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Lowes will fire their workers unfairly!

A manager is in cahoots with the company to lie on a worker under him and cause him to lose his job 3 days before xmas and lose his insurance when he has epilepsy and now will lose his home and insurance to get his medicine that he desperately needs. This manager has joked around and kicked this worker and made fun of him because of his epilepsy but the worker did nothing to him. He called him the paint shaker, the floor cleaner because of his seizures. How can a company do this to a worker that has been with them for years. I don't see how the manager of that department can possibly live with what he has done to this guy. We have called around and there is a good chance we have a law suit. Would serve them right after what they have done. His dr. is amazed that this has happened. Anybody else out there had this problem with Lowes?
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I guess this isn't a serious sight at all. Wouldn't surprise me at all for nice try, okay,ha ha, you are lying and 2 lilmaudes to be the manager or just a nut messing up this this thread.

What happened did happen enough said, we will be taking this to a further action.

Hope nothing like this happens to any of you. Goodbye!


matches, throats what? who , huh?


Hogwarts I would say you are probably correct and someone was just messing around. The one thing I don't need to do is lie.

It was an unjust firing and anybody else can think what they want. If it was you, I guess it would be different. The thing is, people should not be fired and put off their job for joking and especially when the manager has done it to this person.

My story didn't need to add up to anybody elses. We know what happened and so do several others that work at that store.

I think in the end they will come thru to tell about this manager and the Hr woman.

Just sad this stuff can happen to people. Was wondering if anyone else gets treated like this at Lowes?


The above comment about the stealing and hands shaking and things dropping into the pockets was Not made by me. Maybe the guilty manager has found this site.

Hmmmmm The HR at the Xenia store is a very unfair person. She has her picks in the store and that is the way it is. Its a shame that people can't go to work and make a living these days.

There is always a bad apple at every establishment it seems. They need to stop and think how they would feel if it was them or their family member.


ty for the info. I have let this person know to do what you have suggested. Hope something can be done for him.


Look up the Americans with Disabilities Act.

File a complaint with the local Equal Rights Commission.

Don't look to a lawyer, because they're only interested after the damage has been done, that's where their money comes from, a percentage of the damages.

Lowes leaders are incompetent, and their management is bottom of the barrel.

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