Seadrift, Texas
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3/23/09 lowes ft worth tx. near loop 820 and hwy 199 around 2 pm t0 2:30 pm I looked for help in lawn and garden eventually I found the barbed wire and t-posts I wanted but could not get to the wire rolls under a shelf.

Again I searched for help. Next I went to customer service and waited while a woman talked on the phone for a while. Next I went to a cashier and asked for the stores phone number,called and got a dis-connected number. I called information for the correct number and called and asked for the manager or the service desk.

Eventually the operator came back on and asked if she should try again .

I said no thanks I will take my business elsewhere. Simms lumber was happy to fill my 1600 dollar order and not turn their back on me and pretend I was not there.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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The phone number for each store is posted in LARGE PRINT right behind the customer service desk. And those employees behind the service desk have to also cater to customers on the phone...YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who needs help.

Thank god you don't shop at Lowe's anymore...people like you make going to work unbearable.

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