Frankfort, Kentucky
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Was told vetrans can no longer recieve a discount. You must have a picture id.

The only ones to get a picture id are active military and retired pesonell. This was supposed to have come down from corproate. If you are going to advertise a vetrans discount, you should honor it. They sure advertise it real heavy around vetrans day.

I guess that is the only day we as vetrans served our country in the eyes of corporate america. Lowes won't be getting any more of my buisness.

Hope all vetrans do the same. Maybe if they lose our buisness they will think twice for their snub.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #671703

In your statement you said "you ere told there is no more veteran discount, only ones with picture ID get it" So there IS a discount you just don't have the proof needed! of course they need picture ID! people that didn't serve should be able to get that discount just for asking!


I'd like to see where in you enlistment papers that it say's you are entitled to a 10% discount where ever you shop. Grow up and quit complaining.


you dont need pic ID..., a VA card or discharge papers will work... anything that shows you served. No, your fancy hat doesn't qualify.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #656876

I am tired seeing discounts for fireman, police, nurses, vets (non-active) and others who think they are special. Active military should get a discount.

All others, pay your due. There is no draft any more.

You volunteered to join the armed forces, you were not drafted against your will.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #656592

It's 10%...find a coupon elsewhere. Quit feeling so entitled. put in your years of time. are putting time in now. Non-active...not doing anything, no discount, deal with it


I know several people in the military active and non active and they all think people like you are a disgrace... You didn't join the military foa 10% discount...

Google Menards they no longer offer it to anyone in the military ever because they're not special. It's a career choice nothing more.... Fire fighters don't get a discount or police officers and so on...


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #656406

I can understand active duty military getting discounts, but I don't understand why discharged or retired military think they should get one. You received you discount when you were active duty.

Get over it.

to anonymous #656729

you all are pitiful. anyone who put there life on the line for millions of people they dont even know should get 1000% off.

thats what wrong with this country we dont take care of our vets. any fat lazy slob can go get welfare way to go obama god bless america and all of our vets past and future.

to ***ed american #657478

You're wrong PlSSED AMERICAN. Everyone in my family has pretty much been in the military and not on of them expected anything from it but a LIFE EXPERIENCE.

These soft Americans who join then expect a 10% discount are the reason the entire world laughs at America behind it's back and the reason they will overtake us. Why is it all the veterans I come across are fat and lazy? Why do they not attempt to grow stronger? You want to know why?

They joined for their 10$ discount and pay check and were too dumb to get a real job. I'm in better shape than 99% of our military and I will be my entire life because I never stop growing and I never stop learning from life experiences.

to Heartless #657620

You probably are fat and nasty with rotten teeth. The only overweight ex military tou know are some welfare bums that can't or won't hold a job.

You couldn't hold thw jock strap of a veteran OR active duty service member. :x

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