As someone who has worked in retail for many years, and who currently works for Lowe's I have a couple of things I think needs to be pointed out. This is the reality for most retail firms I would think.

1. Lowe's is not a manufacturer. That Christmas tree that won't light up on one side this year? It wasn't made by us. We just sold it. We didn't sit in the back of the store and say "Hey, let's tear this up so it won't work right next year so the customer will get mad and think we're *** when we won't return it." We had nothing to do with it. Promise.

2. We don't do repairs in the store. Repairs are sent out to shops that the manufacturer has designated to be official repair shops. Whether you have an EPP or not and you have brought your two year old mower in for repair, please don't come in and get angry with the Customer Service associate who has no idea where your mower is. It's not in the back of the store, it's at an off-site repair facility. And please don't pull the "Lowe's doesn't honor their products!" when we want to send it out for repair. The manufacturer is upholding their end of the bargain. Once you've bought something and have had it past the period of being able to return it, then the issue is between you and the manufacturer, not you and Lowe's. See point #1. Lowe's does not manufacture any products.

In conclusion, I know some of this sounds pretty harsh. Many Lowe's associates go out of their way to give great customer service. We don't like returning the amount of defective products that we return, because that means we have less money to work with. I personally want every item that goes out of my store to work perfectly and never have a problem. More money to work with means more people on the floor which in turn means better customer service. Unfortunately many things are made very poorly, and it's not just appliances, but also electronics, clothing and even vehicles. Poorly made products hurt everyone's bottom line, businesses and buyers as well.

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I work in a small engine shop that does repair work for Lowes. In August 2011 all Lowes stores will go to a centeral type repair system.

Small engine shops will no longer be doing the work.

So then you mower will be shipped 200 or 300 miles to a centeral repair center and you could be looking at 6 to 8 weeks to get it back. This is what I have been told and only time will tell if I am right or not.


I work at customer service 99% of the time and we do bend over backwards to help customers who normally are very nice but occasionally you get the egotistical ***hole who expects something for nothing. It is true we stock a broad spectrum of products in which price reflects quality, in order to compete with the Walmarts of the world.

So I say to you MR "where can I buy Quality?", buy Kobalt next time, not Task Force, buy Hitachi, not Black and Decker, spend the money and get the $799 Bosch Dryer instead of the entry level dryer floor sample for $299, buy the Valspar Signature paint instead of the cheap Olympic, buy the Maglite flashlight instead of the cheap $2.99 Rayovac (complete with battery. Need I go on.

Wake up pal! You get what you pay for.


I worked for Lowes for one summer (Michigan), and I was impressed in how genuine the company was in "making things right" for the customer. They do no manufacture anything, and they use subcontractors to repair, install, etc.

based on the requirements of the manufacturer. If you want to place blame, how about China, India, Viet Nam, and on and on. None of this stuff is made in the U.S. anymore.

That is what your demand for cheap prices got us! Thanks.


With everything you buy you get what you pay for . Your quality is your choice .

The great thing about Lowe's it deversifies it's inventory so as a consumer I have a choice to buy quality or

cheap. All of us may not have a lot of money to throw on luxury. but I am sure glad that if I do not want to spend alot of money Lowe's can offer the next best thing and with that I am going to be the responsible party to make that decision.

Do your homework. You may graduate form your ignoance.


True- but maybe you should try selling quality products. I want to buy quality and am willing to spend more for it- but lowes like most retialers are taking the walmart approach. cheap products at moderate prices means more profit bottom line.

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