One thousand dollar counter top | Lowes review from Akron, Ohio

enochstilllives 3:55 PM (2 minutes ago) to customercare In November, Lowes installed a counter top in my kitchen. By July both seams were buckled and two other spots were already warped!!! It looks like they installed wet fiber board under the counter top. Maybe they left it outside before installing in my kitchen. I have complained many times to different people there in Adrian. They often do not return my calls. We paid over a thousand dollars for this and it lasted only a few months! Our last counter top lasted for twenty years and we were very careful with this one. They are blaming us for water damage. Come on! Its a kitchen counter top and we used very little water on it. Nothing like the cheap top we had before that lasted two decades.
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Lowes Countertop Installation
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Price reduction
  • Custom Kitchen

Bought a replacement warranty | Lowes review from Akron, Ohio

I bought a replacement warranty for a coffee maker and had to bring it in to get replaced. I was assured that when I bought this coffee maker all I had to do was bring it back and they would replace it. I had my recpt. and the lady told me that it was still under the manufacturer's warranty and would be for an entire year even though I bought a 2 year replacement she said it wouldn't start until after the year is up. I could not just bring the coffee maker back like I was told and I don't have time for this ***. Please train your employees as to what the warranties cover so they know exactly what it covers.
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Even Home Depot doesn't bait and switch...Home Depot can process a return with any item they sell, even if you found it on the street! Boycott that Lowes Monster...It will get aggravated and hungry enough to rear the "ugly monsterhead", where we can finish it off!!! It won't shrivel and prune up without a "brain shot" !!!??!?!/kill the beast.666

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Lowes Replacement
  • Huge selection
  • Misinformation from employees
  • Training on warranties
  • Lack of response
Reason of review
Warranty issue
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Price change scam. | Lowes review from Akron, Ohio

Saw a dewalt saw with New Lower Price of $119.00. Went back a few days later to buy it and the price was raised to $139.00. Called manager and got a BS story about the price of gas. He is full of it. They simply don't care to keep customers. The saw is $119.00 on Amazon, however, I can not get my military discount of 10% there. I am done shopping at Lowes. They do not know how to treat paying customers. I will buy my home improvment items elsewhere, like at Home Depot or some other Home improvement store. Time to place my order on Amazon. Goodbye Lowes !
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So just to make sure i understand.

You saw a product that you liked, chose not to buy it at that time.

Didn't bother to ask when the sale ended.

And just to clarify, those sales aren't normally set by Lowe's. They are set by the manufacturer who in that time allowed us to sell them at a lower rate. Everyone seems to think, that once it is in Lowe's it is property of Lowe's.

This logic is incorrect.

You came back later after the sale had ended, and proceeded to complain that you didn't receive the best pricing.

Forgive me but I'm confused. Why did you not buy the product right away. Seems to be the logical reasoning.

I am sorry that the manager fed you some B.S. story, he should not of done that. What he should of done, with break this down step by step, so maybe you could learn a smiggin of common sense. If you are so willing to write off an entire company, by having one bad experience.

You must have a very small list of stores, restaurants you frequent.

And i feel sorry for them all.

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Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Don't bother calling me. I will not shop in your stores anymore.

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