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Lowes in Monroe, North Carolina - Tried to give me a floor model.

I purchased a new washer & dryer at Lowes in Monroe, NC. I was going to have them delivered. When she told me cannot deliver until Tuesday, I decided to pick them up. (They guarantee next day delivery.) Went back to get. Took more than 20 mintues to bring to front of store. Then they tried to give me the floor model. It was broken. Then they said they would go to another store and get me the washer & deliver & set it up. Well 4 hours later, I am still waiting. Customer service sucks at Lowes. I will be going to Home Depot from now on.
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You can't make customers like you happy. Just to let you know when you throw a fit and scream and ***, we are all watching the tapes laughing at you in the back... Go to home depot you piece of trash...


?!?!?!?! is completely wring.

If a Lowes employee is in the middle of doing something for a customer, they should tell the next customer "I will be with you in a moment" or have then use one of the phones or buzzers to get help.... The first customer is the one who should get served first.

Just common sense. Good training would show Lowes employees how to fend off interruptions in a way that keeps everyone happy.


I currently work at lowes and i understand that you as a customer you do not see the behind the scences and do not understand what our in stock shelves look like in the back. More than likely the associate helping you with your products was walking to the back to retreive your order and in the process was stopped by another customer and he continued to assist them as you would expect him to do for you.

once he finally got free to head to the back he probably had to find a forklift and pull the product off the shelf and then he would have had to find a dolly and wheel it to the front which he could have also been stopped by a customer. im sorry that you were being impatient that day and that associate was doing his job by providing customer service, it just so happened that you were selfish and that service was not directed soley towards you.

next time you come to the store please head to the customer service desk and tell them your name and we will ensure we have some cheese to go with your wine. have a nice *** day!

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Lowes in Belhaven, North Carolina - Failed to deliver when they said they would.

My wife and I went to Lowe's in Cleveland, Tenn. to purchase a refrigerator. We drove 170 miles to Cleveland because we are building a cabin nearby. We purchased the refrigerator and set up a time the next week to meet them at our cabin. The next Saturday, March 1, we drove another 170 miles, one way to Lowe's, and was told they couldn't deliver the appliance that day. No, I'm sorry, no let me make this up to you, nothing. I have been a life long and loyal customer at Lowe's. Looks like it's big orange time for me now. Maybe they can deliver on their promises. Phil Thornton
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They did the same to us. Paid the washer/ dryer in full in April. Delivery schedule changed twice. On the morning the 2nd scheduled delivery day Lowe's called saying "No delivery today. Missing a washer." We were told "It's not Lowe's fault. Manufacturer oversold the products."

I would apprecitate a call the day before if there isn't a delivery the next day. We just gave away our working washer/dryer the day before in anticipation of the new appliances delivery the next day. Also, people take time off work waiting for home delivery. We now have to *** from work again to the 3rd delivery. By they way, they don't know when they can deliver yet because they still can't find the washer/dryer anywhere in the USA.

Lowe's: you shouldn't have taken my money in full if you can not guarantee a delivery more than a month after we paid you. We are out of money with no products and have to go to laundrymat to do our laundry.

No more Lowe's for me.


Boo hoo hoo.

Maybe you should have called first? If it was that much of a hassle why didn't you just borrow the store delivery pickup truck and take it right then?

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Lowes Foods - Alex Lee Inc disregards complaints of assault in their grocery stores

During the past sixty days, there have been several incidents of willful and wanton injuries sustained while shopping at the Lowes Foods grocery stores. These malicious attacks have resulted in Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress while on the premises of Lowes Foods. It is to my attention that two men from Lowes Foods visited my residence attempting to ascertain my immediate location; these men were demanding to know where I was during daytime hours and offered no explanation to the nature of their visit. It is very unprofessional for a company with over 100 stores to send two men to a private residence intimidating the occupant without first making suitable arrangements regarding a convenient time to meet with the intended party. A letter was left at my residence by these men. H. Morris Mc Knight, Director of Loss Prevention stated in this draft “I am writing you today to demand that you no longer enter any Lowes Foods’ properties in the future. If you fail to adhere to this demand, you will be subject to criminal action for trespassing.” This contradicts their own policy of focusing their commitment to serve the customer. The Lowes Foods website clearly states: “Today's team of employees at Lowes Foods takes great pride in creating services that make life easier for our customers and distinguish us from our competitors.” This is the corporate answer to three written complaints submitted to Lowes Foods Inc. and their parent company Alex Lee Inc. After the third reported incident, there was still no resolution to my complaints; an official complaint was immediately submitted to the police department in the appropriate jurisdiction regarding the latest intentional assault occurring on the premises of Lowes foods. Corporate employees are acting with prejudice by demanding a certain customer never enter any of the 100 retail stores operated by Lowes foods Inc; this seems to be an admission of their own liability as a result of Lowes foods failing to acknowledge my written complaints. Lowes Foods is only acting to prevent a future loss from legitimate actions filed against their insurance policy for the injuries sustained while on one of the properties operated by Lowes Foods Inc. Due to the fact this grocery store is indeed open-to-the-public, thus indicating an implied consent to enter. furthermore, there are no signs in plain view indicating “Trespassers will be Prosecuted” it is unlikely that Lowes Foods may hold a customer culpable for -trespass of property- while conducting business in any of their stores.
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I worked at Lowes Foods and I can tell you they are the worst company to work for. They treat employees like they are garbage. I have no problem staying out of there nasty stores.


Wow another unsatisfied criminal, who wants to raise some type of *** in some way thinking he will be paid for it. Look if there has been "several" incidents where you have had "emotional" damage why the *** don't you get a job loser and stop stealing. It was the cause of the situation you're in now. Let's truly think about this for a second. You never said what happened that caused this great emotional damage why not? Is it cause you're indeed a criminal?

Now to really make you sound ***. By law any business has the right to restrict entry to any individual they so feel is endangering the welfare of their property, employees and customers. "Trespassers will be Prosecuted" doesn't need to be in display for you to be arrested because there is documentation that you're not aloud to enter the premises so if you want go ahead and get arrested for Criminal Trespassing. The beauty of trespassing is you can't even enter into their parking lot cause you will be arrested.

Nothing brings more joy to life than when you get to put another piece of *** in jail. So to your rip-off-report I would like to say so sorry loser you STILL get nothing. ***, moan and complain because if you truly weren't in the wrong when your incident had taken place you would already have had an attorney and you would of sued them cause god knows this is America and only here do certain lazy, ignorant, worthless people sue for everything they can because they don't want to work for the stuff they want. Too bad this isn't Thailand cause your *** would of had your hands cut off by now so you wouldn't have a shoplifting problem. Later loser!


This is a really GREAT store. The fruits and meats are to die for.


They don't want you so don't go to their store. Take a Hint.


Actually by law they can regulate their customers. Have anyone arrested with ill will intent if they have they have the evidence to prove it.

They have every right not to serve you, just as you have every right not to shop there. Sure you can spin it like a store is a like a public park that everyone can come and go as you please, but it is a business. Therefore a Business has to abide by the law and uphold their rights as a business. Now their manner in handling this was completely unprofessional but they got their intent across.

What did you not pay attention in business class? Also you should actually read the signs in any store you visit anyways! Many of them (especially around the customer service desk) will tell you all you need to know. Hey they could be giving "Stuff" away!

Also FYI it is really hard to sue for "Emotional Distress" gut good luck to ya. tty 8)

Can find original report at Report: #285243 originally posted by a guy named "Phillip."

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