Van Buren, Arkansas

On 10/22/2012 I was at the Lowe's store in Van Buren, Arkansas to purchase some tile for a bathroom project. There were several employees throughout the store congregating talking about their weekend and goofing off. I loaded one box of tiles (12X12) weighing over 40+ pounds into my cart. When I attempted to load the next cardboard box of tiles the cardboard ripped and the box fell on my foot. I was wearing sandals so needless to say my toes were crushed and it was very apparent that I had broken toes. Should have worn my steel toes sandals or better yet, the "employees" who were gossiping and standing around should have had a little courtesy and assisted me. When I did ask for help I was told "I'm not sure I can help but we'll see". After loading the last box he the kid said good luck and hope your day goes better. He didn't offer to walk the cart to the front. I spoke to the Manager who wrote up an injury report and said I would be contacted within a few hours.

After a visit to the Emergency room I have fractured and a crush injury to my left foot. I have been in a great deal of pain and have two small children who require my attention with their daily needs.

It has been 2 1/2 days and I haven't heard from Lowes. What has happened to customer service?? Home Depot always has courteous employees that are there to assist you. I will do my shopping at Home Depot in the future!

Injured Pissed Off Customer

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Your first mistake was not asking the employee to assist in the loading of this merchandise. I have worked in the company before specifically in the department in which you had the incident.

I really do hate to say this however It honestly is your fault that the incident occurred. Have a great day!


That happen to me when I cut my finger I was helping a customer loading tile when I got the last box it rip open it fell on my finger starting bleeding when the desk told what happened manager wrote up slip to doctor


Ask for help next time and this won't happen. If you are unsure of how to lift something or are too weak do not try to load yourself.

Never lift tile by the straps. Any flooring associate knows this.


Lowes employee


Shoot, I didn't read her last line. One less *** to deal with.

Good luck with this one H. Depot!

She'll probably have to park in a Handicap spot now and ride in an electric scooter..... poor little pitties

@Ray J. Johnson

Ray, Do you work for Lowes? which Store?


Another youngster just assuming that because they told the customer they are wrong that they work for the company. Why do people make this assumption, it makes them sound immature and foolish.



It's a "DIY Warehouse Store"!! Get the concept!!??

You save money by buying in a warehouse setting. If you can't do it yourself, ask first or hire someone who can.

You're lucky OSHA doesn't make you wear steel toe shoes to shop in a store like Sam's Club, Home Depot, or Lowe's.

Not wearing property foot protection in a potentially dangerous environment, just so you can show off your $20 pedicure is your own fault.


Heartless is right, you can't just expect someone to come over and help. You should have asked an employee for assistance, that's what they're there for. They probably thought you didn't need any, since you didn't ask for any.


Lowes company policy is to help the customers I find it hard to believe that 3 or 4 employees would just stand around and watch a woman load 40 lb boxes of tile on a floor cart .

That's just not going to happen..At least not in my store & I cant see it happening in any other Lowes unless you didn't want help or they were busy helping someone else.

Lowes pride themselves on their customer service


Wasn't trying to impress anyone, just making a point. Most people agree with me :).

It's your responsibility to ask for help if you may have issues loading it. When I lift weights very heavy weights, I'm talking 300-lbs plus I always get a spotter just in case. I will ask anyone around in the gym. I would never make an assumption they would just come and do it, even if they worked there.

It's your responsibility to ask for help, not assume it just will happen.

Another strong point people made on here was about you talking at work. Live and learn, stop blaming others.


It's a DIY store... If you can't do things by yourself, ask for help...


I like how people who complain on these sites act like Lowes Employees aren't human. Like we aren't social animals that enjoy talking and laughing and such.

I'm sure at your job you don't talk to anyone on a social level and share experiences. They expect us to be robots and have a 6th sense to just KNOW the second they need help. All you had to do is ask for help and you would have had it. Either walk up to any employee in a vest or hey...those big red call buttons you can press to get an associate to your location in less than 30 seconds.

Basically you picked up something that was too heavy for you and dropped it on your foot. Sounds like bad judgement on your part. I don't see how Lowes is liable in this case. It isn't like it fell out of topstock because it was stored improperly.

I'm sorry for the accident happening to you, but come on......Life happens. Stop trying to blame everyone for your own bad judgement.


I had one lady come in start swearing at me because I asked her if she needed help finding anything she got so insulted she asked me "Do I look like a F$%^&&$#% retard to you?"

This is whereI thanked God for the ability to refrain from answering her the way I would of, if I was not on the clock .

I said "OK" and I walked away .

Several moments later she went up to my Department manager and said "your associate here asked me if I needed help and then just walked away from me is there something wrong with him" ?>

He said to her No Ma'am there is nothing wrong with HIM actually "He said"

I heard the way you talked to him & I would have walked away from you as well"

My point is .

Some people "Mostly women I notice for some reason" come into the store simply to abuse the sales associates "I bet" it is some weird phenomenon that they haven't uncovered yet . If they do discover it as a disorder I'd like to name it if possible you can reach me at jumpa13 g male


Your claim is being handled by Lowe's insurance. This has nothing to do with the store.

If they find your claim worthy, they will contact you. If not, your're on your own. Do you ask people at the grocery store to load your 24 pack of Pepsi?

If the case of Pepsi had broken, would you blame "all of the employees gossiping"? I understand your point, but..........


Yes, I'll admit sometimes we stand around and gossip, but if you needed help loading something you should have asked. 9 times out of 10 someone will help you load something into your cart even if they are not sure if they can help you with anything else.


Pedro, go back to Mexico. Heartless, maybe the next weight will fall on your head and knock some sense into you.

The Lowes employess should have offered to load the 2nd box after seeing her struggle with the first box.

They were most likely playing with one of their toys.

Lowes is totally liable. End of story.

@Oh WOW!

weight what weight?


The dumb B###h probably mowes her lawn barefoot,,,Suck it up you smelly hag ..IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT...DEAL WITH IT....


Wow Pedro you are as immature as they come ! Time for you to grow up !!!

What happened did not happen to you ,it happened to someoe else sooooo yo eelthe ed to call her names ??? Like I said sooooo immature !!!!


I was there when this happened to the lady above and it was sad to see that there were many employees but no one helping anyone and certainly not offering to help. That is what happens here, it may be different in Wisconsin where you live.