In Feb 2012 we ordered a kitchen to be installed in March.

That kitchen was fully completed at the end of December 2012. It took over nine months!

The staff were incompetent from designer, to installation, to store manager and district manager.We were used as a guinea pig and Lowes made every possible mistake buidling our kitchen.

All the store did was blame us, the customer, for all the mistakes done.

This was supposed to be my dream kitchen. It turned into my nightmare.

Nobody who has come into our kitchen over the last year will ever buy another product from Lowes. Their treatment towards us was disgusting and shameful.Furthermore, their exective customer service is a complete joke.

Their final settlement amount was insulting, given all the nonsense they have put us though.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #935568

Wish I read this first. LIving through your nightmare now. Lowes is the worst.


I am an Interior Designer and have used my local Lowe's as a subcontractor for my clients for years ... The customer SHOULD be involved and part of the process so there is a good experience. I have gotten to know the designers , the installer that I am comfortable with so any time I had a project it was great.

But I see it all the time people just waltz in, no appointment and have no respect for the designers time and Expect them to drop everything because they want a kitchen design . That's a red flag , non planning just spontaneous ... And starts off bad. Would you just show up at your doctors because you just decided you needed him to check something? NO! It sets the tone right there and the designers can feel ill at ease and plain uncomfortable and try to put on a happy face for this rude unreasonable potential customer that you wish would never come back . But then they do and you get what happens above .

NO ONE are mind readers and if things don't happen to your liking then it is your fault. For example if you say " I want a steak at a restaurant and a vegetable " and they bring you a sirloin medium well and green beans , and you respond saying " I wanted a filet medium rare and a baked potato , what's a matter with you people I will never eat here again!" It is your fault but if you argue about it because you can't admit you made a mistake you know you'll get a discount or get it for free!!

You are to be a responsible adult and ask questions and not assume because you have the final say . If you are difficult with people you get. 50% out of them because they may be afraid to mess up because you'll complain and made them nervousness ergo they mess up .

I don't know the whole situation but I think before someone complains they should have at least mention what they did as well but that will never happen . The blame is best to keep on one side I guess ... There are to many unanswered questions and unreasonable responses and sounds as if they just wanted to put it to bed . I find it hard to believe that no one apologised . Maybe they did but in a way you didn't understand.

The golden rule always works for me ! If you manipulate for personal gain it could come back to you 3-fold with repercussions !!! And if it was just a handful of people that caused problem did you ever think about why they could have done a bad job if they did ? Maybe they lost a loved one, Maybe they lost their home , maybe IRS is auditing them , maybe they are overwhelmed taking care of aging parents, maybe they had life savings stolen from them who knows the list could go on ,but they try to put on a happy face to please you and then you make it worse because all you care about is you at the end of the day and getting your way at whatever expense . But if they were that bad they would have been let go.

People today should compliment as often as complain but no one ever does !!!

I compliment as often as I can but if a problem arises I try in the beginning to make it an Opportunity to make it right not just a problem right off the bat.

I'm sorry you had your problem but I have worked with kitchen projects for over 25 years and anytime there is a huge problem it's because what I have stated ,,,

Get involved do research get to know the people you work with more people need positive approaches and see what happens ... My clients are great and they love The Lowes store as well ... God bless and be well


Unfortunately I wouldn't have any place like Lowes install a large project like a kitchen. I don't think their installers are necessarily the best.

We had a dishwasher installed by them and to be honest it was laughable at how inept they were. Our neighbor eventually finished off the job properly They took a large chunck out of our countertop. They asked if we wanted to be compensated for this and we said no.

We still buy basic items from them, but would never had anyone install an appliance. We use companies that have great reviews and professionals that are truly experienced.


Lack of detail in your post and the amount of spelling/grammar errors indicates you caused majority of the issues.

to Heartless #601432

Judging by your response the same could be said about you. Change your name to Clueless.

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