Kansas City, Missouri
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We purchased a washer and dryer combo from Lowes. We were told that it would be delivered the next day.

The following morning the delivery driver called for directions. We informed him to call before he arrived. When they didn't arrive between the 2PM-4PM time slot we called Lowes only to be informed that the driver had been to the house, knocked on the door and left a tag. We told the store manager that we were home waiting for the call.

He rudely explained that the driver did what he was told to do and since we didn't answer the door, he left. We were then told that we may get the delivery the next day or maybe not for another three days. The store manager was very rude the entire conversation. When we realized that we may not get the washer/dryer for days and the manger would not set a new appointment we told him that we would just go to another store and purchase a washer and dryer and then get our refund from Lowes...his comment, "do what you have to, I don't care." We went this evening and purchased a better washer and dryer from Nebraska Furniture Mart for a lower price.

When we went back to Lowe's to get a refund...no apology and the manager was just as rude as he was on the phone.

Because of their attitude we will no longer purchase any item from Lowes. We have a Home Depot down the street and too many other stores to shop from and refused to be treated so badly.

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