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Lowes hidden (un)warranty

Lowes location: S. Durham Lowe's 4402 Fayetteville Rd Durham, NC 27713, Store #2778 In 2014 Lowes replaced the shingles on my roof. I immediately had problems with the install. 1. They were supposed to remove an old exhaust pipe on the side of the house. It is still there. 2. Shortly after that a ceiling light quit working. Lowes sent out an electrician and they found a wire had been crimped and shorted. I am still not sure how they fixed it. The light had 3 switches that controlled it. After the repair, only 1 switch would turn the light on or off. Lowes refused to fix, because the Lowes electrician said it was bad switches and I would have to fix them myself. I brought in a licensed electrician who found that some "travelers" (electrical term for wiring legs with 3-way switches) had been switched and that all the switches worked. Now after 2 years and 6 months, the roof has begun to leak. Lowes tells me their responsibility ended at 2 years and I would have to get a licensed roofer to determine the problem. If it turns out to be an installation problem, then Lowes MIGHT repair it. If it turns out to be material failure I would have to work with manufacturer. Either way, I will have to pay even more for what I believed to be a simple roofing job. They have good salesmen. They made me feel comfortable that they would stand behind their work. I am tremendously disappointed with their service and do not recommend them for any work done on homes.
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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Poor customer service from manager!

I signed my business up for a commercial LAR account. I was told that I would get 5% off of all purchases and sometimes more depending on what promotions they have at the time. 3 days later I used this account to buy 80 dollars worth of stuff and everything went fine! then I go back that weekend to buy a water heater, trim, lumber, and a bunch of other stuff probably over 1000 dollars worth of stuff for working on a rental house. When I told them at the register that I had an LAR account she looked it up and asked for my card. I told her that I did not have the card yet as its a new account and it had not come in the mail yet. She sent me to the customer service desk to ask manager to push the discount through for me. The manager informed me that without my card I could not have the discount? I told the manager that I had just gotten the account and the card had not come in the mail yet and that the last time I was in the store they had no problem giving me the discount. The manager said he could not violate store policy and that I would have to pay full price. Now don't get me wrong 5% is not much, but its the principal of the matter that was bothering me. I told the manager that if I could not have the discount I would take my business to home depot. His exact words were "good, see ya". Please also keep in mind that I had not lost my temper, gotten angry, or said anything inappropriate to deserve this. All I had said was, I don't understand why I cant have a discount when I have an account that is showing up in your computer, they just have not mailed the card. Then out of frustration I did say I would take my business elsewhere in what I felt was a polite manor. Did that justify the managers response? I dont think so. So when I left the store I called Lowe's LAR customer service. Told them to cancel my account. The card came in the mail that following Monday so I ran it through the paper shredder! The funny thing is that I left all the stuff I had shopped for at the checkout counter where i'm sure some lowe's employee spent 45 min putting back on the shelf and drove to Home depot. The water heater and many other items I purchased were a little cheaper and I ended up saving 11% buy paying full price at home depot! This happened at the lowe's in Clayton NC cleavland crossings. highway 42 and interstate 40 intersection.
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Poor customer service
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Nothing. I have taken my business elsewhere.

Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - I pray that I will never need another Lowe's credit card again

I went to paid my bill at Lowe's. My account with Lowe's was closed due to (2) late payments. I understand that's there policy, however last month I forget my statement so I couldn't pay my bill. This is what I don't understand my account was closed, but once I try to pay on the my account nothing showed up. I had a balance of $100.00, because I didn't have my receipt and couldn't pay the bill on my due date. I pay the bill the next and still go charge a $35.00 for being late fee. I made my last payment last month, they said never, said never but I pray I don't and do want a another credit card with this store.
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Pay your bill on time then, loser. You don't even need your statement.

***, you don't even need your card. Walk into any Lowe's store with a photo ID and you can make a payment at the service desk.

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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Kitchen sink disposal installation error in kitchen remodeling project

Plumbers claimed that disposal could only be installed under small sink which is not the sink we use for the preparation of food nor for clean-up. It would have been a more difficult installation under the larger sink, but we were not advised as to the feasibility of this. As it has turned out another plumber has advised us that there was also a code violation in your installation. I have contacted your "troubleshooters" who have all promised to help, but as of this date (4 months later), they continue to give me the run-around. I have been promised your attention to this matter, but it ends there, and each person I have dealt with leave me with the excuse that they will be "out of the office" for extended periods of time. We used Lowe's for our kitchen remodel, never realizing that our faith in your store was totally misplaced. Where do I turn from here?
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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Incompetent & Dishonest

These guys are terrible. First problem. I tried to add installation after I ordered a dishwasher. They told me they had to cancel the order to add the installation and reorder it, which I thought was ridiculous but whatever, and they would call me back when it was done. Never got a call back and called them to find out what was going on. Find out they cancelled it and never reordered it. As a result they no longer had inventory. So I find they have it in a nearby store and tell them I will order from there. The guy proceeds to tell me that they can get it shipped from the other store overnight and says there is no benefit of ordering it from them. I'm told i will get a call within 48 hours for installation. Second problem. I get no call back within 48 hrs for installation. I call and I am told I have to come in person to sign a contract for installation in order to setup a time. This is ridiculous. No one mentioned anything about this at all and to have to come into the store and sign something is absurd. I call lowes 1-800 and they talk to the store and find out I don't have to sign it at the store and can do it when they come for installation. Third problem. I found out they never got the dishwasher they said they would get overnighted to their store and that was 3 days ago. The dishwasher would not get there until the following week. Apparently I find out that it takes at least a few days in the best case scenario for them to transfer an item between stores. So apparently the guy just wanted to make a sale and was full of it. Avoid these people if you can.
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Lowes Poor Carpet Install/Defective Mohawk Carpet

Purchased $5,000+ worth of Mohawk Cheyenne carpet from Lowes in Cary, NC. Watsons Flooring did the install for them - did poor job - bad seams and damage to walls/baseboard. Also turns out carpet contained factory defect - a large line running entire length of roll. So now every room in our new home has this terrible scar. Have spent last month trying to get this fixed but Lowes is dragging their feet and doesn't seem interested having a satisfied customer. So we will not be paying the Lowes credit card bill until it is fixed. We will also be taking legal action if it is not corrected in next week.
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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Employee said he would smash my face in

Today I went to Lowes to get some moving supplies and paint samples. We are finally moving into a home and I can't wait to do lots of DIY projects! I am 26, a woman, and I have blonde hair. I came alone and wandered around for like 30 minutes, not once did anyone ask me if I needed help finding anything. I started looking for someone to help me. It seemed like at every turn I got dismissed from help or someone was faster to speak up, so there I was lost in the store. I picked up a black phone and called customer service, I asked the lady where the moving boxes were and she said "at the end of seasonal, on the way out the door.". Ok great, I finally had directions. Nope. Got lost again. Couldn't find it. Asked James for directions to the moving boxes and he said, "oh I'm trying to load up a lawnmower for a customer on the loading dock.". He didn't have time to point or go "that way" but he could tell me that. Lost again. I tried to catch a lady with red hair, she looked at me and turned a corner really fast as to dodge me. Then finally I got frustrated, went to the end of seasonal near the door and picked up another black phone to ask for help. It was behind a computer desk and not a single employee was in sight. I told the lady that was crazy that no one was at the computer that anyone could just walk up and do whatever they wanted and that's wasn't safe. She then said she would get someone. Thats went Victor showed up. First thing he says is "I wish she would touch the computer, I'd smash her face in." OMG WHAT! All I wanted was a point in the direction od the boxes and packing tape. I told him I didn't think that was very nice and it was rude and he said, "what it's the truth, ive said worst to customers." he did show me where the boxes were and I got the feeling he only said it because of my age. I couldn't believe he spoke like that to me and it didn't even phase him or bother him. I said "I bet you wouldn't talk to a man like that." and he said "yes I woul
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You sound like a psychopath and a ***. You can't just go around to a store using their phones and going behind computer terminals because you want to.

I get that you think you are the most important person on the planet and everyone should drop what they are doing to help you, but you are not. Sorry, but people were before you and they have priority when they need their law mower loaded.

The redhead was probably in the middle of helping somebody else and didn't need some self important *** bothering them at the expense of somebody else. People managed to circumnavigate the globe using the position of the sun, go use your head next time instead of wandering around like a child crying for help.


Acctually the manager called me and said that he would use this as a training tool. No, a 70 yr old *** is not my former boyfriend. I don't know what happened with the guy if he was fired or not.


Joe you would fall for everything, it later turned out that Victor was her former boyfriend and she was stalking him and she just made it up to get him into trouble and he never threatened her.


On Memorial Day my wife and I decided to go shopping for a long awaited home improvement to replace our entire kitchen and flooring for the first floor in our home. In other words we are starting to remodel our home.

We walked into the Lowes Robinson Town Center store near Pittsburgh, excited over the prospects of what we could do, and check book in hand. That is until we met Bob in the kitchen area. Who was introduced to us as the Kitchen and Flooring Expert. He was not only condisending, but he was rude.

He treated us like we were dumb and was less than helpful. I am no EXPERT when it comes to home improvement. That is why I went to Lowes. My wife and I were with my inlaws.

My father in law is a stroke victim and we brought him in his wheel chair. Did he think we weren't serious? He treated us like ***! We all felt so put off by this man's treatment that we walked out of the store after he decided to take a personal cell phone call.

We will be taking our business somewhere else. Its a shame. We were prepared to do a one stop shop for our needs. We also plan on replacing the upstairs bathroom this year.

Lowes will not be an option. We will be visiting the Home Depot this week. I am certain they will want to do business with us. With today's economic climate, it amazes me that people in business allow their employees to behave this way.

Too bad the show "Undercover Boss" hasn't been in to that Robinson Store. In the meantime, I tried calling the Lowes store to voice my displeasure. I called 3 times for a manager, only to have it ring forever.

Companies like this do not deserve my business. Bad service all the way around!


its very simple, go to a owner/operater typeof store. I have worked for 25 years it retail and all that the big box stores have done is lower the consumers expectations of what service is before,during and after the sale.

Wake up, you not saving a regular at a local store, get to be known and seen. Shop local and support your owner/operaters!


I'd have him fired then sued for assault.

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Lowes in Raleigh, North Carolina - Lowe's Breach Of Contract

In Aug 07 I purchased a Whirlpool Washer from Lowe's with a $159 Extended Proctection Plan. The paint is peeling off. The Lowe's service technician and a customer representative from Lowe's Service Advantage both said it was misapplication by the manufacturer, which is covered under our contract (please reference Lowe's EPP contract). However, Lowe's is denying repair of the item, which seems to be their policy from talking with a few of their local employees. WARNING! DO NOT purchase an protection plan from Lowe's. You should purchase it directly from the manufacturer. I attempted to file a smail claim; however, the filing costs were going to be over $100.
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I swear these customers think they know everything. They just want to get a cheap repair for something they failed to maintain.

As a corporate representative I have seen my share of these false claims.

All they do is waste our time. Sometimes I wish customers would just shut up and be happy that we sold them a decent product.


is ther a pdf file available for

Lowe's Extended Protection Plan # AP00030294 brochure


1.) First of all if you read your epp you should notice that the coverage does not even start untill AFTER the first year, so even if it was a convered failure (which it's not but we'll get to that momentairly) there would be nothing that Lowes Service Advantage could do since your warranty is currently being provided by Whirlpool.

2.) You your self quoted from the terms and conditions "These plans do not cover...Cosmetic Damage and problems due to improper and/or non-factory authorized installation or repairs"

Paint is cosmetic in nature as it does NOT effect the use of your unit.

3.) Feel free to take the advice of the *** Noname if you truly wish to waste your time, as the corporate offices are going to tell you the same thing that the reps do.

4.) If you really are unhappy with your epp, since your purchase is less than 90 days old..... return it and get your money back.

Please make sure you know what your talking about before you publicly make an *** of yourself next time.


Lowe's Extended Protection Plan # AP00030294

Paragraph Three: Availability Of Services

"These plans cover MANUFACTURER'S DEFECTS in material and WORKMANSHIP that are the result of NORMAL USEAGE"

i.e. a manufacturer improperly applying paint

Paragraph Seventeen: General Exclusions

"These plans do not cover...Cosmetic Damage and problems due to improper and/or non-factory authorized installation or repairs"

Lowe's installed my washing machine, and no repairs have been made. The comment by "you people are idiots" is exactly what the cheif supervisor for Lowe's Service Advantage stated; however, their claim obviously does not match the documentation. How these people hold such a professional, corporate position with the largest home improvement product supplier is beyond me!


it clearly states in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that you agreed to when purchasing the warranty that COSMETIC Damage hence paint is not covered because it doesn't affect the products performance. Read your *** terms and conditions you *** *** And get some cheese with the wine since your Whining about something your WRONG about.


Lowes is definately a scam!They have done the same with me. I had laminate flooring installed in my home and it is warping from the moment it was installed. They are thinking of every excuse not to replace it although it is under a 30yr warranty.huh!30 seconds is more like it.Im just a bother to them now.They took my money and thats that.


I did contact the corporate office. They said they stand by the suggestion of their Lowe's Service Advantage company.

They really dug thier heels in on this one for some reason. You think after I paid $159 for the plan that they would complete a $50 repair.


Threaten to call the Corporate Office or keep complaining until someone does something.



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Lowes broke my foot

I went into Lowes in LUMBERTON, NC on Jan. 10th. to buy a fan. While my wife was looking at them, I went to look at some lumber for a table. I noticed that the yellow belts were on the floor at both ends of the isle, (where they had been working and had the isle blocked off earlier) I put my hand on the eyelevel shelf for balance to look at a table top below. A giant pressed board 3 feet wide and 6 feet long crashed down on my right foot and broke it completely across. I told the manager and he filed a claim. Today, May 27th they called and offered me 350.00. That won't even pay for the shoes I have tried to wear. My foot will never be the same width again. I went through 3 months of pure ***, and it still hurts today. If you love shopping at Lowes, then by all means do it. But if they hurt you... YOU ARE SCREWED.
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You should be glad that they even gave you $350 when they clearly had the area marked off.


I think it was his wife that beat him up and broke his foot, and he is too ashamed to admit it.


Yellow tape should have been a sign to beware. Lowes should make you pay for the damage you caused as well as there pain an suffering for having to listen to an *** cry...


Was talking about the *** who smashed his foot, not the person who wrote the comment :upset


go screw yourself you *** ***


You knocked a board off the shelf and broke your own foot. Now all you see is $$$ signs in your eyes as you run off to see a blood sucking lawyer. It's folks like you that raise prices for the honest folks in the world.


No...dont accept the lousy 350 dollars, get an injury lawyer and don't for get to get compensated for pain and suffering too. Having a broken foot is nothing easy to get rid of and difficult to heal.


You are the *** that caused yourself a broken foot. Everything that happened to you was 110% your fault. Good luck trying to sue them!

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