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I went to lowes in mccandless township on McKnight road aprox 2 weeks ago and here is my experience.. check out I present my veterans administration card to the cashier to receive what has always been a 10 % discount. instead this time I get told sorry sir you only quality for the discount on holidays. (being rated at 30 percent disabled by the va this did not sit well). I looked around saw the number for customer service and with out even a argument for the check out lady agreed to pay full price for my items. I took everything out to the car and called the customer service number briefly told them what had happened and they directed me to go back inside to the customer service department in the store to receive the discount.

I entered the store and was greeted by a young lady that said she had received a call about my situation and was more then willing to help she just needed a managers override. she called for the manager and all of a sudden I was in the middle of world war 3.. here she came the exactly lady that had denied me the discount at check out.. her eyes where shooting right through me in what appeared to be disgust. she ordered the employee to check my veteran id again demanding I don't qualify for a discount being that she had already checked it. I inhaled deeply and tried to explain how I had called customer service described my id to them and got verification that I indeed do qualify for the discount. she only talked over me louder now. at this point in time several employees are gathered around and a spectacle is being made . the manager (ie original check out lady) demands im not a disabled vet. she says whats wrong with you anyhow you don't look disabled to me. again politely I begin to explain that not all disabilities are visible only to be talked over as she slammed her manager over ride information into the computer and then she stormed off leaving me standing there infront of what was now 3 or 4 other employees.. I looked up at the check out lady and laughed a little smiled at her and simply said wow your boss is a real nice lady isn't she. she smiled back and began to apologize for what had just happened of course it not being her fault I asked her to stop thanked her for her help and went on my way home.

but wait it doesn't stop there.

I told my wife and she was obviously upset calling the store and corporate writing emails and taking to face book to tell the story of a home improvement store that treats there vets horribly. her family owning a small family business themselves she did not put the name of lowes out there in any way shape or form but let people know that something happened.

I too called to file a complaint and was told someone would get back to me in a few days..well 2 weeks later and no response no apology and for that no business from my extended family who now shops at home depot and I encourage everyone now to do the same

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Lowes Pros: Customer service from the service clerk, That i did get the discount.

Lowes Cons: Manager who questions who does or does not have a disability, Return phone call because it never happened, Follow ups again never happened, Resolution again never happened, Humility i was subjected to.

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The policy on Veteran discounts needs to be clearer. Technically the discount is only for holidays, but many stores will automatically give it if shown ID. The issue with this is that when someone goes to a store where this is ok, then goes to a store where it isn't it causes conflict.

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