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We ordered a John Deere riding lawn mower this past Sunday afternoon (5/12/13) from and requested the free delivery. The order confirmation said that we would get delivery from our local store (a few miles from our house - I ordered online so that I would get Ebates, which was substantial on this purchase) that same day, but we doubted that would happen since it was Sunday, and Mother's Day at that.

The next day I checked my home messages around 10AM, and someone from Lowe's (not sure if he was a store employee or a driver) had left a message around 9:30AM. In barely intelligible English, he said that our delivery window was 2-4PM that same day and that if we had a problem, we could call the store at an unintelligible number. I had to look up the number, but since my husband and I have our own business, and it was a slow day, he said he'd go home by 1:30PM and wait, which he did, plus it gave him time to appropriate rearrange the garage in anticipation of the new lawn mower's arrival. I left the office at my normal time, picked up our son, and arrived home around 5:15PM to find my husband's car in the driveway and our garage doors open with no green tractor in sight.

Needless to say, our lawn mower had yet to be delivered. My husband had already called the store at 4:30PM, a half an hour past the delivery window, and was told that the driver must be delayed and that we are last on the list. So basically we are told to sit tight. Fine, we can be patient, stuff happens, we understand.

At 5:30PM he called the store again. Twice. No one picked up the phone at all. At 6:45PM he called again.

The lady on the phone told him that she doesn't know what the story is, but she will call the driver and call us back ASAP. At this point I'm really annoyed because we have to put our son to bed, and for sure this guy is going to show up while we're in the middle of everything (I'm currently 9 months pregnant, so I am physically unable handle our son's bath and bedtime routine on my own anymore). When we finally finished all that, at 7:45PM, my husband called the store again, since no one had called us back as promised. My husband was polite, but given that we were nearly 4 hours past the 2-hour delivery window, they immediately put the manager on the phone.

He checked the logs and told my husband that the driver had made a note that he came by at 4, but no one was home. My husband was either in our house or in our garage (rearranging things) with the garage doors open from 1:30PM onwards. Our address is on every major mapping system, there are no streets in the entire county with even a similar name, and our house number is clearly marked in two places. We also have a very loud, working doorbell and four dogs who bark their heads off at every sound outside, so there's no way that the driver could have shown up at our house without our being alerted by the doorbell and/or our dogs.

Either this guy got the wrong house, which is asinine, or he is lying. Instead my husband has to leave our business early AGAIN today to sit and wait for a delivery. While the Lowe's employees were apologetic, and the manager asked what he could do to make it right (we asked for a $35 accessory as a concession), I find it appalling that neither the driver nor the people in charge of deliveries thought to call us to say anything. Instead we had to call them to find out what the story was only to find out that either something completely ridiculous or completely untrue had occurred.

I'm glad that the Lowe's employees were apologetic and offered to "fix" the situation, kinda sorta (I would have rather just had the delivery at that point rather than sacrifice business for yet another afternoon), but I want to know what the real story is. In other words, I want to know whether the driver went to the wrong house or flat out lied.

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Williamsport, Ohio, United States #661296

Did the ebates work, did you actually get the cash back? Someone at Lowes told me that ebates does not work for Lowes. So looking to see if it will actually work when I do it.


Charleston, South Carolina, United States #651152

Just to follow up, the delivery did arrive yesterday. It was a little late but reasonably so.

My husband did not ask if it was the same driver as the day before, so basically he did not ask further to find out what the story was (I would have asked).

The concession was a $25 John Deere tractor/mower maintenance kit, which includes "Turf Guard," gloves, safety goggles, and a couple of other small items. So I am pleased about that but really wanted an explanation more than anything else.

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #650622

Sorry about the weird punctuation (random question marks and whatnot). I did not type those in, but they showed up when this was published.

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