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Been waiting over 3 months to het our fence installed. Told we had to pay first which we did. They did deliver the fence had an installatin date if 8 /12/19 finally. My husband took a day off work nobody showed up or called. I called the project manager told him we were upset and it was unprofessional. Told him to call me and let me know what was going on. As of yet no phone call. We paid quite a bit for this fence
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I'm a Lowe's Fence Installer. When would you like it done? Jim 5280 Remodeling


Lowe's typically pays the contractors they hire around 60% of what the contractor would get paid if they had gotten the job without lowe's being involved. That's why no one wants to do any work for them except contractors that are substandard or don't know what they are doing.

You are actually better off that they haven't shown up. Contact an actual fence contractor, pay a little more, and be a lot more satisfied with the outcome.


I agree with you 100%.


Lowe's is probably having problems getting whomever they contract with for fence installations to actually do the work or they actually don't have anyone to do the job for the price Lowe's wants to pay them. If you paid by credit card then contact Lowe's and tell them the delay is unacceptable and you want your money back in order to find a more reliable contractor on your own.

There are many small and large fence installation companies out there. Contact a couple and get an estimate while you wait for Lowe's to credit your card or refund you what you paid. If they delay or refuse then dispute the charge for work not accomplished, etc.

If you paid by check then you may have to threaten legal action. Going thru these big box stores for projects like this is usually a mistake as you never know who they will send out to do the job---or when.

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Lowes Fence Installation
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Order processing issue

Lowes - Window Installation Review from Barberton, Ohio

Lowes contaminated our home with lead dust during a window installation in October of 2014. This was a result of their failure to adhere to the EPA's regulations for RRP. When we asked them about what procedures should have been followed we were first told that Michigan did not have regulations that needed to be followed (false) and were then told that the installer was trained to be able to visually detect the presence of hazardous materials and he did not note any concerns (the lead dust samples showed contamination in the entire home at levels 5 times the safe limit). During the course of what they call a "settlement" they actively attempted to minimize their responsibility by fabricating material facts and attempting to obtain estimates for lead abatement by companies who had never seen the home. We were offered a srttlement amount much lower than the documented damages and told that they may be persuaded to increase the amount if we had our attorney contact them and explain what argument they intended to use in court. The kicker is that they never finished the project, still owe us windows, and never refunded any of the $35,000 that we paid them. As of the date of this note we have a home that we have not been able to occupy since October of 2014 and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.
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Poor customer service

Lowes Sucks

I have had an ongoing argument with Lowes as we have been waiting to receive countertops in our kitchen for almost 6 weeks now...DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM! They are terrible and give you contractors that are the worst and no one has common sense. They just want to obligate the contract and don't care about the person who has signed the contract. We would cancel the order all together but we will lose out on money. The countertop was on backorder and no one called to inform us. I had to call for us to find out. Then they call today and want to install Tuesday! Common sense would say that they need to give us a little more of a heads up because they only install on the weekdays and the people who work don't even have enough notice to get off of work. They just wanted to offer us that date because according to the contract, it needs to be installed by the 3rd. Since they offered us a date before the 3rd...even if it doesn't work for us, they are still under the contract even if we have them come in later.
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Ok so you are stating it has been six weeks but the contract must be fulfilled by the 3rd? The person setting the contract technically has no knowledge of the dates of install so they lied to you off the git go. If you are unhappy go get a refund they can try to refuse but if you demand a refund odds are they will give it to you.

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