Lakewood, Colorado

On September 4, 2012, at around 12:45 PM, I called the main number for the Lowe's store at Westland Town Center, Lakewood, Colorado to find out whether or not the store had a product in stock. After the phone rang for more than two minutes, and I don't know how many rings, no one answered, so I hung up.

How difficult is it for Lowe's management to ensure that phone calls are either answered by someone or switched to an answering machine after five or six rings? Management at this store has a record of failing to address even the most basic tasks, such as making sure customer phone calls are answered!

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I don't believe the phone rang 2 minutes with no answer, unless you dialed the wrong number or there was a telephone issue with the phone line to the store. However, why are you calling during the busiest period of the day with the most customers in the store requiring help?

I have never called any store for product availability, I get in my car - but that's just how I shop. Lowe's is a big box store, not a mom and pop - try calling Costco, you won't ever get a live person.


Entirely untrue. After 4-6 rings and no answer, the call is then transferred to customer service automatically.

Customer service will put you through to the correct department you are seeking and if no one answers after 4-6 rings it will go back to customer service. You must have had a wrong number.


Why not drive to the store like other people do? No....That would require you to take some responsibility.


Did you ever think, that maybe you dialed the wrong number.