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Seldom shop at Lowe’s so today I was told that they don’t give discounts to military personnel. They want me to register so that they can have my personal information to share with others or maybe sell to telemarketers to recover the discounts. I suggest to totally boycott Lowes!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You can register at any Lowe's for military discount. Just ask customer service.

All they need for registration is your phone number, name, proof of military service (id, discharge papers), date of discharge/retirement, and branch you served. That's it. They keep no copies of any documents you bring. This process was enacted to smooth the checkout process.

So essentially, at checkout all you need is your phone number. No more waiting for an override.

Instant discount. If you still find fault with something, that's your problem.


they offer a discount and it is not sold. The purpose is so people don't have to keep showing their personal information every time and you can order things online and get a discount. Sorry you don't like to register the exact information you were sharing with a ton of strangers you don't know, but there is no reason to lie and say they don't give a discount.


First, they DO offer a discount, you just feel you don't feel you need to follow their policy to verify you qualify. Second, what makes you feel that you are so special that stores need to offer you a discount?

Your service is to be admired but there are others that are just as deserving of a discount that don't get them. Teachers, police officers and firefighters just to name a few. Before you say you put your life on the line protecting the country keep in mind that firefighters protect us day in and day out, risking their lives as well.

Many encounter PSTD due to the things they encounter in fighting fires and dealing with injured and dead people in the course of their profession. I can't say that I have seen a post from these professions complaining that they don't get discounts.

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