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Left Home Depot for the same thing Lowes is starting to be like. Can't get any help when you are there pass it off to someone else instead of trying to help.

Tried for 15 minutes June 15,2015 at 8:10pm to get operator to pick up and never could. Tried other departments to pick up and couldn't. What nobody at work. So make me upset.

Meet only one lady one time who went really out of her way to help that's it. Please stop making excuses for why it's happening just fix it. Very time I say something I'm so sorry.

Tired of hearing that. Taking my business somewhere else

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Bad customer service, Bad service.

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I work in retail somewhere other than Lowes. Latter in the evening when customer traffic is slower there are also fewer employees.

If you are out on the sales floor helping a customer your priority is helping the customer that took their time to come into the store to make a purchase, not running across the department to answer a phone. Sure they could add more employees to answer the phone but they have to be paid and most customers don't want to pay the higher prices that would result from a higher level of customer service.

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