Fencing installation protocol-HORRIBLE! | Lowes in Canton, Ohio

I just bought a house an needed a fence for my five dogs. I explained this to the Rep several times during his visit April 23, 2019. He measured, gave me the price, took my payment and when I asked when I could expect installation-the end of May was his reply. They give you three days to change your order or cancel. About a week after the visit, I received a mailing stating installation would be the week July 14th! Very upset with this date. Then about a week later I received a phone message stating my installation date is August 4th!!!! They take your money, supposedly they ordered the product and received it May 11th and sit on it for three months!!! I call BS!! I will never set foot in a Lowe’s store again. I wonder when I will actually get my fence.
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A lot of the issue comes from the salesperson not being honest with the customer. They are there to sale and make a quota.

I am pretty sure the installers tell Lowe’s about their schedules. The customers go by what they are told via Lowe’s and it eventually looks bad towards the installer.

Installers do not get paid until the install has been done. Only Lowe’s gets paid.


That's why you go to a company that specializes in fences. Lowes orders the materials then hunts for a subcontractor to do the installation. As you found out they often have a hard time finding a contractor readily available to do the installation at the prices they are willing to pay.

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Can't get fence installed | Lowes in Barberton, Ohio

Been waiting over 3 months to het our fence installed. Told we had to pay first which we did. They did deliver the fence had an installatin date if 8 /12/19 finally. My husband took a day off work nobody showed up or called. I called the project manager told him we were upset and it was unprofessional. Told him to call me and let me know what was going on. As of yet no phone call. We paid quite a bit for this fence
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I'm a Lowe's Fence Installer. When would you like it done? Jim 5280 Remodeling


Lowe's typically pays the contractors they hire around 60% of what the contractor would get paid if they had gotten the job without lowe's being involved. That's why no one wants to do any work for them except contractors that are substandard or don't know what they are doing.

You are actually better off that they haven't shown up. Contact an actual fence contractor, pay a little more, and be a lot more satisfied with the outcome.


I agree with you 100%.


Lowe's is probably having problems getting whomever they contract with for fence installations to actually do the work or they actually don't have anyone to do the job for the price Lowe's wants to pay them. If you paid by credit card then contact Lowe's and tell them the delay is unacceptable and you want your money back in order to find a more reliable contractor on your own.

There are many small and large fence installation companies out there. Contact a couple and get an estimate while you wait for Lowe's to credit your card or refund you what you paid. If they delay or refuse then dispute the charge for work not accomplished, etc.

If you paid by check then you may have to threaten legal action. Going thru these big box stores for projects like this is usually a mistake as you never know who they will send out to do the job---or when.

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Lowes Fence Installation
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Fence installation | Lowes in Stow, Ohio

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. The scheduling is a nightmare, customer service clueless, installation guys rude and unprofessional and the length of time till you actually get your fence is ridiculous. Top dollar for *** service. The supplies are still sitting in my driveway waiting to be installed, and the manager who assured me he'd take care of everything has to be called over and over again as they don't have voice mail when they are not avialable. I've made about 15 calls to Lowes trying to figure out what is going on and still have gotten now where. The only people worth anything are the sales guys that will charm you into that sale and credit approval. Don't fall for it, they suck
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Mary D

I can understand your pain with the same store. I was promised a fence installation in Spring.

Fence finally installed July 1st. Lowes forgot to order the gate. It's now mid August and still no gate. They are holding me up from other projects I need to get done.

All I get are promises. Other customer.

projects are getting done and I keep being pushed to the back burner. Good luck!

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