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There must be someone at Lowes Headquarters that is responsible for the Garden Center Division, who could tell me when to expect Black Rubber Mulch (Item 442169) at my local Lowes. The other colors are in, what happened, has it been discontinued no one seems to know.

I have been either checking on line, going to the store, chatting on line or leaving emails for the past month and the responses are; it will probably be here in a couple of weeks, or I don't know we have been back ordered for a while, or it should be in soon, or try another store. Unfortunately other nearby Lowes are either out or so low on the mulch that it is not worth driving an hour for a couple of bags.

So annoying.

I purchase a bulk order last year and was looking to fresh some of the areas. I would appreciate some kind of response from someone over the garden center department at your headquarters.

Location: Newnan, Georgia

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You got a response. You just don't like it.

If they don't know, they don't know. Time to move on with your (LOL) life...

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