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Lowes rebate program is a scam

on November 11, 2018, we purchased a washer and dryer combo that exceeded their $396 per appliance rebate price. Sent all purchase materials to their rebate center on Nov. 12, clearly showing the appliances and purchase price on the receipt. Received a letter today Dec 26 that sales receipt did not indicate the purchase of two or more appliances for $396 or more. WRONG, the receipt clearly showed the purchases. Lowes rebate center says I must resubmit receipt prior to Dec 31. So they sat on my rebate until the last minute, before sending the scam letter, knowing a resubmission will probably never get to them by Dec 31, so now they have another bogus reason to not pay the rebate. Glad I only purchased two appliances, so I only lost $75. Shame on you Lowes for treating customers this way
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Rebate scam
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I want my rebate.

Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - I'm A Lowe's Customer and want my rebate wahhh wahhhh wahhhhh

I was working at my register at Lowe's and a man comes in and says he wants his last day rebate for buying a bunch of *** insulation. Well,the rebate didn't print out as it was ENDED that day and another associate had to practically wipe his *** to get the rebate from the website for him. THEN he goes back to get more *** insulation so he can get his rebate again and a hundred dollar gift card for buying so much *** insulation. What kind of idiots are you guys that come into our store? Can't you come in without having issues to fix? You all make me want to vomit.
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you know he's going to return all that stuff anyway when he gets his rebate back. happens all the time.


retailer4life, you are a ***.


He's also the customer that will be back at the service desk next week screaming as to why his rebate hasn't come in the mail yet.


you are a ***

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I work at Lowe's in Southport NC. I can't BELIEVE the attitudes some people have. Now,let it be known I bend over backwards and am nice to everyone no matter what but i have to vent. You lovely customers need to STOP coming in at five till close to do an...
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My favorites are the customer that actually gets pissed because we don't carry the twin male extension cord, that is an extension cord with a male plug on both ends. Or the ones looking for the 3 prong to 4 prong adapter for their new dryer.

Neither of these things actually exist. LOL They are right up there with the board stretcher.

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Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - Lowe's Ceo And Others You Suck

I have worked in your southport store for a number of years and HATE IT. you try and tell us we don't deserve breaks and the cashiers can't sit down on stools without a doctor's note. We are so unterstaffed its not even funny. Your customers are *** who treat us like *** but YOU are the ones responsible for our discomfort. You turn the heat on in the summer and the air conditioner in the winter to save your *** big bucks. I'd like to shove a plant with thorns up your butts yes i would. You and your *** customers SUCK ***. Yeah,try and find me ***.
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Ladies, you're right. Unfortunately this is going on everywhere, in some places worst than others, but seems to be present at some dregree in all sorts of business.

If the associates are treated bad the customer is treated worst, just obvious.

Talking to the boss or going beyond is the answer, or no one will have a job when the doors shut. When it stops being fun its time to move on.


If you think that's bad just think about you not being able to go out of the store for your break since the managers think they will need you. Worst place is in the Spokane Dist. since I heard they are all old eagle people and are worry about their jobs.


Why hide your feelings? I work at Walmart and stand on my feet all day on a concrete floor.

You are due your breaks, but that is for a judge to enforce. Why not sue instead of writing here?

No one here can do anything about it. YOU can.

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Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - *** Lowe's Customers

All you guys do is *** and complain. We bend over backwards for you. You DESERVE shoddy service for waiting till we close to come in and order your ***. Go to home depot. We don't want you anyway. And haha corporate you don't know who I am. Go shove it. Nobody can find out me. I hate you and your *** *** customers. They and YOU make me SICK. You never give breaks or lunches and never let the cashiers sit down or go to the bathroom or anything. Screw Lowes and all it represents. Period. Ug.
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Hit it right on the head. They don't allow bathroom breaks, they treat people like ***, especially Lowes #3000's Chris A.

He's got an *** beating coming.

I just hope he never had kids. I'm sorry for his wife having to put up with his 1/2 inch ***


then get a new job


Sounds like you need a new job.


you so *** lazy!! you bend over backwards??

what a load of ***!! if that were the case you wouldnt mind customers coming in close to closing time!! All u do is stand by your *** register anyways aint like you stock anything or do any heavy lifting!! ALL you do is stand there and ring people please save your *** drama!!

Its your freakin job!!

you get paid to help us!! put a smile on your face, say Welcome to Lowes and shut the **** up!!!


it a do it yourself store !!!!!!! why are u complaing if you don't know how to install or fix your own sinks and faucet lowes has the most liberal return policy buy the snow blowers before storn then return and say it doesn't work anymore mmmmmmm all it did was run out of gas !!!!

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Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - Lowe's Customers Have No Brains

Do you know how *** *** you guys are ? I had three of you *** idiots come in with your lowes cards and were over the limit and had to call the one eight hundred number while you *** held up my line. You all have signs over your heads that should read DUH! I DON'T KNOW MY CREDIT LIMIT AND I AM BUYING A LOAD OF ***! I just got home from working with you idiots and you all have the worst attitudes and I'm usually a very nice person but nooo you had to all ruin my night. Thanks a *** lot.
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Welcome to the world of retail sales. I once worked at Staples, and the customers there are not any better, trust me.

But you have a job, and your paid to be polite, and I know it's not easy. If you dont like dealing with the public, get another job.


dont you think they know there maxed out just trying to buy more nothing they need but have that tooo much shopping cant stop problem. They should be there applying for a job to pay down there acct not put more on and having no intention of paying it back.

The retail worker shouldnt stoop to there level, hardworking customer servicing peeps a job most cannot do, YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!!


what economy issues theres no problem. Just keep on bashing the blue collar worker, backbone of America sacrificing there daily lives to happily serve.


Sapphie I think you need a change in career plans.


It's funny that an employee say's that customers brought ***, that just goes to show Lowes does sell *** Cos even their own staff say so!!!


I mean it. You rude *** dumb lazy Lowes customers suck donkey cox.

I'm not kidding.

You need to be schooled in how to shop in this store with your hateful attitudes. ALL OF YOU!


You sound like a real winner. I bet the management at Lowes is glad you're on their team. Get a life LOSER!


You are going around using profanity and calling people names, exactely how old are you? How intelligent are you that you go around calling other people *** and ***. You sound like my four year old when he does not get his way.


Seriously this two year old needs to have a seat in the timeout chair. Either that or he is cranky because it is way past his bedtime.

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WENT the shallotte,nc store to buy a 999.00 dollar lawn mower..YOU advertised that you will deliver a washer or dryer for 299.00 free but you won't deliver a riding lawn mower that is worth alot more..we had just built a 15x24 shed with all materials being bought...
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Maybe he does his laundry with his lawnmower. Saves water, electric and not to mention the folding time is zero which leaves more time for complaining??????????

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I work in Lowe's in Southport,NC. I am sick of dealing with some of the dumbest and unthinking customers in the world. First of all,let it be known I bend over backwards for every customer no matter how rude they are. For you lovely customers out there,get a clue...
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and i smart cookie learn to spell before you criticize anyone else you seem uneducated.

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