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Lowes in Painesville, Ohio - Anyone but Lowe's for your kitchen renovation

I will state the facts without profanity or mentioning any names when detailing our nightmare renovation with Lowe's. Workmanship of cabinetry and installation are far below standard. We have been ignored for months by Lowe's representatives and we are currently on our 5th project coordinator. All 5 coordinators worked at the main office in Indianapolis and had no clue about us or our renovation in Ohio. We were left feeling very helpless when issues came up. We are so sorry that we ignored the reviews and picked Lowe's for our kitchen renovation. This was probably the only time in our lives that we will be able to afford to renovate our kitchen. It should have been a wonderful and exciting experience, but Lowe's ruined it for us. Kraftmaid provided their top-of-the-line cabinets with paint defects and many flaws. They will not replace multiple flawed cabinet doors without their rep coming to your house only when it fits his schedule, which in our case was six weeks. They made several attempts to remedy the defects to no avail. Lowe's will not stand behind their workmanship or assist you in any way to improve the paint quality on Kraftmaid's cabinets. We have been patient through this whole ordeal for 12 months now and it hasn't been resolved. We will have to live with the mistakes and the paint flaws. We have asked for a refund of some of our money and Lowe's has continued to ignore us. Someone needs to put Lowe's out of business so they can't keep getting away with cheating homeowners out of their hard-earned money and dreams. Please read the reviews online pertaining to Lowe's kitchen renovations before making your decisions. For most of us this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We all deserve to get a quality job done on our dream kitchen. There is sure to be some good contractors that can fulfill those dreams.
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Part of your problem may be expectations that aren't realistic. What are the "defects and flaws" in the paint?

Having sold cabinets in the past (not at Lowes) I did my best to show my customers the disadvantages of painted cabinets compared to a stained cabinet. The doors and face frames (the most noticeable parts of the cabinet) are usually made or wood. As temperatures and humidity change wood will expand and contract. When this happens the joints in the wood may move.

When this happens the paint will crack. This is not a defect in the cabinet or the paint. It is the nature of real wood. This is not as noticeable on a stained cabinet but you may notice panel shrinkage on the door of a stained cabinet.

Fortunately stain is easier to touch up than paint is.

If you look closely at the brochures provided by the cabinet manufactures you will usually find this information there as well. When buying painted cabinets be sure you are comfortable with the fact that any joint may show signs of cracking as seasons change.

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Lowes Kitchen Remodeling
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Bad quality

Resolved: Lowes in Cincinnati, Ohio - Shoddy Work Created Fire Hazard. Won't Complete Remodel

Contracted for kitchen remodel. Lowes abandoned the contract and remodel when mistakes were discovered and repairs needed. Contacted Lowes President, Lowes Executive Customer Service, Local Building Inspector, BBB, and Ohio State Attorney General. VERBALLY, Lowes admitted mistakes. In writing, Lowes Central Production Dept is closing the case with no repairs to unsafe electrical. They have defaulted on contract by refusing to complete remodel, fix fire hazard, did not deliver one cabinet or install, etc.
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Any updates on the situation? We have similar issues where they delivered cream and brown countertops when we picked grey and white and are refusing to replace it, not to mention the 15 other numerous issues that have gone on with mis-measurements of cabinets and nickel and diming is for things they cannot provide that we have already paid for...


Lowe's doesn't do remodels. They contract it out to local contractors.

You will actually need to sue the contractor.

Lowe's can and will weasel out of any and all liability for the work that has been done. Your attorney will figure that out pretty quickly.


Thank you, you're so right. I am now working with attorneys...


Contact an attorney and sue them. That's the only thing they will take seriously.


Thank you. Working on that with advice from 2 firms.

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Lowes Kitchen Remodeling
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Damaged or defective

Lowes - Mentor Ohio Lowe’s

FYI: If you need any home improvement work done buyer be warned do not use Lowe’s they play nice until they get you signed up then you automatically go to back burner so they can start other projects they over book jobs and never finish any promptly. They make all kind of excuses and nickel and dime you to death never return calls saying they are to busy in meetings with other victims. PLEASE PASS THIS WARNING TO ALL YOU KNOW to save them THANKS
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Lowes Kitchen Remodeling
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Poor customer service

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