Wanted a Job-site delivery for tuesday am. No truck available as the driver is in the hospital.

No back-up driver? Lost a comercial sale to Home Depot. Does this sound like a smart way to do business. One would think that the ecomomy would prompt us all to help any and every customer.

I've been in the Loganville,Ga.

store nearly every week since it opened, and the service (except for a bad Whirlpool D.Washer) has been good. My tendency as a Contractor is to have material delivered as my time is better spent on the job.

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Why would a contractor shop at THEIR competitor? Lowes and Home Depot sell installed products.

That means they are bidding against you in many projects.

Seems like your in the business of going out of business. Shop locally where they supply you, not compete with you.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #336222

Have one of your customer's jobs been delayed because either you, or if you have any, one of your employees were sick? You don't hire a bunch of extra people just in case someone might call in sick.

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