Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

I visited your Red Hook Brooklyn store to get ready for Hurricane Irene and was (as everyone has been) discussing this weather event. I found out that YOUR STORE WILL BE OPEN WITH A FULL CREW ON SUNDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF HURRICANE IRENE.

I cannot believe that your Red Hook Brooklyn store is NOT closing to ensure the safety of their employees – ESPECIALLY SINCE THE NYC TRANSIT IS GOING TO SHUT DOWN ALL TRAINS AND BUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL Officials are making it mandatory that everyone is safe except for LOWES. Is working at your store really worth risking the life of employees IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE???????????????? Are profits really worth that much to you? Where are the owners of Lowes???? Why are THEY not in their stores when the Hurricane hits to make sure they make a profit?????

If this is the mentality of Lowes, I hope that you enjoy blood money if god forbid anything happens to those hard working employees who have no choice.

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I have a real hard time believing that store was open during the middle of the hurricane.


They do not care if their employees are injured. Google the phrase "OSHA Lowe's". You will find that this company has a long history of not securing a safe workplace and then falsifying records about the number of employees that are injured.

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