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Lowes in Cincinnati, Ohio - Poor customer servise

the lowes lumber store in colerain ohio/cinti suburb,,,,,,,evry time i go in there to buy lumber/hardware i cant seem to be able to select or decide the products or quanity i need .cause i keep getting shuffled out the section ,cause thats when they decide to bring out their forklifts to stock their shelfs,an this is not due to people buying up everything.they are allways rude saying that i have to leave the area,when im right in the middle of loading my stuff on the cart,thats what their supposed to do after they when i go in to pay my bill every month they never say thank you or nothing!it seems like that the only thing that the young 21yr old managers want to do is talk about their love life with their coworkers instead of payn attention to the customer!,,,,,,i see it every time i go in to a lowes store.,,,,they are a joke ,iv done business with them for over 15yrs an spent a lot of money there,today the straw broke the cammels back.,,,,,i wont be back there anymore. its home depot from here on out
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Well quit *** n shopping there


ummm....did you ever think they blocked the aisles to get something down for a customer? Some of the topstock is too heavy to bring down on a ladder.And if your in that much of a dam hurry go to the depot.

Good luck with that. And by the way..good spelling ***


btw, you are funny as ***!!! Im glad you are proud of your store and your team, but seriously, get someone in there to do some work!

Even if you dont greet me or carry my stuff at least know where the stuff is in your own departments. Even if you do come at me least someone who works there would be showing some signs of life!


Your are so right. It's darn hard to shop Lowes or Depot when they close off aisles when the store is open.

They need to stock at times the stores are not full of customers.

I've been is stores with half a dozen aisles closed during the middle of they day. Sorry, I'm not going to stand around you stores waiting for aisles to open before I can get to the product I want.

Fat Mart cart rider

1st learn to spell. 2nd don't be ***.


just curious, maybe its not just the empoyess, but the *** who come in there expecting everyone to drop what they are doing, or whoever they are helping , and go to them and serv them hand and foot. your *** *** has another thing coming, and you better not ever come into my store bc I will come at both of you bigots sideways with 9 different colors of smoke!

*** you both! :zzz


ok, so you think that they are stocking the shelves with product because its not being sold? then where the *** is it going?!!?!?

and you want the cashier to wipe your ***?? wow and I seriously doubt that " every time " you go in there this happens, you spoiled little ***, please go die alone, because obviously no one wants to be around a little *** like you anyway.

this is the real world and you don't get pampered everywhere , get ***. :p


Rnb, I hear ya. Now-a-days you have to go in without any realistic expectation of service or even common courtesy.

Not their fault, its just the society we live in.

If you dont believe me just check out the home depot complaints on this forum and see all of the other guys switchin to lowes. It will just go back and forth all day long; welcome to retail in 2010.

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Lowes refuse to honor their claims

I was on the market for a new washing machine. lowes' sale rep convinced me on one of the GE model for $599, guaranteed to be the lowest price on the market, and offering me 10% off if i applied a lowe's credit card. After I bring back with Home depot advertised model(the same model) for $ 100 less, lowe's sale rep told me that he can match the price only, and 10% off with credit card application wont be available. The funny thing is that they even had this AD stating that 10% off to beat any other local store price on the same model. Lowes's sale rep refuse to honor it at all.
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Read the fine print. Price matching happens in everyday prices, not sale prices.

And most stores state that they will only beat the price match by a percentage if asked to do so by the customer. And if they do comply with that, they can no longer do the discount when opening a store card because the system will not let stores stack discounts.


go where you think you're treated right and stop whining

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Lowes in Middleport, Ohio - Window Installations - Logan WV

My mother-in-law had Lowe's install 4 Pella windows. The windows are great. However, the installation looks TERRIBLE!!! There is no window ledge & some of the trim was cut short. Instead of recutting the trim strips and boards, they just caulked the gaps. The windows were purchased in Logan, WV. If you buy windows from Lowe's of Logan, WV, get your own installer. I am truly displeased with this Lowe's. The manager promised to follow-up with us and has still not gotten back to us. Before it is over, Lowe's will probably blame Pella. Again, do NOT let Lowe's install your windows.
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We are getting ready to purchase 15 windows and install from lowes of beckley ,pella, what should we be aware of for our protection this is a big purchase for us. they have already measured and gave us an estimate, now what


haha lowes for windows, shouldve just went to sears. there installer put in windows one day and sinks the next, should have called a WINDOW COMPANY, im sure you overpayed as well most of there products are cheap and generic. Yes even pella has cheap and generic windows that they would never sell to a cutomer only to large department stores, who want something cheap and generic.


Your problem isn't with Lowe's. It's your contractor you need to be mad at.

Whenever you purchased your window and whenever your bid came through the Installed Sales department, a contractor accepted the bid and at that point he claims all responsibility for the project. Lowe's really doesn't have anything to do with your problem but because they care about their customers, they will do what they can to keep you happy.

Charleston, WV


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Lowes in Columbus, Ohio - Miserable people!

My local Lowes store #2852 is a joke! They have the worst managers who seem to be in excrutiating pain when asked to do something and seem to be miserable! Either Lowe's should fire these people or pay them more to buck up! I'm not "pissed" because there is a funny cashier kid who always seems to help me out and crack a joke. Also today I saw a guy in there with a parrot on his shoulder! Isn't that against some health codes? Fire the managers and get some more respectable people in there who care about the customers and know how to smile!
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Seriously Homos how old are you? We live in a world where your brother or mother or sister could be *** or *** I know many gays who work for Home depot and Lowes keep your racial comments in your +++++ head know one gives a poo !! YOU are the reason the world is so MESSED up GROW UP


qsk50 - Home Depot also employs homosexuals. Since statistics show 10-14% of Americans are homosexuals and therefore employed at every large American corporation; online shopping may be just the solution for you.

They are also employed at your local businesses including gas stations, grocery stores, clothing stores, hardwares, lumber companies, bars, locally owned restaurants and fast food restaurants. some of the *** members of our church are highly respected members of the community and rightfully so.

They are doctors, lawyers, managers, police officers, firemen and more importantly they are good spiritual people. One *** couple just celebrated their 46th anniversary and I have known them both since the day they were born - good Christian women.


I don't joke with anyone since we all don't have the same since of humor and some people may find your humor offensive so I just keep it all retail business. However they always smile and say.."tHE RESTROOMS RIGHT OVER THERE SIR". vERY HELPFUL


I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience. Not all of us are like that.

I try and make my customers smile and leave happy and joke with them and if there is a problem call someone right away to try and fix it. Maybe you could try a different store?


Try a Local Independant Hardware store. They are helpful, friendly, and courteous. You may pay a little more but you will get a quality product in a pleasant manner.


Tell him about it.

Contact information provided by:



QSK you are kidding right. homophobe.

Or are just a closet queen afraid of coming out of the closet. And as for Jas, you're just jealous, you want a big long bird on your should too.


:( I am waiting for lowes to open

so i can close my account with them.

I have had enough of there policy

of hiring gays,homos,and *** ect.

not only are they ignorant but the in your face attitude is not acceptable.

am going with H.Depot.

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Findlay, Ohio - Service at the checkout

I read the letter from the fella in Colorado concerning the "long lines" at the checkout. Is this the only place he shops? ( Considering the times we're in) help is shorthanded everywhere. there is always one person who isn't happy about the way things are run. i work at one of these store in another state.. our policy is to get people checked out as quick as we can. there are employees who b/c of policy cannot run the register. don't know the story concerning this particular store but don't judge all stores by yours...
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Lowes sold inferior wood

I purchased wood for a privacy fence in 2006. I notice this year the fence has started to produce holes. I've tried to resolve problem for three months with Lowes and the contractor that sold the wood to Lowes, Georgia Pacific. Lowes store manager at Columbus, Ohio store has continually lies saying they were going to send a Georgia Pacific rep out. I have $600 in wood installed and has holes in the fence. Not so private now. I will never buy wood at Lowes again. Lowes says holes are from were a branch was cut off. Yeah right!
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so, you picked out the lumber with the knotholes and bought it, now you're upset because they fell out? perfect example of someone thinking they install something cuase they watch This old house every weekend. That is why contractors charge so much, they know how to do things like select the correct materials for the job, blame yourself not your local store, ***.


Definitely the very same type of *** that comes into my store!


Wow, cannot believe it, I beat the "Lowes Knows" *** and his Lowes lawsuits one liner response yet again!! Anyway, it's not Lowe's fault you live where you have insects like termites and whatnot who do eat wood.

Yes....they will even eat treated wood!!

That's why you buy plastic fencing! You guys probably want to blame Lowe's for the sun coming up every morning, too!

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Fairborn, Ohio - Rebate at Loes no good

After spending 1700.00 at Loes for a dishwasher and washer and dryer I was promised a 60.00 rebate The rebate arrived in the mail after a few weeks in the form of a Visa debit card from Metal bank... Try to activate the plastic card was an extreme example of frustation that took two hours on the phone and internet with no sucess. I took the card to the store and the customer service desk was not much help. I left the card on the desk and will not be their customer any more, I hope nobody else has this rip off experience..
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These cards can now be cashed in at the service desk.


For real man, it is clearly not Lowe's fault. Partly, its your fault for being so *** impatient!

The bank or VISA is to blame.

Lowe's doesn't issue these cards and no, none of our employees are going to split the freaking money on those cards. I swear, some ppl on here are so ***.

@Lowes worker

Why shoulh he have to kiss youre rear end to cash a rebate?


Please tell me how you can be pissed at Lowe's because the ACTIVATION PROCESS wasn't easy enough for you? Does Lowe's have anything at all to do with that? Maybe you should be on here whining about Visa or Metal Bank instead.


The rebate game. I've had similar problems with rebates.

They make it sound easy. It shouldn't be used ???Try too get it back. That's sixty $$$. May be they can issue a new one.

If some undertrained employee didn'y use it.

Becuse they didn'y KNOW what to do with it. They were to split it with there manager.

#26269 response yet from Lowes Knows (He actually knows jack****) and his moronic lowes lawsuits line?????


Oh, and by the way, Our store is spelled read real closely now.... LOWES, not loes.

Just thought you'd like to know. :)


Well, well, well....looks like I finally beat "Lowes Knows" (that that's all he can apparently say, his *** www.lowes lawsuits thing. But anyway, back to the rebate card, that is not LOWES FAULT, it's the activation process WITH THE CARD!!

We @ Lowes did not manufacture the card!!!!! If that were the case, in MY LOWES we would have just ended up giving you store credit @ the service desk.

You, being one of our usual customers, could not figure this out and think to ask the appropriate person. I hope the terminated Lowes rejects @ Home Depot are more helpful

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No good wood for fencing from Lowes

I had a contractor order fencing for a privacy fence from a Lowe's Store in Columbus Ohio. The fence was put up when the wood was purchased in Aug. 2006. The boards now have holes in the fence. I've called and tried to resolved this issue since June 7, 2008. The sent a person out and said the holes were created from the branches that was cut out of the wood. They tell me the inferior wood came from Georgia Pacific. They promised to send a Georgia Pacific rep out and that has not been done. I took pictures up to the store and talked to a Lowe's manager and still no resolve.
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Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Perfect Flame Junk Grill Less Than 2 Years Old

My complaint is simply this! I purchased a Perfect Flame Grill from the New Philadelphia Ohio Lowes store less than 2 years ago $499.00 The grill had a 1 year warranty on it and a 10 year warranty on the stainless steel burners. In order to register the grill for warranty coverage I was to fill out the registration information on the warranty card and send it along with my receipt of purchase to the manufacturer. I did this! The following spring of 2007 I found 2 of the burners were cracked and rusted and were not safe to use I called Perfect Flame warranty dept. They pulled up my warranty registration and promptly sent me 2 new burners @ no charge! This spring 2008 I opened up the grill to check everything out and to my surprise I found all 5 burners rusted and cracked and not safe to use. Along with the burners being not good I also found the burner flash arrestors rusted and in very bad condition, The metal rail at the back of the grill that the burners are secured with bolts to rusted, Broken and were not capable of securing the burners down anymore. I also found the large metal tray that catches the grease and debri from falling down into the main cabinet of the grill is rusted and had fallen apart causing a major safety issue with a grease fire. This grill is kept under roof and is not exposed to the weather elements! I also purchased an expensive grill cover from Lowes to keep the grill looking nice for a long time. I have to ask you this? Is this what I should expect for my hard earned $500.00 to look like after less than 2 years? Hence I called Perfect Flame to have new burners sent to me under the warranty. Somehow Perfect Flame lost my information and without a receipt from Lowes I was told they will not honor my warranty.My original receipt was sent to Perfect Flame upon purchase of the unit! So I traveled to the New Philadelphia Lowes 6-17-2008 and spoke with Gary the evening manager and I was told Ken the Store Manager would be there in the morning and he would let him know that the Lowes Store would need to replace the grill and he would have Ken call me first thing in the morning to make arraingments to get this taken care of since I have over 100 people coming this weekend for a graduation party. 10:00 AM on 6-18-2008 I still had not heard from Ken the store manager so I made another trip to Lowes in New Philadelphia to talk to him in person. When I arrived Ken told me he new nothing about any of the things I was talking about and he had not talked to Gary. The customer service girl that was standing there picked up one of the rusted/broken burners I had left at the Lowes store the night before for Ken to look at along with a note from Gary and the customer service girl from the previous evening. Gary read the note and asked one of the girls in the grill department to call Perfect flame and try to get this resolved. She called perfect flame and gave them the model and serial number of the grill and they confirmed that the grill was manufactured in March of 2006 and the burners were still under warranty however they were going to charge me $25.00 for shipping and handling for the burners that were supposed to be under warranty and they also told the girl from Lowes that without the receipt (that they already have or had) they would only do this one time and the burners even though they have a 10 year warranty would not be replaced again! Even if they ship me the burners and I pay the $25.00 and Lowes of New Philadelphia reimburses me for the freight cost next year or the year after when a burner goes bad I can not get them replaced under warranty. Not to mention the additional parts I need to repair this grill to make it safe for operation again I am being told will take 3-4 weeks to ship and so I am without a grill for at least that long! Ken the Store manager refuses to replace the grill because he stated it is not his fault or lowes fault and I am under the rules and guidlines of the manufacturer. Yet the evening manger Gary tells me they should replace it. So in short I am not happy with a $500.00 grill that did not last any longer than a $50.00 grill or the way I have been treated by Ken and Lowes of the New Philadelphia store. I called Lowes customer care and reported my problem over the phone and was told they would have someone call me back right away I still have not recieved a call so I called back and they tell me it could take up to 24 hours to recieve a call back this upsets me also! Maybe this is nothing to a large corperation like Lowes however to me it is a big deal when I spend that amount of money expecting to get a quality product that will last a long time instead of purchasing a less expensive product all the well knowing it will only last a couple of years. I have 3 companys I operate that have spent well over $50,000.00 in the last 12 months with the New Philadelphia Lowes and I have to be honest with you if this is the way I am going to be treated you will not see another dime of my money or my companies money. I also want to point out that my good local customers who keep me in business recieve great treatment from my managers and any and all issues/problems are resolved in a positive manner! If any of my managers insulted the intelligence of one of my customers as I have been insulted by yours they would no longer be a part of our company! I hope this gets to the right department!
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I am experiencing the same problem with Lowes and Perfect Flame right now. All I want is a grill that does its job and is safe to be at my home.

I am contacting the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at and I suggest that you do the same. The complaints about this grill is overwhelming and I'm sure that Lowes would not want to be in Subrogation with an insurance company if our house burnt down due to an unsafe grill.

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Lowes Warranty