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I spent most of my day in Lowe's at Columbus, MS today and I am very upset with what happened. At 10:00 this morning I was lI ooking at a John Deere riding lawn mower.

A salesman name Cody came to assist and I ask him about this particular mower. He told me that this was the only one they had like it. He gave me the price and wrote down a number for me. I asked him to put it back as sold and that my grandson and I would be back at 1:00 to get it.

Well, when I went back, Cody told me that this particular mower was last year's model and that they would knock off $200.00. I asked if it was a new mower, one that had never been sold. He stated that it was a new one. Which was okay with me.

I waited a long time, at the cash register and finally Cody came and gave the check out person the code for the lawn mower and I paid for it. Then they advised that the lawn mower would not crank. I asked them to put a new battery on it. Mitch, who I later found out is a somewhat store manager, told me no, they could not put a new battery on it.

They flat refused to do this, jumped the lawn mower off, and then loaded it onto my grandson's trailer. I asked if they would try to crank it again...they did and of course it would not crank. I asked for my money back and then I asked to speak to the store manager. Low and behold the store manager was the do do outside that flat refused to put a new battery on the lawn mower!

He then told me that he would put a new one on it. By this time, I was so upset with the craziness I told him to take a flying leap and that I would take my money to Scruggs. These people have no customer service! They do not have to worry about me spending my time and money with them.

There are people to actually want my business. I will be contacting Lowes Headquarters and I also plan to make John Deere aware of this. They are giving the John Deere company a bad name. So.....if you do business with Lowe's in Columbus, beware of Cody and Mitch.

I spent a total of about four hours in an attempt to buy a riding lawn mower and came home without one. Scruggs, here I come!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I left. I do not have to accept poor service and people that just don't give a rip about their customers. Too many other places to shop..

Lowes Cons: Unbelievably poor service.

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Thank you everyone for your reviews. It's really helpful.

I've had horrible experiences with other service providers in the past. I have learnt to check stores and companies out before I proceed now do to so many horrible and incompetent people in the service business out there that really could care less. I need to do some renovations and was considering Lowe's, but had no idea that this was a bad store. On home renovation shows, I've seen contractors buy supplies there, so I assumed they must be good.

Sorry you'll had a horrible experience. At the end businesses that allow employees to disrespect customers will find a major dent in their bottom line.