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Lowes Sucks!

We need to install laminate for our house. We made an appointment for measurements with the measure guy. He did not show up. When I called him, he said he forgot. Alright, so he came about a week later. So a week was delayed from getting quote from Lowes. The measure guy said we would get the quote from Lowes the other day, at least in no more than two days. We did not get any calls in the following two days. So I called. They replied "I'm with the customer, I'll call you back." Now, it's been a week since the measurements was done, we never got their call back. In the meantime, I called everyday because every time I called I was promised to get a call back soon but never got any. Two weeks passed, I can't believe our constructed was delayed so much and we got nothing from Lowes. Their customer service is awful! They are so low in efficiency. And when an explanation is needed they simply end your talk with a pretext. The Lowes that we're dealing with is in Bedford Heights OH. Never got any good experience in there. I'll never choose to shop there if I have other options.
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  • Never called back
  • Poor customer care
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Poor customer service
  • Lost Time

Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Terrible Store Manager

I went to the Lowe's on Iverson Way in Charlotte, NC and this manager name Bob was very rude and disrespectful. I was trying to return some product and everyone acted as if I stole something but the funny thing is I had my receipt. A white customer who was in line in front of me had no receipt and the product was use they gave him a refund with no questions asked. Here I am I had the product in the original packaging never opened, with the receipt within 90 days and they made me feel like I stole something. I will never shop at that Lowe's again. I am a hard working black women and I work hard for everything I own and I don't have to steal from anywhere. It's not like I came in the store looking like a ***. I was dress very business casual. I will take my business elsewhere.
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That's not fair. At my store we treat everybody equally. We think everyone is a shoplifter that way everyone is equally offended.

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Worst customer service

Bot a BBQ grill. Went back next day to get it. Waited 45 min and no help. Finally called the mgr while I was in store. It wasn't ready so I asked if they could deliver it. He didn't offer but told me it would be delivered this afternoon. Just caught the delivery guy putting notice on my door that they tried. Didn't ring doorbell, call me and it was supp to be later today. Called mgr. Havent been back and no follow up. They SUCK!!!! Just not worth the frustration. Their level of incompetence is appalling and they have no remorse
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lowe's #685 the one on Pearland Texas is the worst customer service I ever have in my life This store need and ...deep change on their employee some of the employe are good but from manegment the way to the employee ?????????????????????? :cry :( :sigh


Want to know what sucks? YOUR SPELLING!

Bot, you cant be serious... Bought is the correct spelling.

I hope you realize that 3rd graders know the difference between bot and bought.


You need to keep your comments to yourself! This site is for people to voice their complaints and they don't need someone acting like a school teacher telling them their spelling is bad!

This person has every right to post anything they want and if you don't like it, too bad.


He/she has the right to post whatever they want? AND I DON'T?

Are you really that STUPlD? This website is designed for anyone to post as they see fit.

If people can't handle a swift and just response they probably should reconsider posting anything anywhere on the internet. If you can't post a proper argument odds are you're the one causing the issue to begin with and have nothing to be pissed about, unless of course you're pissed at yourself.

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  • The Delivery

Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Brenda Watson

I bought a gas dryer on saturday 3-9-13, and was told they had to order it which was fine with me. I was told that they would deliver it on tuesday 3-11-13. On monday lowes called and said they couldn't get the dryer at that time but would get it by saturday but did not give me a time, so I called to see what time my delivery was the guy on the line told me the dryer was in the store. He didn't know anything about it being delivered and set up a time for sunday 3-17-13. What really upset me is my husband made it a point not to work today so he could be here. My husband lost a days pay because lowe's got there wires crossed, I guess they don't know what there doing.
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I am so glad that you do not make mistakes.

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  • Sunday

Lowes free next day delivery is a lie.

Their website as well as the signs above the appliances says free next day delivery. When I asked the sales person he said it takes at least a week because they are busy. I asked why everything, including the dryer I was looking at, had a sign saying next day his reply was talk to the manager I only work here and then walked away. I was in no way rude about it but feel he was. This seems like false advertizing to me. I drove 10 miles because it said I'd get it faster than my local Home Depot. They were much nicer and more helpfull and are delivering 2 days faster than Lowes. I will never walk into one of their stores again.
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Have you ever not had time to get to everything you wish to do?? Think before you post something so petty and ***!

I'm sure HD can't wait for a customer like you.

One more self entiltled customer!! I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates.

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  • sales person

Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Handicapped service

we do you have so many handicapped parking spaces an only one power chair for customers use doesn't make much sense to even go to your store or read your add when i can not get around in your store i have to drive 25 miles to get to sandusky for a one in seven chance of shopping (actual numbers) oh well Lowe's is just down the street as well as home depot you can guess where i spend my money it would seem you company has a total disregard for the 1.2 million handicapped shoppers in ohio shame on you please get into the 20th century with your customer service
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Here we go again....just another Lowe's customer expecting something as if it was due to him because he was going to spend some money at Lowe's. Just go to Home Depot and be the thorn in their side. PLEASE


Handicap spots are determined by the city or township NOT the business. Carts are approx $6k each and are torn up daily by customers who don't care. I agree buy one yourself.


At what point did it become the responsibility of a retail establishment to provide powered carts for customers? If you are in need of a wheelchair, by all means quit being a tight fisted, penny pinching drain on society and buy one for yourself.


Its actually the 21st century, just sayin :p

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Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - No military discount...

... what's with those disgruntled customers who are complaining about no military discount? You didn't earn it, it was simply a chain wide perk that they've deemed not fair to those who hadn't served. Rather, they have extended lower prices to ALL of their customers. While Lowe's and Home Depot do offer 10% off to all veterans, I, as a military retiree, will travel the 80 miles to the nearest Menards rather than shop locally at the other two builder's stores here in NE Ohio for Menard's better prices w/o a discount. Just a note, no merchant "owes" anyone anything, especially a vet. I didn't serve to get a discount. I earned my commissary and exchange privileges. If someone sees fit to give me a discount, I'll be greatful but it isn't a condition that I expect! But... I guess some are more mercenary than others.
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I too am a vet I went too Lowes today to purchase soome lumber. When I mentioned a Military discount the cashier told me we only give it too active and reserve's and retired.

Thats fine the rest of the Vets don't count. But it is amazing how they can sponsor a multi-million dollar race team, close stores in the North EAST.I will no longer purchase another item at Lowes.Bye Lowes


Wow, you sound just like the total skank who works at menards where I live . .

. who when I asked if you offer a military discount gave me the same load of pukey *** . . .

"I served but didnt do it for a discount". Talk about disrespectful and ignorant. First, Menards in my opinion blows when it comes to customer service, second . .

. I served this country and yes, people and businesses do owe me a debt for my service and sacrifice. Sorry tard-*** . .

. . I moved 8 times in 20 years, watched my stuff get broken and destroyed each time, could never gain any equity in a home and lived in some of the worst places on the planet . .

. so *** and grow up . . .

all large companies operating in the US owe veterans for their service and sacrifice and should offer a discount as a way to thank them every single day for the wonderful and secure environment they do free business in . . . .

your post is total BS . . . and you should be ashamed trying to plug menards as some shining example of a business .

. .thats laughable !!!


While I am a vet and totally agree with you, Home Depot and Lowe's no longer give the same military discounts that they were offering. They were never ment to be "Veteran" discounts, only for active duty personnel and only on Veteran's Day now.

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Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Ordered 1 kennel charged for 2.

I ordered 1 kennel and was charged 2 on my debit card. Had a print out showing showing 1 kennel. Told I would get my money back and when I went to the store, lady very rude and tried to blame it on me, when I never got a print out where they had charged my debit card for 2 kennels. Had to go to my bank, and signed unarthorized debit against them, then lost my debit card for 2 weeks, because of all of this. Was sick, had to leave doctors office and go there sick. Awful, Awful service.
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Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Perfect Flame Junk Grill Less Than 2 Years Old

My complaint is simply this! I purchased a Perfect Flame Grill from the New Philadelphia Ohio Lowes store less than 2 years ago $499.00 The grill had a 1 year warranty on it and a 10 year warranty on the stainless steel burners. In order to register the grill for warranty coverage I was to fill out the registration information on the warranty card and send it along with my receipt of purchase to the manufacturer. I did this! The following spring of 2007 I found 2 of the burners were cracked and rusted and were not safe to use I called Perfect Flame warranty dept. They pulled up my warranty registration and promptly sent me 2 new burners @ no charge! This spring 2008 I opened up the grill to check everything out and to my surprise I found all 5 burners rusted and cracked and not safe to use. Along with the burners being not good I also found the burner flash arrestors rusted and in very bad condition, The metal rail at the back of the grill that the burners are secured with bolts to rusted, Broken and were not capable of securing the burners down anymore. I also found the large metal tray that catches the grease and debri from falling down into the main cabinet of the grill is rusted and had fallen apart causing a major safety issue with a grease fire. This grill is kept under roof and is not exposed to the weather elements! I also purchased an expensive grill cover from Lowes to keep the grill looking nice for a long time. I have to ask you this? Is this what I should expect for my hard earned $500.00 to look like after less than 2 years? Hence I called Perfect Flame to have new burners sent to me under the warranty. Somehow Perfect Flame lost my information and without a receipt from Lowes I was told they will not honor my warranty.My original receipt was sent to Perfect Flame upon purchase of the unit! So I traveled to the New Philadelphia Lowes 6-17-2008 and spoke with Gary the evening manager and I was told Ken the Store Manager would be there in the morning and he would let him know that the Lowes Store would need to replace the grill and he would have Ken call me first thing in the morning to make arraingments to get this taken care of since I have over 100 people coming this weekend for a graduation party. 10:00 AM on 6-18-2008 I still had not heard from Ken the store manager so I made another trip to Lowes in New Philadelphia to talk to him in person. When I arrived Ken told me he new nothing about any of the things I was talking about and he had not talked to Gary. The customer service girl that was standing there picked up one of the rusted/broken burners I had left at the Lowes store the night before for Ken to look at along with a note from Gary and the customer service girl from the previous evening. Gary read the note and asked one of the girls in the grill department to call Perfect flame and try to get this resolved. She called perfect flame and gave them the model and serial number of the grill and they confirmed that the grill was manufactured in March of 2006 and the burners were still under warranty however they were going to charge me $25.00 for shipping and handling for the burners that were supposed to be under warranty and they also told the girl from Lowes that without the receipt (that they already have or had) they would only do this one time and the burners even though they have a 10 year warranty would not be replaced again! Even if they ship me the burners and I pay the $25.00 and Lowes of New Philadelphia reimburses me for the freight cost next year or the year after when a burner goes bad I can not get them replaced under warranty. Not to mention the additional parts I need to repair this grill to make it safe for operation again I am being told will take 3-4 weeks to ship and so I am without a grill for at least that long! Ken the Store manager refuses to replace the grill because he stated it is not his fault or lowes fault and I am under the rules and guidlines of the manufacturer. Yet the evening manger Gary tells me they should replace it. So in short I am not happy with a $500.00 grill that did not last any longer than a $50.00 grill or the way I have been treated by Ken and Lowes of the New Philadelphia store. I called Lowes customer care and reported my problem over the phone and was told they would have someone call me back right away I still have not recieved a call so I called back and they tell me it could take up to 24 hours to recieve a call back this upsets me also! Maybe this is nothing to a large corperation like Lowes however to me it is a big deal when I spend that amount of money expecting to get a quality product that will last a long time instead of purchasing a less expensive product all the well knowing it will only last a couple of years. I have 3 companys I operate that have spent well over $50,000.00 in the last 12 months with the New Philadelphia Lowes and I have to be honest with you if this is the way I am going to be treated you will not see another dime of my money or my companies money. I also want to point out that my good local customers who keep me in business recieve great treatment from my managers and any and all issues/problems are resolved in a positive manner! If any of my managers insulted the intelligence of one of my customers as I have been insulted by yours they would no longer be a part of our company! I hope this gets to the right department!
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I am experiencing the same problem with Lowes and Perfect Flame right now. All I want is a grill that does its job and is safe to be at my home.

I am contacting the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at and I suggest that you do the same. The complaints about this grill is overwhelming and I'm sure that Lowes would not want to be in Subrogation with an insurance company if our house burnt down due to an unsafe grill.

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