they hire people and train them well then things would go a lot smoother customers and employees would in turn be a lot happier


Actually it depends on ur bank how long it takes to credit back if it was a debit card we can give u cash back no problem but we can't tell u the exact days it takes for u to get credited back so relax yourself


lowes ***


If it's not in their system they can't just add it in. If it's non stock to that store how do you expect it to be done? It's easier to go back to the store you bought it from


There is ZERO customer service at Lowes. I hate to tell you but Lowe's is NOT independently owned or operated.

They are a corporation ! They CAN send the item to the store that does stock the item IF they cared about their customers. Then this discussion would NOT be happening. But they do NOT care at all about their customers.

They hire some of the laziest, rudest people on the planet.

I honestly have NO idea with there lack of concern for customer satisfaction how their doors are still open. Oh and BTW thus topic was a very MINOR experience to the one I have had with Lowe's


I called to get info so I would not waste a drive. I was hung up on 5 times.

Finally I get a person, instead of their rotten voice ***, and she says, I'm busy with a customer...........what am I a piece of *** cost them a pretty large sale............will never deal with them again. Oh, the clerk was Laura, at the 2929 W Thunderbird, phx, az, store.......If I had EVER done that to a client I would have been fired before I could take another breath........So I totally agree with Anonymous, from Ocala, Fla

@Just not worth their time

Why do you feel you are more important than the customer than she was helping? How would you feel if you were in the store being helped and another customer stepped between you and the salesperson that was help you and the salesperson started helping that person?

Do you think your phone call was any different?

She did the right thing wanting to finish with the customer she was working with before answering your questions. Your attitude is extremely rude.


You sound like a Home Depot employee, your customer service skills (you don't have any) need to be addressed, preferably when they fire your ***!


To the dippy one chastising with no commen sense. Anyone trained properly knows one transaction at a time.

If she was dealing with a customer she shouldnt have answered the phone to help another. And using the butting in line analogy totally made u look ***. Hence how was the caller to know she was servicing someone else. The employee answering the phone put the caller in front of the customer.

Id rather that phone ring like crazy as a customer. Because i know then your busy.

Then have some rude *** hang up on me repeatedly.


The phone will get answered to keep it from sining and being a disturbance. I'll bet the person complaint was asked to hold but felt she was so important she needed immediate assistance. Her demand to be serviced before the customer already being assisted was the equivalent of butting in line.


Yes, lowes return policy sucks, i do tons of business there but don't keep all the receipts and they wont let me return… then you call for a number to get it fixed and they cant help me find the number.


Get a mylowes card and you won't need to keep reciepts


Now do not buy any book from Lowe's because it is not refundable even I have bought it less than a week and still in new condition.


you read brainer no return for you


well, both lowes and home depot are great companies to me. walmart, costco, ...

all good companies.

i'm from china. impossible to return anything to any company over there


I worked for Lowes for seven years until I got burned out with retail. Yes there are bad employees and sometimes the return policies are not followed. I know when I worked the loading docks many times we took back lumber that wasn't even ours. We did it as a courtesy and knew we would resell it anyway.

I wish I had the space here to tell you how many customers tried to rip Lowes off. From a woman bringing back a window air conditioner that not only was not a Lowes model, not only did it have green mold it which indicated it was quite old but it had a bullet hole through the unit. Then there was the roofing contractor we had to stay with until he left the gate because we found out he was stealing shingles after we left him. The customer who came in with an empty trailer and left with it carrying nearly 100 2x4's when he only paid for 50. He said he had miscounted. Then of course there was the customers who would bring back lawn equipment after the summer because they claimed it didn't work anymore. They didn't want to store them over the winter and we'd see them come back the next spring to buy a new one only to return it in the next fall.

Ask anyone who has worked at a return desk or at the loading docks at Lowes and they'll tell you much the same.

Since leaving Lowes I have had zero problem returning anything, even if it wasn't in the original container. They send much of the returned merchandise to the manufacturer who refurbishes it and resell it.

You can always go higher in the supervisory chain with a problem. There will be someone who says yes instead of no.

@former Lowes employee

I am currently a Lowes employee...yes, we see it all! And I totally agree, I work returns 75% of the time, and our policy at this store is the ONLY person that can say NO to a return is the Store Manager, well he sure isnt saying NO!

AND if it isnt ours or something we dont currently sell..we *item add* it into our system for resale! No matter which store they buy it in!


trying to return a electric task force lawn mower , used it 2 1/2 times , it judt stopped working , so we are stuck with this broken mower , had it for three months , may have to take my future purchases to home depot , not even a store credit to get a new mower would have bought on the spot ?? !!!

@long gr***

go to home depot. omgosh no one cares really. trust me you won't hurt the business.

@long gr***

Everyone uses this as an excuse. Nobody cares how many times you used it.

If you've had it more than 90 days the policy is not to take it back. Even if the thing is still in an unopened box.


Lowe’s of Athens on Epps bridge has always been great about taking items back with no questions asked. I have never had a problem with them as far as returns.

However at the first of this month I ordered a 34 ton electric start log splitter from them and as of today the 16th still have not received it. I am told that is was shipped late then that it was at the trucking company's warehouse and now I’m still siting by the phone waiting to hear something about the $2600 dollars that I spent with no log splitter in sight. If ya forgot to place the order then say ya forgot to place the order.

I’m thinking that for faster results I may start giving Home Depot some of my money and they are about 10 miles closer to home. :(


We bought a washer dryer combo with pedestals at lowes 1 1/2 years ago. The sales clerk talked us into an extended warranty program for $160 dollars.

" you will have nothing to worry about for 4 years. We will fix or replace your washer or dryer for 4 years." We have had to call and have it fixed three times. On the last visit, Lowes refused to fix it. When we contacted the store they informed us they would give us a store credit for $399.

When I asked why they would not fix it they stated that it would be cheaper to replace it. I asked where I could get a washing machine for $399, I was told I would have to Price shop. I stated that they should reinburse me for the pedestal since it was only for my washer and the customer service rep stated, "well you didn't have to buy the pedestal." I asked if this is how Lowes treats all thier customers. The customer rep stated that the warranty only covers the washer.

i informed the rep that the Lowes sales clerk said it was a replacement program, the service rep said it was my fault for not understanding the warranty. I said that Lowes should honor what the sales clerk told us since she never gave us an explanation of the warranty. She only gave us the cover sheet telling how to contact Lowes if you need service. The customer rep again said it was my fault for not knowing the warranty rules.

I said can you please tranfer me to your supervisor. I was told no. "I can ask if someone will call you back, but I can not guaranty they will. They are busy." I have been without a washing machine for 3 months now.

The one thing that keeps going through my head is, you didn't have to buy it. Trust me, I will NEVER spend as much as 1 penny in Lowes ever again. My company has bought 3 refriderators and 5 microwaves, since I had experienced this. We now deal with HomeDepot.

I am sure that if I had bought $1200 dollars of washing and drying machines and a warranty at HomeDepot, they would have appreciated it.

They would never have told me,"you didn't have to buy it." Please remember, Lowes thinks you didn't have to buy it, so don't. Other stores are much better and honor their customers.

@Very UnHappy

you cannot seriously be this crazy!...Home Depot sure does appreciate your money until something goes wrong. You bought a warranty for $160 and didn't read it???

shame on you....and as for the person you spoke to on the phone...yeah there are people that are just horrible but still you spend that much and don't read what you bought it is no ones fault then your own.

Also i can promise with how much you typed i am sure any manager is thankful to hear you say you are going to Home Depot. Enjoy their service...i will be waiting for your next post about them.

@Very UnHappy

Associate who told you that would have been reprimanded or fired at my store.

@Very UnHappy

You were obviously dealing with someone who didn't know what to do or just didn't want to help you out. But I've been working for lowes for 6 years at customer service and that's fine if you want to go to homedepot after a bad experience with lowes but we give you that service number for a reason so that you can call if you have any questions and inform yourself on the very expensive appliance you have purchased we have a no lemon guarantee u said it we fixed it three times!!! I would not be mad at lowes I would go after the manufacturer anyway we do return and exchange things for nice customers not rude ones that attack us that's not how u get what u want if ur patient we will do whatever we can to work around it to get u a working appliances trust me I've been through it hundreds of times


I was buying a sprinkler walking tractor and noticed that it had been opened and retaped.I questioned the person checking me out about why it had been retaped and she said it was nothing to worry about. I paid for the item with a personal check.

Guess what happened when I opened it, it had been used because there was dirt of the wheels and had no instructions. When we took it back, with the receipt, they let me return it. BUT, they would only give me a store credit. After, talking with department manager, she said this is normal policy, since I wrote the check.

After a short visit with the Store Manager, they are giving me my money back. I don't use Lowe's except in the spring when I need lawn supplies.

Now I won't use them at all! (I know they have to wait to get their money from the bank, but they use a company that verifies check when they accept them.)

@Not Happy

Yah u always have to wait atleast 24 hours some 3 days to get cash back that manager did u a favor if they did it before ur check cleared that's just life's policy no reason to get all upset at lowes for giving u a gift card for it when u just want to exchange it for an unopened one why would u buy a taped up one anyway I would've asked to open it to make sure everything is there instead of going back and forth and screwing urself and tell them not to put it back out on the floor because people return stuff and don't tell us hey this is missing something or i used it but I don't want it so that we can damage it out it's ok well still take it back because we have to


You probably purchased it with a check.


I bought a fan online and purchased the item with my credit card. The fan stopped working after 2 weeks so I returned it.

The store gave me a store credit card. I requested the money be refunded onto my credit card. They said no. I will never shop at Lowe's again.

They have poor customer service. :(


Lowes has the most lenient return policies and it's sickening, paint says non refundable, we refund it, someone bought a dolly, used it, and returned it. The one thing about the OP's post though is that lowes can take something back even if they don't stock it, the cashier may not have known how to add items into the system but that is still not an excuse as to why they turned you away.


I have not and never will return anything that I dont have a reciept for, cant remember How I bought it ect... If you know the above information than absolutly, return it with out a issue and smile while doing it. If you dont and you were not responsible enough to keep that information than suck it up and enjoy your item, you chose it, they are trying to run a profitable buissness, if you cant understand that you need to run a buissness on your own and be treated the same way, and grow up, getting on here and cursing and calling people names show just how intelligent you really are, have a great day


Lowes thinks they are doing you a favor when they have to take a item back that did not work.


Up to today, Lowes has upheld their satisfaction guaranteed policy and taken back their merchandise even if I do not have a receipt. Today they refused to take back an item because it did not show up on my charge card, debit card or cash transaction.

The only other way I could have paid for this merchandise was with a 35.00 Gift Card that my Son gave me for my 75th birthday. They evidently do not have a way to track a transaction that was made by way of a gift card.

I shop at Lowes just about every day of the week and most days 2 or 3 times. Since Home Depot is next door and they have never failed to give me at least a store credit when I loose my receipt, I advised Lowes that I would no longer be bothering them with my purchases and that I would be shopping at Home Depot in the future.

I have e-mailed Customer Service of this situation and now I will see what kind of Customer Service Lowes gives.

@Tom McCallie

wow. Great reason to stop shopping at Lowe's.

LAYOL (laughing at you outloud) I mean seriously you shop that much and this is your biggest issue. Have fun walking throug Home Depot as their topstock is falling on the floor around you because they care nothing about safety or service.


See, the previous poster is a Lowes Associate and has attitude.

The associates may not care, but im sure the exec-suits do. One bad employee can impact a store. So when he says "dont let the door hit you on the way out". Well same goes for the employees....when they get layed off because their store closed.

It happened in my town, all Lowes employees had attitude, i mean major. I only went there when I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Guess what, that store got closed. Even on the last day, they gave people attitude. Lowes is great, its the mostly young employees who are horrible.

Home depot may hire old people, but at least they remember what good customer service is.


1. Lowe's that I know Doesn't have a "Strict" Return Policy, We always Returning Empty Gallons of Paint, old door knobs that clearly came from customer old door, products that have came from Home Depot, Sears, ect.., we even returned an empty rolls of wallpaper and power tool cases with no power tool in it.

2. Lowe's only owns Kobalt company, they pretty much have a no hassle warranty for those products, as far as other products, their warranty are Manufacture warranty, if it broke or shut down within the warranty time, u have to consult with the manufacture. The Extended warranty we sell only extends the manufacture warranty, It doesn't mean to bring it back to Lowe's when it breaks down.

3. Lowe's worry about customers more that their employees, I get told off by customers all the time for no reason about something I never helped them on, and the managers always have their side, even when I on Vacation.

All Lowe's Probably don't honor their return policy, but the one I know Return anything, as long you bring a receipt , or cause a scene.


I don't mind returning items for people who only used it once and want to return it. I also don't mind returning something that was broken when it was sold.

What I can't stand are the people who take advantage and exploit loopholes in policy. I cannot speak for other stores, but my store has a very lenient return policy. There was a person who returned a custom order soap dish he purchased in 2008. We returned it in 2011 with no sass.

Even though it was not in the policy that we had to return it.

Some people just end up having a bad experience or have a bad store in their area. Sorry :'( Another part of the 'policy' that people over look is that

@EL Return Desk Jockey

I think it's pathetic that people use an item once and then return it, especially since the item would now be a used item and Lowes has to either 1) attempt to sell a used item as new, 2) sell it as used and accept they won't get full price for it. I've also heard of people that buy items, open the box, stuff it back in and return it, then later go and buy the same item when it goes back on the shelves at a reduced price.

And the fact is all these return policy abusers are costing me more money because obviously Lowes has to make it up somewhere, and that somewhere is by charging higher prices.


I purchased $500+ in hardwood flooring, three days after purchase I returned the items without any problem to the store where all items were purchased. The employee stated that my credit card would be credited for the refunded amount.

Great! I purchased the items I needed which was $700+ same day - paid cash... Four days later I am still waiting for the credit to appear on my card. I called Lowes and inquired about my refund.

The sales rep nonchalantly stated " It takes from two to ten business days before we release the funds". Wow, wish I had known that. I asked her why I wasn't told that. her *** answer was" Well, I guess you will have to wait".

Happy with the merchandise Lowes sells, my suggestion would be to re-educate their employees on customer service. Not Happy!


Lowes sold me a used, drilled through, knocked out panel. that is all.


i buy from lowes and i feel for the employees ,everybody wants a free ride ,cons ,thiefs , the more money they have the worse they act ,lowes sells products ,not rents them ,not let u use them and return them ,retail is *** when the public acts like the world owes them ,not!!!!!!


This sounds like one of Lowes employee's this site is talking about.


I purchased an item and returned within the 90 day period WITH a receipt. I purchased with credit card but since that time I had closed that account.

I was told I HAD to take an instore credit and could not get cash back. How can Lowes force me to re-purchase at their store by forcing me to take a credit and not cash. Why even have a receipt if you are going to be given a store credit anyway? This was almost $300 and I don't have any reason to spend that much at Lowes now.

I was told this was due to people stealing merchandise and returning with a bogus receipt and asking for cash. Okay it does not make sense that Lowes will give them essentially free merchandise but not cash. The "head cashier" was an ***. Lowes got their money from my credit card, so why do they care if I get the cash back?

I am sick of paying the price for their ridiculous loss prevention policy. Home Depot -- same way.

@In Store Credit Policy is Unfa

The only way u could get around that is if ur accounts are linked then we can send it back to the cArd and it would link with ur account and u would have ur money back but if it's not linked where are we gonna pull the funds out of our ***? So u can be mad at ur bank for that or relax on ur first world problems u will be fine and the sun will rise again


I disagree with all the employees who say one should return it to the store you bought it at.That is a silly statement and a poor way to run a store. I may buy it when I am visiting my parents an hour away.

Then, get home and realize it is not the right fit or I do not like it.

Thus, return it to the nearest Lowes whether they carry it or not. Sorry, that is a national chain works why it is suppose to be better than a mom and pop shop.


First of all I would like to start off saying I hope the previous posters like there jobs at lowes. It seems they defend them quite well and are obviously upset with customers.

Well let me tell you something, if I worked for a company and I came out and slandered customers with foul language on a website , I would be fired!!! What the previous posters need to understand is all consumers research on the web and so do companys. If I owned lowes and read the supposed employees posts on here I would be on a headhunt to eliminate them from my employment field. I dont care how mad they make you, without customers lowes is nothing that is there number one business dumb*****.

If people dont shop there because of rude comments left by employees on websites then guess what? Thats right no JOB!! Wow whats even better is everytime you post something it can be tracked through your isp to your ip address.

Looks like I will be emailing customer care at Lowes. Nice work IDIOTS..haha LOL


Wow! I think you what people in general need to do is take a step back and realize what they are worked up about these are first world problems think about who you are yelling at for a second.

Maybe then can you really get an understanding of the affect you can have on a person and what they will remember you as just by that one interaction you had with them then maybe there wouldn't be a customer v.s employee war going on customers verbally abuse customer service associates daily and they just sit there and have to take it because "that's their job" that's not right! If you're a human being with feelings then I suggest you search for them before walking into a store of any kind and yelling at people for materialistic items that can easily be replaced. Think before you go on a rant and bash all employees of a major company with thousands of people who work very hard to run a not so easy industry.

It's all about perspective put yourself in the others shoes. #firstworldprobems


I do a lot of shopping at a lowes and i think they are pretty fair about their returns but some of the sales associates are just plain rude. These days sales associates can be rude, snappy, attitude because they hate their job, roll their eyes right at you and they will not have to face being fired for this behavior because the just blame the consumer for the problem.

I agree not all consumer are honest and nice but most of the time i think it is the associates that worsen the situations. And i think it is sad that a sales associate who is a good employ for them would think screw a customer and don't let the door hit them on the ____ on their way out!!!


Get over yourself people buy something use it and then return it... your right and its not a rent a center.

If you bought the item and it takes you more than 90 days to return guess what *** its yours. Don't know why it took you so long to return it keep, or sell it on ebay don't *** and complain that they don't want to return it. Also with non stock items are sold at a fraction of the price so if you try to return the system cycles it and and it goes back to full price so your telling me that you want to get full price for an item you paid for less that that.... two words for you *** and U!!!!!

Also I hate to hear contractors say I spend thousands.... get over yourself if you stop shopping there its not going to impact the store and no matter how pissed off you get you'll go back and they have good sales don't say you will never.... Also Lowe's makes it easy for you to return lose your receipt no problem your credit card is your receipt, if you paid cash give them your number same goes with paying by check so people. If you ever work returns most things get returned by people who only used it once and don't need it.

They deal with a lot of theft and *** from ASM telling them to return worthless *** so cut them some slack.... CUSTOMERS are not always right they just *** enough to get your way.... I would love to go to your job and *** you off and see how you like it...

and if you say your going to Home Depot, don't let the door hit your *** on the way out. No one cares, and no one will stop you.


Looks like this website should be called pissed retail workers instead of pissed consumer... Lowes sucks.

Most people who work there don't know anything. Besides if you want to be a big friendly retailer then that's fine, but be friendly. If you want to be a big company that doesn't give a *** about the consumers, then don't advertise like you do "Lets build something together"... BS Real slogan should be "Spend your money here".

Just tried to return a door.

Manager just said they changed the policy... Looks like I'm changing shopping locations.


as someone who works for lowes for multiple years, i can honestly tell you people are pathetic...........i am really surprised at some of the things we even return sometimes including even used toilet seats..........lets face it people.........just have your *** receipt and everything will go perfectly......if it didnt then its not the whole lowes chains fault but rather maybe that one individual who was rude at the store and its not right to blame the whole company for it.......we have had someone similar at my store but we took care of that person trust me.........lowes is very genourous and people do nothing but whine and whine......we have a very good return policy........theres really no reason why you should even return the itme at another store.........people just need to stop being lazy and do the right thing so it will make it easier on everybody.......and we do take items from another store.........lowes looses a lot of money because people keep returning stuff that they used and were happy with it but just being the stingy person they are want to still get their money back.



as someone who works for lowes for multiple years, i can honestly tell you people are pathetic...........i am really surprised at some of the things we even return sometimes including even used toilet seats..........lets face it people.........just have your *** receipt and everything will go perfectly......if it didnt then its not the whole lowes chains fault but rather maybe that one individual who was rude at the store and its not right to blame the whole company for it.......we have had someone similar at my store but we took care of that person trust me.........lowes is very genourous and people do nothing but whine and whine......we have a very good return policy........theres really no reason why you should even return the itme at another store.........people just need to stop being lazy and do the right thing so it will make it easier on everybody.......and we do take items from another store.........lowes looses a lot of money because people keep returning stuff that they used and were happy with it but just being the stingy person they are want to still get their money back.



Lowe's doesn't always get their money back fro the manufacturer. Like someone said above, if its not broken most won't give credit to the store. You really should bring it back to the original store, its just easier that way, and you never would have run into this problem.


to builder bob you must have kept returning things whitout a reciept expecting cash for them the system will only let you use your licence for so many times before it kicks you out this system is in place to try to help keep the thieft of products from being returned to the stores. if you truly bought the items you should have gotten a reciept and if you are a contractor you should have your reciepts for your business my guess you are a thief


lowes has a 90 day return policy posted in bold letters at the return desk area basically anyone who can read should read it although most customers choose not to and think the rules do not apply to them, they are the exception to the rule. grow up and keep reciepts, make this process easier on yourself and the cashier.


i am so sick of hearing that the customer is always right. no they are not lowes bends the rules to accomidate their customers but lets get real people if you have a product shoved in the closet for 4 to 6 years with a reciept taped to it the dog peed on it and the cat scrached it up and the product is so outdated no one even knows what it is anymore dont return it its yours.


lowes will make returns with no problem ,but keep receits. every contractor spends thousands yeah right,it is not lowes rent a center .people buy ,use it then return it ,this is bs and no you are not always right. best thing for customers is get your *** off your shoulders and treat employees as people


I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on products at homedepot and lowes, and I have mountains of receipts. It would take me days to sort through all those receipts and find the one that would allow me to return a specific item.

In the past, I have easily returned items and received store credit. This is still true for homedepot, but lately Lowe's has been refusing to return items or even look up receipts for me if the items were not purchased at their store. I live in a big city with many Lowe's sites and usually go to the nearest Lowe's to the job site or which ever one is closest at the moment. The convience of shopping at these store for the large amount of purchases I make as a contractor has been one of the reasons I have shopped at Lowe's, but as they are now refusing returns and providing inconsiderate customer service, I will probably take my business solely to Homedepot.

I doubt that the amount of money that the previous blog claims the store is losing will come close to the amount of money they have been making off purchases, after all isn't that why its called retail? Its not like I'm getting whole sale prices, but now they are giving me whole sale customer service.


I had to return something at Lowe's for very first time. The clerk was such a *** I won't ever shop at Lowe's again!

Did I have my rec? NO Tore my house apart lookin..grrr But I know I bought and paid for dang thing! The way she looked me up and down and the rude comments she made literally floored me. I'm pretty easy going person UNTIL someone for NO REASON becomes BEYOND RUDE w me!!

I was actually having crazy little visions of reaching over counter and grab ahold of her! saying HOW DARE YOU! grrrr LOL Raging lunatic? *** straight...

YES I KNOW I KNOW I'm sure you retail return people deal w alot of *** and heard every bs story ever told..BUT..not having your rec. doesn't automatically make you a criminal!! hmmmm or does it?

Not a very professional way to do or KEEP your buisness!! I Will only shop Home Depot now!!

Jeff Z

Stop trying to scam retailers by buying stuff 1 place and returning it another for more money. Clearly you purchased at a lowes with a clearance tag and took it back to get full price somewhere else.


Having worked in retail for several years, I whole heartedly agree with Sean/Truth. He couldn't have said it any better.

In regards to return policy, The Home Depot and Lowes are very similar, if not identical. I work for 1 of the 2 and for professional reasons I cannot say which. Having been a Returns Cashier, I've heard it all, especially the famous "I've spent thousands of dollars at your store!" line. We honestly don't care, nor does it give you an advantage over other paying customers.

If you have your receipt, GREAT! Makes the line move faster and gets you on your way. Without the receipt the process is just a little bit longer, but most likely still possible, HOWEVER, if your item has been marked down to a lower price and you have no proof showing you paid more for it, then you get it at the marked down price(even if it's a penny). If it's not an instock item and it's in the system you can get your money back, also a process. If it's NOT in the system and you DON'T have your receipt you are S.O.L.. This is a helpful guideline.

The point I'm getting to is SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS. It makes everything work smoother for both parties.

Neither company is going anywhere anytime soon so get used to it.


One more thing, I keep calling you Lady. I don't even know if you are a female. Sorry!


Sorry on my spell errors. Lady, I insulted you on my rebuttal review.

I was frustrated and new to this internet reply stuff. Please forgive my insults. One more thing, a business, by law, can not use a credit card statement in most cases because a cr. card statement will not list the exact description of that item(in most cases).

The listing on your statement is generalized because the cr. card company usually does not care so much about what you bought, but the total amount of what you needed to make that purchase. You see, they only want their money that you borrowed from them back. If your statement had no details,by law they can not use it for reference.

Last thing---always remember that there is a corporate # for all retail stores .

You can call these numbers if you are not satisfied with your results. Lowes 3 is at the bottom of any page on


Some stores train their employees properly on what they can and can't do or say. Remember, I said the word properly.

Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Walmart, and any business in the entire U.S. reserves the right to deny any return with no receipt. The government allows this. Some stores(it does not matter what retail branch it is)are shadowed by their management to be allowed to make certain decisions wiyhout their permission.

This to to allow Zone, Dept., Admin., OPs, Sales, and the store managers to conduct business freely in other targeted areas of the store. If a store has this kind of shadowing, more than likely they will only schedule seasoned staff to work returns. These workers will probably be give the right to say no to a return with no receipt. LADY, YOU HAD NO RECEIPT.

At least that is what you stated. You see they were within their rights and within their policy(refer to my rebuttal against you on the reveiw "Lowes is O.K. for its return policy". Some of you people must remember this.

A store or business will only be run as well as what the leaders of that establishment has in their hearts. Some will be more generous than others.

Make no mistake, if any business is as well established as Home Depot or Lowes, you can guarantee that you and I will freeze in the LAKE OF FIRE before anything ever happens to them. Best advice, in todays times,it is imperative to save rceipts.


Why not return it to the store yo got it from. Unless you purposely want to be a ***.


Yo, people. Please come and visit my review that I made against.

It is against this review. I did it a couple of days ago. I would like you guys to shred my review. Come on, let's see who has the common sense.

The name of my review, "Lowes is O.K. for its return policy".

Come on and visit. Bring a friend.


Hey bony builder boy, if you own remod company then we would not be tracking you ******** returns by ur I'd and you would have receipts. I mean if owned a company I would have all of my receipts dummy.


I get so sick and tired of customers returning items on a daily basis that they bought at other Lowe's I'll sometimes ask them why they didn't return it to the store they bought it from. When a customer returns something to my store that doesn't stock the item we have to sell it at a loss.

In addition, that loss goes against out "budget" numbers.

It's an absolute no-win for the store that takes back the item. So customers, do the lowly paid and poorly treated Lowe's employee a favor and return it to the store you bought it and BRING THE RECEIPT!!!!!


at my store we are not afrid to tell you to shop at home depot...we would rather the problem people and shoplifters go there anyway


I don't work for Lowes but do work in retail. I do returns and exchanges all day long.

Where I work, we refund anything with a reciept. Except, if the item is not on file for our store. We are not allowed to refund anything thats not on file.

I'm not saying this was the case with your return. Just thought I would put it out there.


I don't work for Lowes. However I doubt that Lowe's will go out of business just because the person posting this is a child trapped in an adult body.

I know people who work in retail and like 50 percent of people who say they will never return do return. I feel sorry for the workers at Home Depot and Ace since the are the unfortunate ones who have to deal with a *** like yourself.


Ok to everyone who always says " I spendt this much money her in the past how ever long". Blow it out ur butt.

You are not the only person buying stuff and you are not gonna get any better treatment than the person who spent $10 in my store the whole year. And to who ever says the " customer is always right". That phrase ended years ago. If you actually use that phrase it's because you know you are wrong and you are trying to intemidate the salesman.

Get over yourselves. Lowes is like walmart.

Never going anywhere but up. Home depot blows.


To the person whom replied to me: you were probably RUDE !!! And I have news for u lowes will be around for a very long time...

Maybe u should work in retail once in a while and put up with people like yourself!!!! Lowes takes everything back and they are very lienant so something was oviously wrong with ur return!!! And something must have been wrong that ur writing and *** about it on here and not to the store manager?!

To the man that paid with a debit card- did u enter ur pin number? Or sign for it and use it as a credit?

I have had people pay and say it's a debit and they use it as credit and sign for it not enter their pin...

One way you think of it is wen u sign it's credit ( yes credit even if it is a debit card u can use it like credit) but, u will not get cash back... Only wen u enter ur pin number ( which the bank does not recomend)


Lowes takes back anything in Mt. Olive, NJ because they always want to make the customer happy to improve their management took back dead plants from over a year ago without a receipt and that's not policy.

Yes, they can bend the rules to make customers happy, but every consumer should work in retail once in their lives to see how many known stolen items are returned for store credit, anger/blame is given to the girls behind the desk for the consumer's frustration in purchasing a product they don't really want, and how little pay college kids working their way through school get for putting up with consumers' abuse.

Get a grip people, act as you would want to be treated, keep your receipts till you are sure you want to keep the products, and remember Lowes didn't make the product - just sells stuff the consumers want. You don't take your *** back to Shoprite after you've pooped it out cause it smells bad or gave you a tummy ache.


i purchased a gas trimmmer from lowe's with a bank debit card. when i returned it in new and unused condition the sales manager refused to give me a cash refund.

It clearly states in thier return policy that if you paid by cash or debit your refund would be given to you in cash. very bad busniess.


To Marie : You NEED to REMEMBER , WE ARE THE CUSTOMER !!! Even though I had a receipt I was given the run around by a very arragant Beitch at the return desk at my local lowes.

If these kind of attitudes continue at Lowes then your gonna lose alot of customers and Lowes is going to find itself out of business !

Also "we DONT MAKE It WE JuST SELL IT" If you don't stand behind products you sell then guess what YOU SUCK !

I'll take my business to Home Depot or Ace or some other store where they do stand behind their products and will honor receipts within 30 days ! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it !!!


As a return desk employee I know we take things home depot would never in a million years take back. And those of u whom are blocked from returning keep ur *** reciept we r not the only store with this policy!!!!

An example of our return policy is 90 days but I have taken items back from years ago aslong as the item still exists in the system... If ur rude and *** they will NOT do anything for u at all!!!

So it's not lowes fault u lost ur reciept ... And extended warrentys are great to have but they don't cover ur dumb errors and manufactures warrentys Are NOT LOWES warrentys we DONT MAKE It WE JuST SELL IT!!!!!


To someone out there

That's not even a valid point because the store can resell the makeup mirror. She never stated that anything was wrong with it so why can't they resell it? So maybe you should think before you speak.


i own a remodeling company and we buy well over $70,000 worth of materials a year and we were buying them from lowes. until they put me on a list that they say doesn't exist.

they put me on a no return list because i was returning to many things they watch what you return but not what you buy. so HOME DEPOT gets all our business now its only 1/2 mile farther to drive but we can return the extra materials.

my advice: SHOP HOME DEPOT


Though the mentality of customers, especially at Lowe's, is often sadly skewed and inconsiderately selfish, some items come up in the inventory as not added depending on what store you go to. I have been told that with a receipt, we are allowed to add the item back into the inventory solely for that return in the 5.6 screen of our system.

Though I have my problems with customers, certain Lowe's tend to make the rules up as they go and unfortunately you became a victim to that. I assure you're not the first.

Next time, tell them to go into 5.6 and hit F9 a couple times. Works like a charm.


:( Oh BOO HOO!!! I just want to say that, as a cashier working retail, I have had my fill of companies kissing the *** of whiney consumers who believe that no matter how nasty, rude, or hateful their behavior; they are always in the right.

It is not always possible for a store to return a product that is not in their inventory. It is left to the system as to whether an item can be returned. If customers today had to deal with the same snarly *** we have to deal with maybe you would reconsider *** about every little inconvenience of life like having to go back to the same store where you purchased your product. A lot of customers are really good people.

But more often than not these days if they don't get their way, they turn into raging lunatics. All I am saying is, think before you react.

Would you like it I came to your place of business and started cursing, screaming, and yelling at you? Yeah, I didn't think so!


If we bought $3000 worth of hardwood flooring and the same week it was delivered, it went on sale for $47 less per box, do we get the sale price. It comes to $637.


Here's one for you. I bought a dryer at lowes and used it for one day.

After 3 loads, the wires ON THE DRYER got so hot they melted and shorted out. I had a dryer hooked up the same way in the same circuit for years and never had any trouble. So I load it up, take it lowes, and speak to the returns lady. She called for the appliance guy to come up and look at it before taking it back.

WITHOUT even looking at the dryer, he promptly says that it wasn't the dryers fault, it was my wiring. I was supposed to just take the dryer back home, call "lowes service" so they could come out and look at it. After leaving I came right back and asked for a manager. When he came out I asked him to PLEASE just look at the dryer so they can see what i was talking about.

He did and agreed with me that the dryer was at fault. He took care of everything for me, my main concern is, what should it have mattered? The lowes return policy states " If you receive an item you are dissatisfied with, you may return it within ninety (90) days** to any Lowe's store for a refund or exchange within our current return policy guidelines." The ** indicates 7 days for major appliances. I was within 2 days.

So why should it have mattered?

I should not have had to ask for a manager to begin with. ANd yes I had my receipt...


Why would you buy it one store and take it back to another? Was there a problem taking it back to the first store?


btw lowes puts items like that on a significant discount and looses a lot of money that way because they can not return the product to the manufacturer


that is not true i work at lowes and i get all kinds of stuff from other stores that are nonstock and that we never carried before


Regardless the item should have been taken back - after all, it does say Lowe's on the front of the store. And all employees should follow the rules.


The makeup mirror should have been returned even if it was a not stock item. The policy is that the employee is not allowed to say no, only a manager can.

The return clerk should have called a head cashier or manager and with a receipt it probably would have been returned.

This is bad policy and why Lowe's is like it is. Between the policy of "targeted termination" and stuff like this, they are going to lose employees and customers.


the store cant send it back to the manufacturer and get credit for it if theres nothing worng with it. i'm tired of these people wanting something for nothing and thinking the stores are at fault for everything.

it's comsumers like you that in the end cause prices to go up. thanks for making me pay for your laziness.


Well, first of all I've worked at lowes for almost 5 years and the mirror is most likely NOT an Special order. The person at the return desk probably was fed up with ppl.

returning everything and didn't want to take a few minutes to get an override or find the nonstock item code to add the mirror to the system.

Either know what you want next time or fight harder to return the product. DUH


lowes honers it return policies but if its special order it has to go to the place u bought it from. if we can find a way to return it within policy we will if u act like a *** im going by the book. dont bring me stuff u bought 2 years ago with no reciept and get mad cause it cant be refunded


Yes, its true, while most stores pretty much return anything and everything so that the customers will not call corporate, there ARE some stores who at least TRY to play hardball.

Store #1 made money, and you're asking store #2 to take the loss for your "convenience". It MIGHT have not been in their system, since they didn't stock it, but YES they could have added it, and they should have.

But acting like one return clerks mistake is some major indictment of the company is a joke...


if you have a lowes receipt they would have most def. returned it...if not than you went to the wrong person who did not know what they were doin....and as for the they would have lost money....they just send it back to the manufacturer and yes they do get their money.


So you wanted to return an item to a store that did not stock that item.

So tell me, once they took it back, what were they to do with it?

OOOh thats right, they would lose their money.


Special orders cannot be returned like that.

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Lowes Website

Lowes in Freeport, New York - Lowe's Power washer...2 uses and it's cooked!

Purchased a TF1600 Power washer last season from Lowe's. Used it 2x. Then stored it properly for the winter. Tried to use it today. it's totally cooked! Spoke to a CS rep that had a script. The script told me that the builtin powercord GFCI was shorted. After 2 uses? Yes she said. She sent me to their special website to buy the part. The site does not have the part available. So I called back...their phone message says that they are there 24 / 7 to help! Guess what - they are not. They said we're not here now...leave a message. I went back to the website and emailed their CS help dept. Do yourself a favor. go to homedepot or other. Good Luck Lowe's! Peter S.
View full review

I want a pressure washer for cleaning the vehicles, home, roadways and much more. I purchased this TF1600 Power washer.This pressure washer is easy to use.

their power, performance, durability is good. best pressure washer


Same thing. 2 uses and done.

The power source is fine, and the GFCI functions properly, but when I hit the power on the unit, nothing.

Deader than fried chicken. What a rip-off.


I had the same problem. I got no response from Task Force period.


Disconnecting the micro switch solved my issue. Thanks for the advice.

These things just are not made to last. At least it prolonged the life and saved me some $$.


It probably was the seized plunger for the pressure micro switch. I have also had an issue with my tf1600 - pulled it out to clean the garage floor.

Hooked everything up, plugged it in - nothing. Took it apart and found the plunger for micro pressure switch was seized up. Took that apart, cleaned it up, greased up moving parts - now works better than new. The case was somewhat of a challenge to get into though.

7 screws on the back and then had to pry the front cover off.

Worst case scenario if this doesn't fix it; would be to leave the micro switch disconnected from the plunger but then YOU would have to turn on and off the pressure washer to prevent damage. Hope this helps anyone else having the same issue.

@Same issue

THANKS 'SAME ISSUE' from Hiawatha Iowa!!!

I had given up on my TF1600 based on it still being frozen after following all troubleshooting guidelines.

After reading all the negative reviews, I thought I was done, but your pointing me toward the plunger for the microswitch made sense. I took it apart and found that my microswitch plunger was frozen like yours.

It didn't want to come out, so I dribbled some Triflo onto it and gently worked it out, then greased it up as you recommended. Reassembled and it worked like a charm.

Note: if anyone tries this, test your machine before going to the trouble of putting the cover back on.


I agree it may say Task Force, but a distributor like Lowes or whomever has a responsiblity to it's customers not to sell junk. There are too many posts about 1 or 2 uses and the machine not working


Bought the 1600 and used it once before it quit working. It was brand new and took it right back to Lowes.

They replaced it since it was only a week old. Used the 2nd one once and put it in safe and proper storage. Took it out 2 weeks ago and guess what--- it doesn't work. I plug it in and ...

nothing, nada, zip, zilch. I called the customer service line, left a message not once but 3 different times over the last 2 weeks.

I've gotten the same thing that I got from the powerwasher--nothing, nada,zip, zilch. Now what?????


Same thing happened to me. Used the Task Force PW 2-3 times last year, stored it properly.

This year it doesn't get any power. The Task Force PW is a product that Lowes sells as their store brand. They chose to sell it in their store. Therefore they are responsible.

I was still in warranty when the power washer stopped working. I have called Task Force twice and each time was promised a shipping label to send it back to them to fix. Still yet to recieve a label.

Rediculous. Yes, I will always shop at Home Depot from now on.


I bought a PF 1600 Task Force pressure washer, used it once, stored it in the garage for a year. Tried to use it today - it's cooked. Task Force personnel no help.

I know of two ther people who had the same problem


I used my power washer 2 times and it quit on me. I agree go to Home Depot.

I am from now on. :cry


I called 1866 788 5598. There was a message that laster about 3 minutes, and then the system hung up on me.

Easier way to do this would be through their website They have a live chat feature which is decently fast.


Dear valued customer:

I am a Customer Service Representative at the Power washer Company. Please accept my apology for the issue you experienced with your pressure washer.

Please contact us at 888 550 1606 or

When leaving us a voicemail, please provide your full telephone number including the area code. We also ask that you speak clearly.

Reference this posting when you make contact and we will resolve this issue to your full satisfaction.

Thank you,

Husky Customer Service Team


somebody needs to switch to decaf


Dear valued customer:

I am a Customer Service Representative at the TaskForce Power washer Company. Please accept my apology for the issue you experienced with your pressure washer.

Please contact us at 866-788-5598 or

When leaving us a voicemail, please provide your full telephone number including the area code. We also ask that you speak clearly.

Reference this posting when you make contact and we will resolve this issue to your full satisfaction.

Thank you,

TaskForce Customer Service Team


I highly doubt the product u bought is called a LOWES power washer maybe it's task force or something of that nature?! And it has a brand name for a reason, because the manufacture made it NOT lowes , lowes may try to help u call the manufacture .

Do u have ur reciept? I doubt u got the extra protection plan... That would be the lowes warrenty and it would have benifited u greatly by paying the 10$ and having the coverage form lowes then u would have brought the product back and got a replacement. A manufactures warrenty means u have to deal straight with the manuf.

And yes that can be a pain. BUT ITS NOT LOWES FAULT!!!! The manuf. Is responcibly!...

Products break all the time but u don't *** like a little girl and blame it on the store do u?! No u didn't wanna get the lowes warrenty so now u have to deal with the manuf! Grow up and accept responcibility for ur mistakes dint blame lowes and cry cause u bought something there that broke... U shouldn't even b dealing with lowes u should be complaning about the manufacture!!!!

Lowes does not make the products they sell them...

Like if I bought a product from u and a year later it broke u wod say sorry I didn't make it call the manuf.!!! U baby!!!!


that time of month, Ang? What a *** response to people who bought these *** products.

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