Grand Junction, Colorado

We ordered a door from our Lowes store. My husband went to pick it up and it was not protected with any kind of card board or shrink wrap.

He is sixty-eight years old and was not offered any help in loading it into the back of our pick-up. Thank goodness for help in the parking lot from another gentleman and his wife. I think this should be a service for anyone who needs help. Next time I guess we will bring our own strong man to help out.

Oh Yeah, we don't know any strong men or women.. to aid us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Parking.

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That's the way it is when you shop at a "big box" store. That is why you pay less than what you would at a small lumber yard.

If you are looking for quality and service use you local lumber yard. You get what you pay for.


What were you going to do with the door once you got it home?


Maybe next time he should speak up and ask for help.