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Lowes 1164 on the way down ever sence they hire service managers our store has went tk the birds. All they do is set in the back lr chase the young associates around the store.

The no only tbe department they come from. They rehire people when the quit. Why they left for.a reason. The p.s.a 's set in the break room all day i throught they have task o do.

Them we have one person does what she wonts she a c.s.a and works only from 5 until 2 week days and off every weekend. This is not right she should.have to work weekends a d different shift like all c.s.a's. The women dont have to have tow motor licienes..

such asame the store manager lets this go on. Pissed off employee.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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