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A small simple purchase of just a few gardening items became an unpleasant experience leaving me feeling emotionally drained when I finally checked out and left the store. Too bad because my local Lowe's has such a beautiful uplifting peaceful garden department and always lovely helpful staff with great vibes.

I love going there. But this time I was unfortunate to be on the receiving end of a cashiers negativity. I didn't go shopping to be subjected to a BS obstructive attitude in the check out process. The basic issue was over a plant on the discounted plant rack stand.

This is very popuar at my local Lowes because it gives gardeners an opportunity to purchase damaged plants at a reduced price and rejuvenate them, The two of the same variety I picked out didn't have individual price tags on them. Not every single plant did but it was obvious they came from the rescue plant rack because there were about a dozen of the same plant and some with a tag reading marked down to $2.24. Another clue that the plants were indeed from the rescue rack was their condition, some brown leaves and leaf and bloom drooping. The cashier refused to honor the discount price.

Okay fine, I get that. Perhaps she is not allowed to if they are not individually marked. But what I don't get is that as far as she was concerned that was that, she planned to charge full price or I guess just not sell them to me. I say that because she made absolutely zero effort to resolve the problem.

It felt very much as though she just couldn't be bothered or was having a bad day and intentionally chose to be obstructive to my ability to purchase those rescue plants at all. I've never experienced a cashier in any store not showing initiative and customer care to get a price check when needed. eg. call a manager or something.

I also feel she was obstructive to Lowes as well because surely Lowes wants gardeners to purchase those wilted plants asap - win/win for all. First I offered to show the cashier the plants on the rescue rack so that she could verify the price herself - not interested. Next I tried going back too the rescue rack and brought another one of the same plant showing a tag for her to see - no response. Finally I went inside the store to the service desk and stood in line, explained what the price was and that staff member efficiently resolved the issue and marked the price on the plants.

I then went back to the garden center to check out. The cashier seemed again very put out to have to sell these rescue plants to a customer and shrugged her shoulders. No apology for me having to go and find help myself to straighten it out and use up a lot more of my time than necessary rather than her offering to get a price check and an efficient resolution herself. It was the most bizarre experience.

No shopper wants to be on the brunt of a worker's negativity . The attitude and my time wasted was all so unnecessary. I know from now on when I buy plants at Lowes as I frequently do I will NOT again subject myself to that cashier's check out line. I will pay inside instead if she is on duty.

Put it this way, we all of us have stress in life - please don't take it out on the customer. Kind service goes a long way and represents your employer well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Pros: Garden center.

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I wouldn't get too bent out of shape. Most of the Lowe's associates I've ever encountered are disengaged.