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Lowes in Jacksonville, North Carolina - The fence that no one built

Lowes - The fence that no one built
I ordered a white panel fence in July of 2018 and now it’s february 2019. This has been the worst experience ever. First off they brought the wrong material la to My house and left it all in my yard for two months Needless to say my yard looked like a twister hit it. After picking up the material they did nothing for another two months. Materials were dropped off in front of my house on my beautiful manicured yard where they are all still there as of today. The workers did start on the fence and literally I mean started. They were suppose to arrive at 11am but did not show up until 230 and left at 4:15. As of today I have 9 panels up and the two in the back have a one inch gap which was not suppose to occur according to one of the contractors and Lowe’s. I have been billed for this product since July so this should be considered 100% fraudulent . I have called and spoken to so many people since July and still my fence is not complete. I will be requesting a full refund for this disaster and will never use Lowe’s installment again.
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Does your state license contractors? If it does you should file a complaint with the state.

It will put pressure on Lowes and their contractors.

In my state they also have a fund to compensate people who have lost money to fraudulent contractors. It could also strip them of their license and help avoid this problem for others in the future.

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Lowes Customer Care
Reason of review
Problem with delivery

Lowes in Jacksonville, North Carolina - Poor Customer Service Store 0556 Terminal 36/Manager Wayne Hart

-RETURN 36963-I approached the returns counter at Lowes, Jacksonville, NC on Western Blvd. at 6:00 pm tonight. I returned some locks that I purchased. The cashier was on another register and she told me that she would be with me in a moment. I said, ok. She appeared to be finishing up something on the register. I did not see anything unreasonable about that, so I waited. As I am waiting another customer walks up and stands in front of her register. Now, mind you she had already acknowledged that she would take care of me next. I just knew that she was going to tell them "Sir, I will be right with you after I take care of this customer (me) who was here first." To my shock and disappointment she waited on the customer who arrived after me as if I wasn't standing there and I must have nothing else better to do with my time but wait. It took everything in me not to explode. To add insult to injury it took almost 10 minutes to wait on the customer that she allowed to skip me in line. While I am waiting for her to finish with him I leaned over to get her name because what she did was wrong. At the same time I documented the time on my cell. When she noticed that me making a note on my cell she said "I'm going to get you next." I told her "I certainly hope so." Was it necessary for me to make a scene? No. Was I disappointed? Yes. Did the other customer have somewhere to go more important than me? Didn't matter. We should have been waited on, "first come, first served." So why did he need to be waited on out of turn? He didn't. Sharon made a conscious decision to wait on him. Did I need to write this negative review? No, but it has been my experience that you will never correct what you are not willing to confront. You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. I leaned over the counter just enough to get her name off her name tag; Sharon. I grew up during a time where a person's word meant something. My impression of Sharon is that she has no integrity because her word meant nothing. I could be doing something else tonight but instead I am writing a complaint about an employee at Lowe's poor customer service. So why am I writing this because I do not want Sharon to believe that how I was treated tonight was ok, because it wasn't. Maybe she doesn't realize it but customers are the reason she has a job. Each an every customer that enters Lowe's has the potential to become a repeat customer or take their business to Home Depot because they know how to treat their customers. She needs to be reeducated on what "first come, first served means, " and to say what she means and mean what she says ("I'll be right with you" comment). By the way, I finally left Lowes after being waited on at 18:14:39/6:14 pm almost 15 minutes after she first said she would be right with me.
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Maybe the other customer was already being attended to by her? That may have been what she was working on, on the computer? I mean, I know its crazy to think something was being done in the store before YOU arrived.

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Lowes Customer Care
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Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
That this customer be retrained so no one else has to be treated like I was treated.

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