Cleveland, Ohio

... what's with those disgruntled customers who are complaining about no military discount?

You didn't earn it, it was simply a chain wide perk that they've deemed not fair to those who hadn't served. Rather, they have extended lower prices to ALL of their customers. While Lowe's and Home Depot do offer 10% off to all veterans, I, as a military retiree, will travel the 80 miles to the nearest Menards rather than shop locally at the other two builder's stores here in NE Ohio for Menard's better prices w/o a discount. Just a note, no merchant "owes" anyone anything, especially a vet.

I didn't serve to get a discount. I earned my commissary and exchange privileges. If someone sees fit to give me a discount, I'll be greatful but it isn't a condition that I expect!

But... I guess some are more mercenary than others.

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I too am a vet I went too Lowes today to purchase soome lumber. When I mentioned a Military discount the cashier told me we only give it too active and reserve's and retired.

Thats fine the rest of the Vets don't count. But it is amazing how they can sponsor a multi-million dollar race team, close stores in the North EAST.I will no longer purchase another item at Lowes.Bye Lowes


Wow, you sound just like the total skank who works at menards where I live . .

. who when I asked if you offer a military discount gave me the same load of pukey *** . . .

"I served but didnt do it for a discount". Talk about disrespectful and ignorant. First, Menards in my opinion blows when it comes to customer service, second . .

. I served this country and yes, people and businesses do owe me a debt for my service and sacrifice. Sorry tard-*** . .

. . I moved 8 times in 20 years, watched my stuff get broken and destroyed each time, could never gain any equity in a home and lived in some of the worst places on the planet . .

. so *** and grow up . . .

all large companies operating in the US owe veterans for their service and sacrifice and should offer a discount as a way to thank them every single day for the wonderful and secure environment they do free business in . . . .

your post is total BS . . . and you should be ashamed trying to plug menards as some shining example of a business .

. .thats laughable !!!


While I am a vet and totally agree with you, Home Depot and Lowe's no longer give the same military discounts that they were offering. They were never ment to be "Veteran" discounts, only for active duty personnel and only on Veteran's Day now.

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