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Lowes Customer Care Review from Salisbury, North Carolina

I would never recommend Lowes for any home improvement projects. I had my countertops and siding done and the subcontractors were unprofessional. The plumbing company came to my home at 7pm. There should have a walk through after the siding company completed the work and I never heard from them. I called Lowes along with the subcontracting company to have them to add a part of the siding that is missing and did not receive a call back.
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Lowes Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Lowes in Salisbury, North Carolina - Tried to return a gift i got.

I recently received a under ground fence for my three dogs since we were moving and had to way to contain our dogs. After talking to many people that said the fences didn't work that great i decided to take it back and just exchange for a 10 x 10 kennel. When i took it back the lady said that she couldn't take it back without a receipt because it was a high priced item. I explained to her that i got as a gift and did not have the receipt. She then said that i better call whoever gave it to me and get the receipt. I ask her what made this item a (high dollar item) and she couldn't tell me just kept saying i needed the receipt. I ask her if there were certain items that have to have a receipt did the cashiers remind customers of this? She said it wasn't Lowe's job to tell all the customers and they should have ask!! about the return policy....I kept trying to get an answer on what made this item special that i had to have a receipt only to get know where. Then a lady manager butted in and told me that they (not Lowe's) have the right to decide if they need a receipt ?? I have never been treated like this before at Lowe's and can assure it want happen again !!. I thought managers were suppose to help with the issue in this case she just made it worse. Poor Training and poor leadership leads to this. Oh and the problem with hiring individuals that shouldn't be in customer service!!
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Most stores have policies like this especially with high priced items. Why throw a temper tantrum, it won't get you anywhere. Not only that people find it funny when an adult throws a temper tantrum like some four year old when they don't get what they want.


i have a better idea, be slaves to corporations and accept whatever *** they do... I hope youre not part of a union at work, because they "throw temper tantrums" too.

I hope youre not "pro police" becuase they throw "temper tantrums" when they dont get their way too. I hope you dont vote, because the political leaders throw temper tantrums too.

You see, in this country, we actually THINK. sorry...


That is not Lowes policy if you asked for a manager he/she would have returned it ...especially for a store credit but not for cash without a receipt. At my store I've seen them return stuff we do not even sell, Home depot items


First, you need to understand that retail stores are under no obligation to take anything back once it is sold. You were trying to return a high priced high theft item.

If in fact it was purchased, rather than stolen, someone should have a receipt.

Once you have the receipt, if there is one, return the fence. If you can't get a receipt don't expect them to give you a refund for a product that wasn't paid for.


You have to be able to provide proof of purchase to any retailer on any item regardless of how expensive it is to get a refund or exchange. That is the law.

This is to protect retailers from people that steal items and try to return them for cash or exchange for something that was too big to sneak out under there coat. Thousands of people try this scam everyday.

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Lowes Customer Care
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Poor customer service
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Let the company propose a solution

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