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Lowes in Wake Forest, North Carolina - Awful in-store and customer service experience, just awful

Here’s what an awful in-store and then online customer service experience looks like. I couldn’t care less about the discount but that Lowe’s no longer cares about their customers. I’m never going back. Lowe’s: Hi. My name is Janna with Lowe's and I'll be helping you today. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. Can you tell me more about what happened? Me: How to lose a customer with one bad experience. Change the rules without communicating with your customers and not provide a work around. Hard-and-fast rule changes for long time loyal customers don't feel real good. I think I'll see how Home Depot treats their customers for a while. Lowe’s: I did read that in the first initial text. I was asking if you could provide any details as to what you are referring to. Me: Just a minute Lowe’s: Ok Me: Sorry, I just left the Lowe's and was driving so had to pull over. Lowe’s: Ok Me: 1. Wanted a 2.7 cubic ft refrigerator but the one I wanted was on the top shelf. 2. Had to wait about 15 minutes for an associate. 3. They had to go get a lift to get the refrigerator down. Another 10 minutes 4. The lift didn't work, wasn't charged. Had to get another associate to manually pull the item down. Another 10 minutes. That was also very dangerous for that associate. 5. Waited in line for almost 10 minutes 6. Was told that I couldn't use the military discount with my ID because it had to be tied to a MyLowes account. Manager was called over and would not allow the discount but told me I could go to customer service and tie it to my account. I just paid full price instead of impacting the rest of your customers in line behind me. What I should have done was just leave the refrigerator and go somewhere else. So, a transaction that should have taken 15 minutes took about an hour and I got to pay full price for the item. You know what, I think I will just return the item and go to Sears to buy it. Now keep in mind that I've use this discount at the same store for years. It's not the discount that irks me, it's the sudden change of rules with zero flexibility. Not a pleasant experience at all! Lowe’s: I do apologize about the long wait that you had to get your order. Since May 1, 2017 Lowe's has been requesting that people register for the military discount. Then effective 1/2/2018 the option to manually add the discount at the store was removed. This was not something that was just thrown at customers. The move was to make the discount available to be used online as some veterans are not able to go to the stores due to varying circumstances. Lowe's wanted to make sure that anyone that was eligible for the discount would be able to use the discount. Me: That's not true. I've shopped at the store several times this year, and today, waiting to pay, I'm told about the rule change. Lowe’s: I do apologize but those are the dates of when these changes were taken place. Me: And I've bought tons of landscaping and fencing over the summer and fall, again, no one ever mentioned it to me. Lowe’s: I do apologize Me: Like I said, great way to lose a long time, loyal customer who spends thousands of dollars a year for home improvements not to mention that I will relate this experience to all my friends and neighbors. Good luck . Lowe’s: I'm sorry that you feel that way. Lowes customer service has been deteriorating for a couple of years now but I think it’s hit rock bottom now.
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Lowes Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Lowes in Wake Forest, North Carolina - Customer Service (NOT)

Let me relate a recent experience with LOWES’ Home Improvement, from which others may learn. I have a small project I am trying to complete, and need to obtain some materials. I attempted comparison-shopping to source the needed materials. The Home Depot web portal was user unfriendly, so I opted for the user friendly LOWES' site, though was unable to find the quantities of the materials I needed at my local store (perhaps that should have been my first hint to abandon LOWES). I then called 1-800-445-6937 for help, and explained my situation, and the Customer Service Agent was kind enough to find the quantities in stock at another store, and create an order (324928727) for the materials. This all occurred on July 9, 2016. Unfortunately, the quantities in stock were in the LOWES' of Smithfield, and I requested home delivery (Lake Royale). The distance between the two exceeds the delivery area for home delivery. Of course, Lake Royale is outside of Smithfield's delivery area, so I then received a call from a LOWES' of Smithfield cashier relaying a message from the delivery manager that the order was being canceled. I asked why the order could not be transferred to a local store (store-to-store transfer), and was informed that the cashier was just relaying a message. So, I could not argue the point and pursued by calling again to the 1-800-445-6937. After explaining the circumstances, I was assured the order was not cancelled, and that LOWES would facilitate having the order fulfilled by a local LOWES Home Improvement. I received a call (I have a VM from Terry @ LOWES Customer Care stating the order was transferred to the Wake Forrest location and Eddie would handle the process). This was the culmination of more than six phone calls just for one ‘simple’ order. To this day, that order can still be called up on the LOWES portal. But wait, there is more. After diligently checking the status on line (IN PROCESS - View Delivery Details), I called the Wake Forest LOWES today (July 23) to obtain an update on the order. After receiving quizzical responses on the phone, I was told that Eddie was off today, but they would call him and obtain an update on the processing of the order. Two hours later, I received a call from Parka at the LOWES corporate office stating that the original order had been cancelled, funds credited back to my account, and the process needed to start over again, but it will now not be until another two weeks (August 9) that everything can be available for delivery. So, I started out with an order on July 9 (324928727), I had to post-pone my small project until July 23 for materials, and now due to the failure of a supposedly reliable supplier, will have to source and continue delays on this simple project. Needless to say, I have no intention of ever stepping inside a LOWES' Home Improvement store again. Their incompetence and customer dis-Service knows no bounds. Managers who care little or nothing for making the process work are truly exemplified at LOWES. Lesson learned: 1. Using a web portal is great, but sometimes nothing beats brick and mortar for that face-to-face experience. 2. Low prices may be part of their brand, but that should warn the consumer on the lack of Customer Care.
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You big baby. Now that you will never step into a lowes again because they couldn't do what you wanted, where will you go? Your expectations know no bounds.

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Lowes Customer Care
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Order processing issue
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Let the company propose a solution

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