Essex Junction, Vermont

I stood in line for 20 min as I watched two store managers Chris and Jason (I saw their names on their vests today) walk right by the returns desk and never help.I also witness these two so called mangers be demeaning to staff and a person who had a vendor on their vest.

I have been in the business world for over 25 years and these two managers would never work for me.

I will not shop at this store ever again.If I was in the corporate office of Lowes I would look at my mangers hiring practices.


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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #838285

Well, they are the same in Alabama...I spent over $10,000 on the new shake shingles and 8 months later so many have fallen off that my house looks awful. Rude to talk to and my installer actually told me he did not have a ladder available...when I get this resolved, we will never go back to Lowe's unless one of the kids needs a potty..


If you worked for the company for any length of time you would avoid the return desk too.

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