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WHAT A JOKE LOWES IS. I went up there yesterday to get a small pluming item, waited for 25 minutes for someone to come and help me and no one showed up so i walked to the service desk and asked if someone could help me in that department, They called someone and she said someone would be right back to help me, I go back and waited for another 30 minutes and no one showed up so i bought what i thought would work, paid for it and drove all the way home to find out it didn,t work, I drove back to Lowes waited for 15 minutes to return it and decided to go to a place i passed 3 times on my way to Lowes The True Value in DuBois.

I walked in and a guy asked if he could help me as soon as i walked in the door. I told him what i needed, he walked back got it for me and i was out the door in 10 minites..and it was half the price as Lowes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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Why would you wait a total of 55 minutes??? It's your fault you didn't leave after 10 minutes and hit up the other store you mentioned.

And YOU bought the wrong thing. I understand there was no one helping you, but it's your fault for just not leaving.

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