Somerset, Pennsylvania
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I am disappointed in Lowes for taking the discounts from all Veterans away. We shop there often and today we went there and found out it only goes to men in for 20 years,still active or disabled.

WE looked through treated plywood and it was terrible so we went to a more expensive type thinking with the discount it wouldn't matter only to find out we didn't get the discount. WE come from families who all have served their country and I am sure they will be disappointed as well. WE will go to another building supply company from now on.

Not that you will miss our business but if the word gets out, which I am sure it will, others may do the same. Bob Sipe, Somerset,Pa.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Why do veterans feel entitled? You are the same people who criticize people receiving government help. I'm glad Lowe's doesn't give vets a discount.


the discount policy is very straightforward. they dont have to give one. most retailers don't.

the fact they do at all is nice and you should be honored they are taking care of your active duty counterparts.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #993093

why would you expect a discount? lots of guys were in the service and dont expect a handouttew

Austin, Texas, United States #992556

so you joined the military so you could get a discount later in life?

gee, not very self-serving, are we?

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