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Resolved: Lowes in Elizabeth City, North Carolina - Lowe's Window Installer Destroyed My House

Lowes - Lowe's Window Installer Destroyed My House
Lowes - Lowe's Window Installer Destroyed My House
Lowes - Lowe's Window Installer Destroyed My House

Update by user Jul 03, 2018

Today I learned that the Project Coordinator is back on the scene in Indiana, not the Insurance Agent in North Carolina. I just paid out $22,000.00 to have building code windows in my house and Lowe's out of building code windows removed, and siding replaced from their window installer and band-aide crew they hired.

Sent the insurance agent and the CEO the bill. Gave them until June 27th, 2018 to pay. Nope, even filed a complaint with the Dept of Justice and they won't even reply to them let alone the adjuster that has been trying to get in contact with the insurance agent. Went to return windows to Lowe's Elizabeth City and they refused them on June 20, 2018.

Gave them 10 days to get them off of my property, and not responsible for any damages, or they would be deposed of. Kinda funny dealing with the Project coordinator in Indiana from Dec. 2017-Feb. 11, 2018 and he did nothing while I watched my house being destroyed, then it goes to the insurance agent Feb.

20 2018-whenever, now back to the Project Coordinator. Not only that, the Project Coordinator continues to tell the Bank/Credit Card company that this dispute is resolved and I have been dealing with them since Jan.

2018 on a monthly basis to continue to dispute the charge. Next step, Federal Trade Comission in North Carolina and the Attorney General in Indiana.

Original review posted by user Jun 03, 2018

I contracted in Oct. 2017 to have a 15 window install in my parents house that I am renovating. The last major renovation before selling it. Nov. 2017, they installed the windows and in Dec. 2017 I started complaining about leaks, hole in bathroom wall, installers threw away part of my siding, put roofing nails in my siding which cracked it, used washable caulking that ran down my siding when it rained, caulking cracked all around the windows, damaged a mulled window (still sitting there), damaged 2 bedrooms of paneling, ran out of wood for the trim so instead of a 45 degree, it was left straight, sold me windows not in building code. This is still a ongoing dispute and it is June 2018, HURRICANE SEASON! This has been a nightmare. After multiple phone calls in and out of state, I finally was able to reach someone that had the nerve to give me the project coordinator e-mail address (in Feb. 2018) to send pictures to him about the damages since him and his assistant were totally deaf to my pleads. In Jan 2018, another contractor for Lowe's came out and took pictures and sent his pictures to the project coordinator assistant, nothing happened. I did not get any reply from the project coordinator after I sent him pictures so, I researched and found the CEO e-mail address and included him in the correspondence along with pictures. Then I get a reply that it had been turned over to Lowe's insurance. Adjuster came out in Feb. 2018 sent his report to the Senior Claims Examiner in Legal in March 2018. April 2018 I get a settlement agreement, but by that time I had torn out the paneling and insulation in my walls, to find large and small holes in the outside walls covered up with moisture barrier tape that was leaking into my walls, mold and mildew in my walls, damaged floor, mold and mildew in my insulation. I requested that they include in the agreement that I could resubmit for the additional damages since the adjuster did not see this damage so I could have this repaired and send them the bill. Apparently not! The adjuster wanted to come out to assess the damage for the mold and mildew only in May 2018, not the holes in the outside walls, not the damage floor, just the mold and mildew! Their agreement states that I will not tell anyone about this, I will not sue any employee or their companies and I am suppose to settle for approximately 10-15 thousand less then what the damages are because of their negligence, incompetence, intentional disregard towards someone else's property. They have held my house hostage since Dec. 2017 while I continue to pay taxes, utilities, insurance, HOA fees. I have also had to start including the Senior Claims Examiner in Legal supervisor in my e-mail because of the games she enjoys playing ( out of the office from April 6, 2018-May 10, 2018, she was there on April 12, 2018) I am a senior and retired with limited income that has approximately $60,000 in damages from a window installer that is only licensed by the State of NC for fence, deck and siding! It is June 2018 now, I hope that no one has to go through this nightmare as I have and will probably continue on until they pay for the full damages.
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Does Lowe’s use unlicensed installers ?


Apparently so, this contractor was licensed for fence, deck and siding but not window install, checked around and the contractor wants to start installing windows. My house, his test subject.

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