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Lowes in Shallotte, North Carolina - I'm A Lowe's Customer and want my rebate wahhh wahhhh wahhhhh

I was working at my register at Lowe's and a man comes in and says he wants his last day rebate for buying a bunch of *** insulation. Well,the rebate didn't print out as it was ENDED that day and another associate had to practically wipe his *** to get the rebate from the website for him. THEN he goes back to get more *** insulation so he can get his rebate again and a hundred dollar gift card for buying so much *** insulation. What kind of idiots are you guys that come into our store? Can't you come in without having issues to fix? You all make me want to vomit.
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you know he's going to return all that stuff anyway when he gets his rebate back. happens all the time.


retailer4life, you are a ***.


He's also the customer that will be back at the service desk next week screaming as to why his rebate hasn't come in the mail yet.


you are a ***

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I work at Lowe's in Southport NC. I can't BELIEVE the attitudes some people have. Now,let it be known I bend over backwards and am nice to everyone no matter what but i have to vent. You lovely customers need to STOP coming in at five till close to do an...
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My favorites are the customer that actually gets pissed because we don't carry the twin male extension cord, that is an extension cord with a male plug on both ends. Or the ones looking for the 3 prong to 4 prong adapter for their new dryer.

Neither of these things actually exist. LOL They are right up there with the board stretcher.

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