Cromwell, Connecticut
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Placed order on 3/2, delivery to store on/about 3/9. E-mailed Lowes on 3/12 looking for shipping info- no reply!

Called Lowes customercares on 3/14. They told me order was ready for pick-up. Asked when it was delivered, they said 3/10. Got E-mail 5 hours later telling me my order was ready for pick-up(in response to my E-mail).

Store manager said "sorry". Yeah, right! Should have bought at WalMart 2 weeks ago!

They had same item in stock for the same price, but I don't like that company. Wanted to support my local Lowes, but it was not worth the aggravation.

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #795451

someone obviously dropped the ball. that being said however you should NEVER rely on email communications with ANY companies.

they tend to take insane amounts of time to reply. why would you not have called the store inquiring about the item?

though in fairness the store should be contacting you when your order arrives. I know that's how it works here. though I can't say where but we're another large retailer that gets items sent to the store for customers who are then contacted once it arrives.

and notes are left on the order until it is picked up. If you were charged any shipping for it I would talk with their management and try to get that at least knocked off.

many will do so for fear of you calling their customer care line in their corporate offices.

no retailer wants to get those calls. because in that case they usually will end up giving the customer everything for nothing.

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