Pawtucket, Rhode Island

It is liberating to decide to never, ever again enter a Lowes establishment. The wife and I bought a fridge 12 days ago. We were promised two different delivery dates (one after the other was cancelled the day before). The fridge is supposed to be here tommorow and guess fridge!

After wasting a few hours getting the run around from the store salesman, store manager, the corporate office and a supervisor at the corporate office, we just decided that they can keep the fridge.

I am clearly dissatisfied with all phases of my interactions with Lowes representatives. Lowes just made it easier to shop because I will never grace their store with my presence (or my money).

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If they really called corporate, then CCIC would have had the SM fly to the factory and pick up an appliance, and deliver the appliance while wearing a tuxedo.


SO you called CCIC and the store didnt resolve your problem? Did you talk to the SM?

was the fridge in stock?

what about delivery? Did they run them selves or is it a 3rd party company?

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