Cincinnati, Ohio
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I ordered a wood fence panel. It was a special order purchase and was told it will be 2 weeks. Ok that's fine. My receipt even states 7-7-2014 which is exactly 2 weeks also.. So on the 7th I walk in and ask for the panel. The lowes employee looks it up and tells me that it is has been set back 2 days so return on the 9th! Ok whatever

So two days later I get a phone call sayin the wood panel is in. Come and pick it up. So after work I drive to the Lowes (btw you have to pick up special orders at customer service) walk in and ask for the panel. So now the kid working up front pulls up my info but has no idea where it's at.. A couple other employees that a look, make phone calls to lumber yard and no one answering. So he disappears and looks for the panel himself. 10 minutes later he returns and no panel!

So what's going Lowes? I got a phone call saying it was in, I come to pick it up and nobody knows anything. Isn't there a special order items bin or area!? Who made that phone call? Did they acully physically unload and set this panel aside??

I'll be returning tomorrow and hopefully get my panel..

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