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I paid off my account balance almost 2 months ago on lowes automated phone system. I got a confirmation # (which i listened to and wrote down on 2 different papers).

2 months later i am still receiving bills for the balance plus all the interest and late charges they continue to add. My husband is the primary on the card and i am the secondary. Lowes told me my payment attempt failed in their system yet the money was taken from my bank on that date and sent to a GE card services. I have talked to them for a month and now they will only talk to my husband.

He authorized me to talk to them but they say he must do so everytime we talk or sign a "power of attorney". They locked us out of our account for 30 days and refuse to speak to us. I have bank tracking numbers and they will not take them. They have not been helpful and in fact have been rude.

They should answer our questions and update us on this issue.

VERY unhappy. Will be using "sutherlands" for our needs from now on.

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Your payment authorized, but didn't post. Most likely because when you authorized the payment over the phone, you had enough money, then when your bank went to post the payment, you didn't have enough.

Your bank is holding the "authorized" funds waiting to complete the payment you made. You need to deposit more funds and read up on how electronic payments work.


I'st, you must understand that the credit card is not issued by Lowes. Your complaint should be with GE and that is who you should contact in a written response to their bill.

Provide the confirmation number and a copy of your bank statement showing the payment taken from your account. Phone calls will not protect your credit.


Also I have a feeling they are treating this way because of our skin color.

to Anonymous #809363

You just officially lost any bit of credibility you had with that race bating statement. I hope you never get it resolved you racist.

How exactly would they know your skin color over the phone?

When all else fails and you want something for nothing, pull the race card. So sad.


Do not know why it keeps listing torrance, ca as my location. I am far from this location.

Torrance, California, United States #802310

This was not for this location. This was lowes in general considering the payment was made on their 800system number.

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